Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2017.

Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 22 18:26:57 2017 Subject Website Update the website, putting Brim's maps up as well. New Theme (4.8 wordpress update nuked our menus). Thoughts on the site welcome :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 3 19:06:53 2017 Subject Magic Missile, Lightning bolt tweaks Magic missile can have 2/3 missles if above 95% in the spell (bmages got a tiny bump, like 5-10 damage per shot). Lightning bolt has had a 2nd chance for an additional bolt, this goes up now if you have it above 95 also. The second bolt is a biiiiitch, and will cause 3rd degree scorching :P. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 5 12:46:00 2017 Subject Three Moons - Signs The Three Moons Transport Company now has signs in the corridors so that it's easier to locate the correct portals. There are also clickable links for the exits for those who use MXP links. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 7 17:15:41 2017 Subject Quaf Quaf & Fireproof Quaf a potion, used to lag like hell. Now only if you're violent.If you've gotten improved fireproof, you're way more likely now to permanently fireproof things (it basically rolls and unless you over/equal to your skill, it will be permanent. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 14 17:00:09 2017~ Subject SPELL COMPONENTS They were like litter, _everywhere_. I've dropped back the frequency of them so it's not so spammy. Let me know if it seems 'too rare' now (it's more than figurines still a little). - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 21 17:42:33 2017~ Subject PET CORPSES Great idea Larian, no idea why we didn't do that ages ago. Pet corpses will now make an EQ Yardsale like player corpses, if the pet is carrying any equipment. This is only for pets, not charmies, but it should help with the hours of re-equipping a pet if you lose one. Find it's pile, get it back. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 4 13:11:46 2017~ Subject Level 1 Note Posting Great idea, the idea was that new chars didn't come in spamming 'join our game' or 'this mud suxors' etc. But... we don't have that problem in this day and age. So... Characters can post notes after playing for 2 hours, avoids both and allows those crazy people with 30k TNL to post heh. Great idea Jose/Wit! - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 28 18:49:00 2017~ Subject Dice/Shinare/Lancequest weight Weights dropped, good idea. - Ziv. change + Also, auction is yellow again, just for Wit :) Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 30 14:05:56 2017~ Subject PAINTBALL The lags in Paintball after shooting, reloading, being hit etc have been adjusted. Please let me know your thoughts on them (too fast/slow etc). Mode times are: 1 single, 1.5 double, 2 burst, 3 long (violence pulses) Help me test it out in some Paintball :) - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 31 17:15:47 2017~ Subject QUEST INFO Quest info is a little more helpful now. It remembers what room and area the thing you're searching for is in, in case you missed it in the wall of text while you travelled :) - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 5 14:01:05 2017~ Subject ITEM LEVELS The item levels now display as 'level to use' in shops, compare, identify, lore etc. Just taking the 'huh?' out with the trash :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 5 18:31:04 2017~ Subject PLAYER CORPSES: ZOMG I DIED! Player corpses will now (once again) return to the player until they pass level 14. Also, mob corpses should now be a little more accurately weighted (by race, random). - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 6 12:28:04 2017~ Subject HELPERS Helpers will now see when a new character has created and is about to connect. They will be at reading the message of the day. This allows those with HELPER toggled easier information about who could need help. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 14 19:16:19 2017~ Subject SAC'ING containers The contents now go to the ground, had someone nuke their dice bag, sadness ensued... :( Also, Thanks Nui for many building updates/fixes. Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 20 12:05:56 2017~ Subject ALIAS limit Alias limit now moved to 45, oldschool storage issues no longer affect us as much. This should help with telnet players etc. (PS. Lights added to the 3 Moons per request) Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 3 16:44:49 2017 Subject PVE FLEEING (and late hits) The late hits after a mob has fled (and you still kill them, but don't) should be gone now guys. It would remove them fighting you, but not you fighting them (this is from Diku/Merc/Rom lol). Anyhoo, let me know if you notice any oddities with fighting/fleeing etc. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 3 16:45:58 2017 Subject FILENAME in Aedit The 'filename' command in AEDIT now looks to make sure there isn't an existing filename that is the same, per our latest BP boomtime. It only let's you name it a 'new' name, so no more double area names and kaboom :) - Dave.\x{0D} Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 11 14:22:34 2017 Subject PVP Looting corpses (other than your own) Corpses of PC's now act like pits, get each item off one at a time. Mainly this is to avoid full-looting without some risk. Also, we are putting in toggles the imps can control to turn on/off looting of certain item types, this is not in yet, but will be soon. The Toggles will be as follows: Loot toggle item limit 3 (this does not count the items below) figurines on/off components on/off questparts on/off (partially completed do NOT get looted) gems on/off food on/off drinks on/off This part is up and coming, according to our survey of what everyone wanted to change. Up next, saving throws at high levels... yes Casey that's for you :) -Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 11 17:26:27 2017 Subject PVP Guild rooms - summonable Age old issue/thing with guild rooms being summonable, but code wouldn't let people flee from combat (since they aren't allowed in the room between). Builders fixed it. Guild rooms are now nosum, please note immortal if you happen to sucker a noob... er summon someone into one of them. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 12 18:24:31 2017 Subject PVP Looting See also: {HHELP LOOT{h This will be code enforced soon. This is from our player survey, and an effort to make PK not rape & pillage. Please also note, if someone beats you? Do NOT harrass them or berate them, constantly challenge them to duels etc etc. PK points will also follow, as well as PK ratings. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 25 13:10:08 2017 Subject PITS & Rotting Ok guys, originally the pits were set to timer ALL items by 100-200 ticks. Apparently when whoever (I'll blame Russ from Rom) coded 'put all', he skipped the timer. IE. if you put a sword in the pit, it got a timer. If you put food in the pit, it got a timer. NOW... the timers are back for that part, with food/dice/figs/components/drinks rotting faster than regular items. This was from an oversight aaaaaages ago (by that silly Rom guy, or diku/merc, who knows :P) Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 25 13:11:49 2017 Subject GEMS - Dropping/Containers You can now drop/put gems into containers etc. Thought we already did this heh :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 25 16:48:29 2017 Subject SKILLS % Skills now don't start at 1% (unusable), they start at a random number (not awesome, but you can at least try) This is retroactive to old character also. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 25 17:22:33 2017 Subject PSHOP Max Price It's been doubled, let me know if that's not enough. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 25 18:10:39 2017 Subject BROWSE (item) in Shops You can now get the stats of an item in shops by typing 'BROWSE '. This charges you 1/10th of the item cost, and acts as an identify spell. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 27 14:00:15 2017 Subject PIT ROT Figs/components/food/scrab/quest in pit They rot a bit slower now, 3-6 hours irl. Let me know if they start to get spammy :) Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 27 14:01:11 2017 Subject Your mobs not liking your subclan... Mariner guys, we had a switch 2 years ago where the mobs mis-read who you were as a subclan. Due to being slow, no one noticed, it's fixed now and Vash can get into his boat heh. Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 7 18:34:55 2017 Subject BROWSE - pricing It's 100 now, so 1 gold. They were kind of pillaging you if the thing was expensive. So now it's just the price of a couple of pies at Jims. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 8 14:08:53 2017 Subject QUEST SELL - COUPONS You can now sell coupons back to Questmasters, for 25% of their value. So, find a ton of Shinare restrings but you really want a gain? Quest sell shinare... :) {HQUEST SELL{h (at a Questmaster) will list items that you can sell. For now coupons only. Enjoy :) Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 17 19:04:05 2017 Subject LEVELING SKILL 1 (gathering) - Fishing Someone forces you to type {HFISH EXPERIENCE{h. I'll say more after the weekend, let me know if you find any bugs. Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 5 14:21:52 2017 Subject BREW (with item level) BREW now will let you know what level a potion is at if you're trying to brew a different level potion inside it. This is on existing potions or empty vials that happen to have a level set on them (Solace used to, fixed now). IE: You can not mix levels of spells in the same potion. an empty vial is level 15, you are brewing at level 110. {HTry BREW fly 15{h This usually happened when it was an existing potion, or players didn't pick a level to brew at (defaulting to their own level). - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 13 16:24:42 2017 Subject PVE LEVELING AREA! aka Dragonarmy Camps 10-30 Thanks to Nuitari! The Neraka Dragonarmy Camps have been discovered to the northwest side of Neraka (off snake road). This area is a great new area for levels 10-30 to go and raise some Abyss. Thanks Nui! Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 13 18:57:15 2017 Subject PVE NEW AREA: Zhakar Fortress! (30-45) ANOTHER!!! New area went in today, it's one for the explorers of the world! *Name: Zhakar Fortress *Level ranges 30-45 for experience, all are encouraged to explore it though for the treasures. The Fortress of Zhakar is built upon the long since ruined City of Zhakar, most of which was below ground. Rumors say the city was vast and held countless tunnels and chambers. During the cataclysm the entire region was torn apart by volcanic activity. Legend says there are many treasures to be found within those long lost caverns... Recently a road was established heading up into the Khalkist Mountains, east of Sanction. Reports state that the road is treacherous and winds its way deep into the mountainous regions. The trek is not for the faint of heart but a well versed explorer may do well deep within those caverns below the fortress. Hint: Look for the Temple. Builder is Multore aka... your very own Paladine! Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 19 19:08:11 2017 Subject PVP Fighting skills You can now 'learn' on Berserk, Dirt kick, trip a few more, when you are already (or they are) affected. IE Berserk you can still 'try' and can learn from your mistakes. Some of those... never budge, skills :) - Ziv & Co.