Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2023.

Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 2 18:48:48 2023 Subject Sockets 'getting name'. They'll now get random colorful kender responses and be booted off at 5 minutes if they haven't chosen a name. I know I know, took me a while :P Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 30 20:33:04 2023 Subject Fishing poles in containers You can now put fishing poles inside quest containers of any type (Jairs, cornucopias, map cases etc). Just not normal ones. Thanks for the idea Falk! Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 20 15:42:28 2023 Subject Saves Huge thanks to Makarth for the spot, higher saves are now fixed for spell saves. Thanks! Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 28 15:47:35 2023 Subject Logging Chars I've made it so that there is another folder in player/logs called player_logs (lol). Basically there will be a Name.txt that has their logs in it (one file). The logs still go in the regular 1000.txt log files, I just wanted to look at individuals logs easier (ie new imms or issue players etc). Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 28 17:47:57 2023 Subject AUTO command Hey all, changed up {HAUTO{h command. So that it's more in line with {HTOGGLE{h, Things turn on/off and you can click them in the {HAUTO{h menu if you have an MXP client, ie Mudportal, Mushclient, Mudlet etc). Ps. Welcome back players! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 4 18:37:20 2023 Subject PEEK ALL There is now the option to {HPEEK ALL{h when in a room. You'll need to have your peek skill practiced up a bit, and it will... Peek all, ever (humanoid) in the room. There's a little lag, except for our little borrower friends as they're constantly looking at everyones bits and pieces anyway. :) Have fun! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 6 18:30:20 2023 Subject Magic Missile Flavor Just some nuances :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 8 17:01:05 2023 Subject WIZNET Just cleaned it up, also added 'click' links for those with modern MUD clients. {HWIZNET ALL{h will show on/off together, or just {HHELP WIZNET{h :). - Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Sep 18 16:02:59 2023 Subject Some spell adjustments Summon works as intended now (we had it NOT allowing summoning of mobs with quest parts... forgot the 'mob' part, so it stopped summons of players, fixed). Lightning now does more damage underwater (if you are able to cast it, ie free action/water breathe), as well as above any 'water' zones. Magic Missile does a little more 'oomph' at lower levels, with chances of an additional missile. Thanks! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 19 20:31:23 2023 Subject FEAR SPELL stacking? Fear no longer stacks, holy holy smokes. Had a -1500 hitroll on a mob on another port. Fear no longer does that, simply fear/no fear. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 19 20:32:53 2023 Subject CREATE FOOD Now has some random food creation (generated), even dragons lol (and yes, I'd like to make food more useful, slight heals still, thoughts?) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 20 15:31:53 2023 Subject SCRABBLE SUBMIT/POINTS The MudScrabble game now can be used by the players themselves without needing an Immortal/Implementor. (You'll still need it for DL words) Simply type {HSCRABBLE{h to see how to use it. {HSCRABBLE SUBMIT{h will turn in _ALL_ tiles in your inventory. {HSCRABBLE POINTS{h will show you the points, and how many you have. If you DO wish to turn in Dragonlance Names/Characters for 2x/3x... Turn them in to an Immortal :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Sep 25 15:51:54 2023 Subject Brim's Map Page Hey all, updated Brim's map page so the names of the areas are there (and are a link also). Along with a brief thanks. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Sep 25 18:06:08 2023 Subject STAFFS (Imbue/Charge) The 'magicstaff' code has been looked into for all spells. Some stayed the same, many got a slight 'power' boost (not level when it comes to PVP). Durations a tad longer etc. Also the GEM cost for {HIMBUE{h is 1/3 what it was. See also: {HHELP IMBUE{h. And... because I'm _me_... Superfood exists sometimes in create food :P. Created food is less filling, more healing. Superfood is MOAR :P. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Sep 25 19:58:39 2023 Subject NO_IDENT & IMBUE/CHARGED staff Zivilyn's massive staff flares. The Mysterious lantern of Rocigz's resistance is overcome by your staff! <------ Name(s): lantern mysterious rocigz qi Short: the Mysterious lantern of Rocigz Long: A strange lantern, with strips of burlap holding it together, sits on the ground. Type: light Flags: nopurge no_ident indestructible no_locate Weight: 0 lbs, 8 oz Value: 15000 Level to use: 1 Materials: brass/fire About: the Mysterious lantern of Rocigz provides infinite light! Affects hit roll by 4 Affects hp by 50 So yep, mages with charged staffs.. can identify NO_IDENT items :) I accept Venmo... :p - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 29 15:45:52 2023 Subject Ranged Attack Spells Wearing a Charged Staff will: Increase the number of Magic Missiles that come out. Increase the odds for that second HFS WTF Lightning Bolt. Increase RANGE of ranged attack spells by 1 Knowing a spell VERY well will also increase range by 1 Magic staffs cost _loads_ to charge, but give that back in durations, damage, extras etc. Keep an eye out. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 11 16:58:51 2023 Subject Minor fixes and 'less hasty' Some background fixes as usual, also HEALERS at the pits will no longer cast HASTE on lowbies if the lowbie isn't fully healed. Just a 'don't mess with my groove' thing :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 19 20:30:28 2023 Subject 'who'a nd your Levels A slight change... Now, as before, if you are within grouping level of another player their LEVEL is green like 32 Slight change... if you're BOTH PK and In PK range??? [ Grifter ][107] * Hiddukel... oh shit, in level! Just a little... blood in the water :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 20 17:04:36 2023 Subject NO_IDENT & Palace Mages Much like our 'spellstaff' charged PC mages, the Palace Mages will now identify NO-ident items for the cost of a DIAMOND. Suck < less. :P - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 20 17:59:35 2023 Subject KNEEL It's a thing now. Thanks Rattlepot for the idea some 5 years ago :P. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 20 19:10:49 2023 Subject PETs REPORTING AFFS Your pets will now 'say' their affects (if they're able to, could be funny with dumb ones lol). A Master Thief says 'I am affected by armor, fly, giant strength, and haste.' Formatting could use a little help, I'll work on it :P. - Ziv & Co Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 23 14:39:05 2023 Subject Shinare Prizes for Opals/Pearls The extra 'falling out of the sky' pearls and opals had been reversed. Fixed. Thanks Rickle for the heads up. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 23 16:24:35 2023 Subject Random Spell Components We've added... a blue marble (see {HHelp Component{h to the mix, and lowered the amount of components some (let us know if it's TOO low, it was pretty spamming, 3-4 times any other random quest parts or items). Thanks! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 27 14:18:07 2023 Subject Fistandantilus & Orb Fist is fixed! Thanks to Nethaxion for working with me on it, the back and forth was great! Please let us know if you find any errors. It's more 'fun' now :) - Ziv & Co (and Nethaxion!) Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 27 14:19:41 2023 Subject PET CORPSES You can now {HHEAL PET{h at the healer to get your pet's corpse back (IF IT HAS STUFF, doesn't if empty) Thanks for the great idea Wit, or whoever had it, but we're up and working! With the 'EQ' pets, this should help greatly :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 2 19:41:30 2023 Subject NEW DAMAGE! There are a couple higher NEW damage nouns... First one to Note them to all wins a prize (IN COLOR :P) - Ziv & Co. (also, you now {HLAND{h when you sit... no clue how we missed that in the past??) Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 7 18:19:14 2023 Subject REGENERATION Regen rates have been DOUBLED. And, you now get an update (when sleeping/resting/sitting) on regeneration. See also: QI Earring of Nu-Aear Gurth FUn times! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 7 18:20:16 2023 Subject PRACTICE {HPRACTICE{h command now just shows NON-pearly white 100%. Less clutter, mo :P - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 9 13:32:34 2023 Subject LISTS (shops) We've compressed the 'money' in {HLIST{h for all shops, should be better for mobile/phone play as well as easier to 'count' :) Thanks! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 10 19:14:45 2023 Subject INVENTORY Thanks for the idea Theon, INVENTORY now can take an argument. IE. Look in my backpack for my sword (works) INVENTORY armor, works.. INVENTORY weapon, INVENTORY potion Look in backpack for pill, works. etc. Great thought!! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 13 19:12:02 2023 Subject HISTORY COMMAND The {HHISTORY{h command will store the last 100+ lines of global channels. Please note in room channels/private channels/clan etc, will NOT store. To use: {HHISTORY OOC 23{h} (or no number for default last 10 lines) Hope it helps! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 14 19:23:37 2023 Subject PORTING SRC FILES Hey all, new script in /mud/coder/src/ Syntax: ./ IE: ./ shop.c This goes into playport/src, and builder/src, copies the original C file (or H) to the backup directory, and keeps original date appended to the name. IE You'll see something like this: Ok, zivilyn!: Copied shop.c to Player port. Backed up to /mud/playport/src/backups/shop.c_2023-11-14_1915. Compiling. Just a nice way to NOT overwrite things, or roll back bugs :) - Dave Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 15 18:02:22 2023 Subject PORTAL STONES (warpstones) Warpstones that appear around the world randomly now have the chance to have more than ONE charge... You'll have to figure out the rarity, and it's a touch randomized. Now, if the warpstone has more than it's usual one charge, it will show in the spell IDENTIFY, as well as Imm's stats. They now only 'vape' when completely used up. Builders, you can now also set that 'extra' charge. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 15 18:28:11 2023 Subject HISTORY PRAY The PRAY channel now has history. So you can use it to leave messages for your Immortal, or followers as an Imm etc. {HHISTORY PRAY 20{h - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 17 12:50:22 2023 Subject GUESS WHAT'S BACK??? ____ __.___.____ .____ _____________________ | |/ _| | | | | \_ _____/\______ \ | < | | | | | | __)_ | _/ | | \| | |___| |___ | \ | | \ |____|__ \___|_______ \_______ \/_______ / |____|_ / ___________.____ \/_____ \/________\/_________._. \_ _____/| | / _ \ / _____/ / _____/| | | __) | | / /_\ \/ \ ___ \_____ \ | | | \ | |___/ | \ \_\ \/ \ \| \___ / |_______ \____|__ /\______ /_______ / __ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 20 17:11:16 2023 Subject A few tidbits The 'switched' mob casting ranged spells bug is fixed, no mo nasties there. OLD issue, just hadn't run into it. Phase skill for mages is now less extortion (6 cp instead of 10). A few other behind the scenes deals. Party on Garth... - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 21 15:57:16 2023 Subject COLORS in Restrings You OOC 'Max colors in IMM restrings no longer there, if you need one with super nuts colors just ask :)' Grundy OOCs 'WOOT!' - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 22 16:50:22 2023 Subject Gaddock's area It's updated, we had some meltdrop & timered item that was trying to double extract. Mprog & items fixed. Thanks Neth for helping man! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 27 20:43:08 2023 Subject ROSTER If you're in a Clan, the preliminary command {HROSTER{h is now in. Looking maybe 2-3 columns? Also Ranks sometime (PITA) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 28 14:42:13 2023 Subject ROSTER {HROSTER{h will show you the list of all players 'active' in the clan. This is anyone 'not archived'. Just type {HROSTER{h to check your current clan roster. This does check your current {HCLANFOCUS{h if you have more than one clan. IMMS: You can also check any clans rosters. It will check your own clan if you don't pick another. Syntax: ROSTER IE: {HROSTER SOLAMNIC{h The Update is for IMM-staff to check other clans :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 29 16:45:46 2023 Subject NEW QUEST ITEM The Aetherflow circlet of Par-Salian... It's Mana Regeneration! You'll see how much while resting/sleeping/sitting. It does help to also 'drink' for mana regen. Also, you'll now see how much you spend of which Quest point types when you buy items. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 30 19:37:41 2023 Subject TEMPLAR CLASS! By popular demand... The {|Templar{| class is once again active! However, they still have a spell level 'nerf', but way less than before. Have a hoot, and a knights salute :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Dec 1 12:22:24 2023 Subject Quest Points And... they no longer go negative after 32k.. Botters be stoked :P. Ravin, yours were restored also. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Dec 8 13:49:22 2023 Subject PARDON COUPONS The coupons will now check to make sure you have a THIEF or KILLER flag before letting you chow down. :P. Also, from Reorx... THE Reorx :) There was an OOOOLD bug, mana regen while not resting/sleeping was pulling vs your MOVEs.. (going negative on mana regen). This was only while not resting/sleeping etc, so we never notcied. Thanks Reo! Great to have my mentor and an amazing coder back! - Ziv & Co.