Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2014.

Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 8 14:27:37 2014 Subject VNUM type , olist type It now shows you values, we have to equalize due to the food/heal buf, found a 400 heal food pill for 46 copper, kinda bad for PK hehe - Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 17 16:36:59 2014 Subject CLANS Rogue and Marauder are 'relinked'. Myself and a few others had put quite a bit of time building, role-playing, buying... etc. They were never out, but are now both clans you can join and find. See helpfiles: Rogue, Marauder - Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 24 13:58:42 2014 Subject Room name colors If the room doesn't have a colored name, it now will be according to what 'sector' type it's in. Colored names (custom etc) will not be affected. Builders: rlist now shows the colors of the rooms as well based on sector (rlist ? for more info) - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 31 17:51:52 2014 Subject CRAPS! Craps is back in. Not sure who changed what, but the code is working and you can now/again gamble at gambler mobs. Woot! - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 10 13:37:00 2014 Subject Food/healing, lights going out Food now actually 'stops' when you're full. It had before, but there was a glitch, no longer :) Also you'll now have an idea of not only your hunger, but fullness (energy/stuffed gut) in score. Bug in lights that go out not removing glow (and therefor not able to 'fill' magically) fixed. *noogies* - Ziv. Sender Geriant Date Tue Feb 18 16:27:56 2014 Subject Bonuses for exploring rooms You will now get a bonus for exploring rooms. You get 50 experience and an item for the first 50 rooms you explore, experience and an item the first 100 and then just experience from then on out at 150, 250 and 500. Once you hit 500 you will get bonus experience every 500 rooms you explore. These bonuses are not retroactive. You only get the items when you hit the first 50 and first 100. For example if you already have a character at 3250 rooms explored, they will only be eligible for the rewards at 3500 and on. Sender Geriant Date Wed Feb 19 12:49:24 2014 Subject re: Exploration rewards We have changed the rewards for exploring 4500 total rooms onward (in the same intervals of 500 rooms each milestone). From 4500 rooms (total) explored on if you are level 101 you will get 100 quest points rather than the experience bonus as experience is of little use to 101s. Also, just to make it more clear, all of these rewards are TOTAL rooms explored and are not retroactive if you started out past any of the rewards once the new change was put in place. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Mar 8 13:38:18 2014 Subject RE: Autumnstar - silence You'll now get different messages depending on if they're already silenced, or if you fail. Good idea, thans Aut! - Ziv. Sender Geriant Date Mon Mar 10 13:45:04 2014 Subject re: Wit's idea typos (quest master and danger sense) Typos in scan, danger sense and one of the quest master messages have been fixed. In on next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Mon Mar 10 14:56:28 2014 Subject blind messages There are now messages for when the victim is already blind, as well as when blind fails. In on next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Wed Mar 12 11:13:46 2014 Subject eating, fullness It seemed like you could only two three or four things before you got full, so I've tweaked fullness settings so you can eat a little more before you get full. Sender Geriant Date Wed Mar 12 14:04:57 2014 Subject hunger Just changed the hunger messages in score to more accurately reflect only the status of hunger. The two most hungry messages of "You are weak." and "You are extremely weak!" made it seem like hunger affected your ability to fight or do things, which is not the case. Sender Geriant Date Fri Mar 14 12:44:26 2014 Subject Pets & PK no longer. Pets and mounts in PvP combat has been an issue, especially equipable pets, especially in the lower levels. This is no longer the case as pets and mounts can no longer do any damage or even swing at PCs. Sender Geriant Date Fri Mar 14 14:22:36 2014 Subject Compare Compare will now take into account whether one of the items you are trying to compare has the noident flag, and will not work on them. Sender Geriant Date Sat Mar 15 11:07:46 2014 Subject Random EQ at lower levels Fds I have fixed random armor so that it should be more useful at lower levels. The level of equipment you get should be more in line with the level of mobs that you are killing and I tweaked the bonuses a little bit as well. I also adjusted the rate at which random armor is generated to be a little higher. Sender Geriant Date Mon Mar 17 16:03:03 2014 Subject Healers Healers have been buffed slightly in regards to spelling up lowbies. Before they would heal/refresh/armor/shield/giant str characters below level 11 that had low hours and were the same alignment as the healer. They will now cast spells on players below level 15 regardless of hours and alignment. In addition to this they will also now cast haste and earthshield, as well as sanctuary but for sanctuary only until level 5. Sender Geriant Date Thu Mar 27 14:09:19 2014 Subject re: aedit clan bug This bug was squashed. Fixed on BP, and will be on PP next c/o. Sender Geriant Date Fri Mar 28 12:59:54 2014 Subject Default Class Customization We have changed around the class default groups so that when you choose to not customize you aren't left with a 1k TNL character that is useless. Now the defaults range from about 3900 per level to 5600 per level depending on the class. Sender Geriant Date Fri Mar 28 13:17:27 2014 Subject bug fix: augmentation spell group The "augmentation" spell group help file said that it contained the spell "haste". Only rangers can gain the "augmentation" group, however rangers were unable to ever get haste (the level they would get it at was not assigned). This is fixed, rangers now get haste at level 55. Sender Geriant Date Mon Mar 31 11:52:10 2014 Subject Regions All areas now have a 'region' field tied to them. All areas have also had their region field set to what it should be according to book lore. Also, the area auto-help files (in addition to level range of the area) also automatically report the area's region. Look for some updates regarding regions to come up in the near future. Sender Geriant Date Mon Mar 31 14:46:39 2014 Subject Random Armor The region that the armor was loaded in will now appear in the long description, also we took out platinum and mithril as possible materials for random armor. In addition to those above, the bug where sometimes mobs would wield held objects causing them to do insane damage has been fixed. Sender Geriant Date Mon Mar 31 22:43:08 2014 Subject Exploration and QPs It has been changed so that you just get QPs regardless of level and instead of 100 you now get 50 for each milestone. The system was initially put in place to encourage exploration, but with the way we added in QP as an afterthought it just discouraged exploration until you hit 101. Sender Geriant Date Tue Apr 1 02:13:02 2014 Subject Sleep code is BACK! Yup, you guessed it. Sleep is now in. If you notice yourself getting tired, you might need to get a little beauty rest to enable you to swing that sword just a litte faster, or to actually be able to cast that spell without stumbling over the words. We'll try and get it added into the help file ASAP. But bottom line is, you now have to manage your sleep just like you manage your food and water intake. Brought to you by the Campaign to Make Ansalon More Realistic Sender Geriant Date Tue Apr 1 11:37:12 2014 Subject QP Coupons As of the next copyover, QP coupons will now tell you how much QP you gain from eating them. In addition, they now have an extra description explaining to eat them if you examine them. Sender Geriant Date Thu Apr 3 14:02:44 2014 Subject Questmaster buying.. We have added numbers next to each item in quest list items and quest list coupons. If you are ever confused about which keyword to use while spending your questpoints just use the number next to whatever you want to buy. Sender Geriant Date Thu Apr 3 14:45:57 2014 Subject low level random armor Lower level random armor should be gaurunteed to have at least some stats now. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 3 18:43:23 2014 Subject Lights Reworked the 'fill' and 'c continual' on lights, should function better now. You still can't fill oil type lights with continual sry, have to get oil etc. But there shouldn't be the 'glowing as brightly as it can' error on lights that are out now. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 3 19:26:42 2014 Subject Creation spellgroup It's back, and will be updating shortly with some other fixes. Updating create water/spring to include lamp oil on lamps, and refill containers based on... well you'll hear tomorrow or such. - Ziv. Ps. If you lost it, let an imp know and we'll add it back. And yes, creation date lets us know if you're fibbin :p Sender Geriant Date Sun Apr 6 17:37:56 2014 Subject blackjack Blackjack has been changed around to affect people with "sleep" instead of confusion to try and balance it out a bit. Sender Geriant Date Mon Apr 7 11:36:43 2014 Subject Level "sanctuary" is gained has been lowered You will now gain sanctuary at level 22 for clerics, 27 for mages and 32 for templar/battlemages. This change will be effective next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Mon Apr 7 15:57:34 2014 Subject Confusion clear chance You will now get a saves throw check against clearing confusion every time you get hit hard enough (about 2.5% of your current hp). This goes for both ranged attacks and regular attacks, however not spell damage. The main point behind this change was to remove some of the over-effectiveness of confusion especially once you factor in things like some elven clerics, mages, etc getting confusion along with bow. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 8 13:07:00 2014 Subject Fishlines They now cost based off of lb test and length Also max is now lower to stop shark spamming Still works, just not as zomg farmable OLC is updated to auto-price lines, please don't override unless approved. - Dave. Sender Geriant Date Wed Apr 9 16:47:42 2014 Subject Email Verification You can now verify your email address using the "email" command. Why might you do this? It makes it easier for us if you ask us "Can you restore this alt?", "Can you reset my password?", "What was alt so and so's name?". And on top of that you get 100 questpoints and a nice item lowbie item for doing it! Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 9 16:48:50 2014 Subject SHORTWHOLIST You can now toggle shortwholist (or just toggle short), and have a much abbreviated version of the wholist. Let me know if you want more things like click links for 'whois ' etc. Syntax: toggle shortwho - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 11 16:27:14 2014 Subject Experience toggle You can now toggle experience blocking, ie, don't get experience points while it's 'on'. Toggle Experience to turn on/off the block. - Ziv. Sender Geriant Date Mon Apr 14 10:54:34 2014 Subject Additions to report In addition to working the same way it always has you can now use arguments with report. You can use it now to report things like your weight, stats, quest points, hitroll, rooms explored, money on hand, etc. Just read the help file or type report help for a list of the possible arguments. Sender Geriant Date Tue Apr 15 14:00:12 2014 Subject Misc changes Anti-align flags are now more rare on random objects. A bug where you would still gain experience from your first 50 rooms explored even if you had the no exp toggle on has been fixed. You will now receive a small oil flask in your newbie pack when a new character is created. The email command has been moved below the emote command in the interp list, so "em" should work for emote again. All of theese are in with the next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Tue Apr 15 14:37:04 2014 Subject Poison Poison now actually deals damage to 101s again. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 16 12:30:44 2014 Subject PORTALS - OLC update Portals have had a key field, but it wasn't accessible via OLC. It now is, and also makes sure the key exists (or 0 to make none), as well as that it's a key, and that the to-room for the portal exists. So, updated and improved. And now v4 # sets a key for them. It doesn't care if it's a door/closeable/lockable etc, you can still assign a key. Close/open/lock/unlock checks that already :). - Dave. Sender Geriant Date Wed Apr 16 12:40:06 2014 Subject Resistances Racial resistances have been significantly altered. They now max out at -5 or +5 for the most part, with a few exceptions like Ogres being -15 holy and Minotaurs being -15 acid. Shortly the new resistances will be added to each races's help file. Also, goblins and aghar now have +1 base and max int from where they were previously. Sender Geriant Date Thu Apr 17 10:43:47 2014 Subject Newbies now start with a clean note board Thanks to a great idea by Ellbreth, new characters now start with a caught up status on all note boards. In on next copypover. Sender Geriant Date Fri Apr 18 09:26:17 2014 Subject vingaard mountains I made vingaard mountains (at the three way intersection VN2506) have a prog that blocked western exits to level 30 and below. Kept seeing brand newbies that didn't know better wander into this area. Sender Geriant Date Fri Apr 18 13:12:06 2014 Subject Random EQ You should notice most random equipment being a little bit lighter now, and I have added three new possible material types, cloth, silk and scale. This should make some of the random armor more monk friendly. I also tweaked the rate at which anti-align flags were added to randoms. Sender Geriant Date Sat Apr 19 11:26:22 2014 Subject Regions A few weeks ago I posted a change about regions, we now have the map put together outlining where regions fall on a map. I have made a post on our website outlining some of what we plan on doing with regions, as well as linked a copy of a map made by Solinari on where the region lines fall and which areas are in which region. Please take a look and if you have any ideas on cool things to do with regions that we haven't already mentioned then please post an idea! Sender Geriant Date Tue Apr 22 14:40:42 2014 Subject Fire breath, and rub There is a new command, "rub", which has a 33% chance to cure dirt kick. There is one round of lag associated with this command and it cannot be used in combat. We had seen a lot of complains both over ooc and through tells from players lately regarding blindness doing nothing more than suspending gameplay. Hopefully this makes PK a little bit more fun for everyone involved. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 24 13:19:58 2014 Subject Dual wield/held for fatties Per Agathon's idea, you shouldn't have to remove a held item to hold a dual wield weapon as a LARGE creature (aka mino's and ogres). - Ziv. Sender Geriant Date Thu Apr 24 15:39:19 2014 Subject Scrolls Scrolls now take the spell level into account instead of only the object level. It works just like equpiment now, if you are lower than the scroll spell level - 20 you will not be able to cast it. For Instance, a tiring scroll is level 35 and casts a level 35 spell of sleep. You must be level 15 to use it. Sender Geriant Date Thu Apr 24 23:44:47 2014 Subject new command : randomgem Just made a command, in on next copyover, called "randomgem". It will load a random gem onto a player's inventory. Sender Geriant Date Fri Apr 25 10:30:04 2014 Subject squashing old rom bash bug By default bash gives you a positive modifier based off of your weight vs your opponent's weight without any cap. This means you could load up on 50k copper and bash a 101 and land it every time even at level 30 or 40. I have now capped that positive modifier at +5. This is in next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Wed Apr 30 21:23:34 2014 Subject Boss mobs & range hits I've added a new act2 flag called "return fire". When this flag is set mobs will roll a 1d10 and if they roll higher than 5 they will return a shot back at the player who hit them with an arrow for [mob->level / 4 * rand] where rand is 1-5. Also, mobs with the "mage" act flag will return a fireball spell with a 1d10 roll of higher than 5 as well. Clerics will also cast icicle with a 1d10 roll higher than 5. Sender Geriant Date Wed Apr 30 21:26:12 2014 Subject return fire You'll notice that some mobs will now return fire when shot by ranged weapons (about half of the time). Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 1 16:29:03 2014 Subject Region in OLC It now pulls from the region table for the region command, allows you to go aedit/region 13, or region pla, or region Outer Plains. A little easier to use, and will expand as we expand the table (if we add regions... ie Icereach..:) Feel free to twiddle with it on BP (or here if you're an imp). - Dave. Sender Geriant Date Sat May 3 10:18:57 2014 Subject Brew & Holy Smite Clerics now get brew at level 46. You cannot brew entangle or holy smite, please let me know if anyone can think of any other spells that should be on that list which clerics get but mages dont (and thus wouldn't already be on the list). Holy Smite's maladiction never had a check against saves. It's duration has been put up slightly higher than the 1 tick it was at and it now does a saves throw to see if you get hit by the maladiction. If you are good or neutral it also checks against your holy resist. If you are evil it checks against your "Negative" resist. Sender Geriant Date Sat May 3 12:42:28 2014 Subject Potions Certain potions now have their cost regulated across all shops that are not player shops. Also, certain potions are now not allowed on a code level in any shop and will be auto-removed. Not allowed potions: heal, sanctuary, true sight Regulated prices: cure critical, 1sp cure serious, 80gp cure light, 50gp all elemental shields, 2sp stone skin, armor, shield, 75gp We believe that we have changed all clan shop "heal" potions to "cure crit" potions, if you notice we missed one just note to immortal about it. fds We also made a best effort to replace any heal potions in areas outside of clan halls as cure crit potions where neccesary, please let us know if you notice we missed one of these as well. Sender Geriant Date Sat May 3 12:45:08 2014 Subject re: Potions Just to be clear, player shops are NOT AFFECTED by the recent potion regulation changes. Sender Geriant Date Sun May 4 19:14:57 2014 Subject Cleric Brew Clerics have now had brew restricted to the 'healing' and 'curative' spell groups. Also, 'mass healing' has been added to the no-brew list. Sender Geriant Date Mon May 5 22:36:20 2014 Subject Brew Components In the coming days to a week there will be some changes made to brew. A few spells will have components added ONLY TO BREW (not to casting). The following spells will require a component for brewing: sanctuary, flameshield, earthshield, iceshield, shockshield, heal, cancellation For starters the components will randomly load on mobs just like the figurines do, we also plan on putting them available in a shop for purchase. We know this is a pretty big change, and as of the posting of this change the components will be in and farmable so people can get a head start on that as well as brewing a last stockpile before the changes go in. We feel that the above spells are too widely available for too low of a price and it compromises the difficulty of the game. Sender Geriant Date Tue May 6 10:27:19 2014 Subject Pshops & Corks We had found a bug which wasn't always properly saving corks through a copyover. This has been resolved. Sender Geriant Date Tue May 6 15:17:11 2014 Subject Warpstones Warpstones have been changed to item type "component". This does not change the way that they work at all it is just that adding the "component" item type like we did for brew made having a separate item type for "warp stone" seemed redundant. This also ties warp stones into the "create" command and will allow mobs to give them out for rewards, or for them to be randomly distributed, etc. Sender Geriant Date Tue May 6 22:53:48 2014 Subject Holy Smite Holy Smite now does half as much damage, lasts for 6 rounds instead of 10 and no longer has a blind affect. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri May 9 14:46:54 2014 Subject parchment corks vials All set! - Dave. Sender Geriant Date Fri May 9 20:30:53 2014 Subject Censorship The censor is out, it will come back in due time as an opt-in censor for those who want it but for now it is just gone. Sender Geriant Date Sat May 10 21:47:19 2014 Subject quest areas A few areas were missing from the list of areas allowed to be pulled from for questmaster quests. I've added the following areas to the above mentioned list: Gateway, Qualimori, Bloten, Ergonesti Wilds, The village of ash, hillhome, qualnost, palanthas province, qualinesti forest Sender Geriant Date Tue May 13 10:19:37 2014 Subject telout, teleport, fail fail now skip over no quit rooms On copyover, the get_random_room and get_random_room_range functions (teleport, telout, gate fail) now skip over "no_quit" rooms in addition to the ones that it already skipped over (private, solitary, safe). This should keep telout objects out of imm rooms, loading rooms, and other inaccessible rooms. This should also keep morts from teleporting into imm rooms, the faire, etc. If anyone has any objections or thinks this shouldn't happen just let me know but I thought it was a small enough change to just go ahead and do. It isn't in affect until a copyover. Sender Geriant Date Wed May 14 13:06:43 2014 Subject help mobprices Repairer has been added to help mobprices, it is available for both pareas and clans. This was already available before but was not in the help files. In a new addition, both clans and pareas can now buy palace mages (Inak, help palacemage) for 5000 diamonds. Sender Geriant Date Wed May 14 14:34:44 2014 Subject Furniture When you type sleep, it will now look through your inventory (damn nosy command) and see if you have any furniture. If you do, you will automatically sleep on it without needing to drop it on the floor or pick it up afterwards. If you have multiple furniture items in your inventory, it will just use the first one (top of your inventory list). Sender Geriant Date Thu May 15 15:30:52 2014 Subject Brew requiring components The following spells now require components: sanctuary, flameshield, shockshield, iceshield, earthshield, heal, cancellation The components were put in a week or so ago. Hopefully you had time to stock up before the requirement went in! We will judge to see how common the components are and whether or not levels need to be adjusted, or a limited type shop put in to help with availability. Sender Geriant Date Fri May 16 10:25:00 2014 Subject Skill %s I have modified fourth attack, fast healing, brew and berserk all to be learned faster (skill %s go up faster). Berserk got a huge bump, due to the fact that it is impossible to spam and it was set to a ridiculously low number already. Sender Geriant Date Fri May 16 10:26:18 2014 Subject tally, components Also, added in a breakdown for the components into tally. Sender Geriant Date Fri May 16 22:35:13 2014 Subject Level Toggle We decided that due to the fact that the sole purpose of hiding your level on the who list was to discourage interaction with other players that it should no longer be an option, so it isn't. Sender Geriant Date Mon May 19 12:35:05 2014 Subject Toggle Imm Spellup A few people had been asking for the ability to toggle imm spellups. On the next copyover this will be an option in the toggle menu. Sender Geriant Date Mon May 19 14:35:19 2014 Subject Resting Rest will now grab the first available piece of furniture from your inventory in the same manner as sleep, as of next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Wed May 21 14:42:02 2014 Subject Copyover & MXP Copyover now saves MXP and client data through the copyover. This means you will not have to quit out and come back in to re-enable MXP after a copyover. Sender Geriant Date Wed May 21 15:38:12 2014 Subject exp withholding bug fixed Turns out you could toggle exp withholding on just before you die and not incur the exp loss penalty. This has been fixed. Sender Geriant Date Fri May 23 13:44:22 2014 Subject Compiler We have upgraded the compiler from GCC v3.0.1 to GCC v4.5.1. For the most part this means nothing to most people as it is mostly background stuff for the game. You may notice certain things have sped up though, for example I have noticed since compiling the mud with the newer compiler that the automap function does not lag at all any more when you are running through an area that takes up the entire 15x15 area of the minimap. Sender Geriant Date Tue May 27 16:33:45 2014 Subject New Server Our linode was migrated to a new server earlier. We are now sporting 2GB of RAM instead of 512MB as well as 48GB of storage instead of 24GB. All of our storage is now also on SSDs. Sender Geriant Date Wed May 28 17:49:52 2014 Subject Server Upgrade Yesterday some of you may have noticed a little bit of down time in the middle of the day. During this time we were migrating the server to an upgraded server which now has us at 2GB of RAM instead of 512MB and 48GB of storage on solid state drives instead of 28GB on traditional drives. You should notice (mostly due to the solid state drives) that the mud is much more responsive than it used to be (combined with the recent GCC upgrade). For instance, I did not have my automapper filled for the ground area of solace and with the automapper on I explored all of the rooms under solace and then ran around them a second time and as fast as I type I was still not able to get to the point where I was queuing commands as I was running as fast as I could. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri May 30 14:18:20 2014 Subject Examine - Lights EXAMINE: It now shows approximately how much fuel is left in lights. That's all folks :P - Ziv Sender Solinari Date Sat May 31 22:07:41 2014 Subject Kendermore! It's about time we had a home for Kender, which our builder JohannAutumn has graciously provided! Go through the forest north of Neraka into the Khalkist mountains and you'll find a road leading east into the city. Enjoy, and thanks to Johann! Sender Geriant Date Mon Jun 2 12:03:52 2014 Subject Skullcap Skullcap weapon quest bug has been fixed and the main quest guy is back in the area. Sender Geriant Date Tue Jun 3 21:01:26 2014 Subject New command: nosell New command in "nosell" you can use it to target an object, it will cycle whether or not that object is able to be sold to shops. You can double check whether or not an item is toggled as nosell by using examine (i.e: examine sword). Sender Geriant Date Wed Jun 4 18:50:06 2014 Subject Mindheal The lag on mindheal failure has been reduced to the same as success. The amount of hit points healed has been increased based off of your current CON. It is all 100% bonus over the old numbers. You can also now mindheal while affected by berserk and/or frenzy. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 21 14:21:13 2014 Subject Mob's with 'class' They now have it, set by any ACTs as well as name (ie mage, apprentice, pickpocket etc). This will allow setting of random eq that matches class btw, yes, I went there. - Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 22 17:14:46 2014 Subject MWHERE class You can now do 'mwhere class ' to find mobs that have a class assigned to them. Also, all mobs will have "A" class, most will be NPC. The 'class specific' equipment and bonus items I'm working on will use this code (ie cleric's holy symbols etc). Combine this with region and we can have customized items by region (or even area) as well as the mob's class. So a thief might have a stolen Palanthian house deed, a mage might have just a blank scroll, a warrior in neraka might have a set of Dragonarmy papers... etc etc. Syntax: MWHERE CLASS . IE Mwhere class thief (THESE WORK IN AREA ONLY). - Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 23 17:02:55 2014 Subject Food You can now eat even if you're close to full, and say you have a massive haunch of a cow? It will eat ... part of it. Before it just vaped the haunch, even if you only needed like 10 points to be full. Now it saves the rest. You'll see the difference in partially eaten things in inventory/lists/examine etc. Dig in :) - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 6 13:42:42 2014 Subject Imbue Charge (used to be Spellstaves) I've fixed durations for Armor, Stone Skin, Shield, (all the elemental shields), as well as Adding Silence & Understand tongues to staff spells. For anyone NOT familiar with charging staff weapons, see also: HELP CHARGE - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 8 18:04:53 2014 Subject Ongoing quests... Hey all, I've added in ongoing quests! These are the 'find the parts' type quests and I'll continue to add more. You've seen the LanceQuest announcement, that is an ongoing quest that you'll be able to find/complete sets at will. Also, we've got ongoing Mudscrabble! The tiles load on mobs also, and now... come in many varieties of materials... yeah I went there. Match materials for a bonus! The more rare, the higher the bonus. We will be updating the LanceQuest prizes as well as Mudscrabble prizes (and the upcoming/ongoing Shinare's Amazing Chest Quest as well). - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 11 11:52:54 2014 Subject Ranged return fire/spells A little 'NPC' check added to the return fire code, as well as mobs actual class (recently added) vs ACT_MAGE/CLERIC etc. Long story short? Only Mage class mobs of appropriate level will return fireballs (or icicles on cleric mobs). - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 13 14:53:41 2014 Subject LanceQuest parts/Shinare's Chest parts You can now use the COMBINE command to put parts together, it will let you know if they fit or not. Please let me know if you find any errors trying to combine parts. Also, you can now examine the partial lances to see what parts it has (and how many are missing). The same combine command will work on Shinare's Amazing Chest quest parts, when those go out. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 5 17:17:46 2014 Subject Auto Pretitles, Auto Conclave Mages and Battlemages will now be inducted as Initiates into the Conclave at level 15 (not apprentices). Also their pretitles will change automatically if they are pro/de-moted. If you have a mage, get 'claved' and don't want in (ie go Renegade), simply note immortal. If other clans want the auto-pretitle action for promotions/demotions, let me know. Those that seem acceptable to the staff would be DA/KOS etc, as they are automatically set and rank matters in those clans. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 5 17:20:10 2014 Subject Auto Pretitles My bad, that's ALL clans that get the pretitles (comes from your clan titles per rank). If we need exceptions, please let us know. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 25 16:16:31 2014 Subject Clanranks All set, updated WR clanranks in. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 30 14:04:05 2014 Subject Omnipotent It's 104 again. - Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 10 16:58:16 2014 Subject Channels OOC channels like clan/subclan/osay now work in room regardless of silence. That is all, return to spam. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 10 17:01:45 2014 Subject Nochan, Email etc Nochan now doesn't show the char when they try to use a channel, it's all ninja shit and they think they ooc'd etc, but everyone ignores them :). Yes, you have to be evil to be an IMP. Email: There IS a creation email now once again. If you give an email address that is. Also the email verify code was broken now fixed (you could use no argument and it thought you guessed right). Misc other touchups lost in the blur. - Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 13 14:01:29 2014 Subject MWHERE VNUM MWHERE now has a VNUM argument for finding just a certain vnum mob in the world. IE. MWHERE VNUM 32000: shows me where all of the sanitation dwarves are. I have limited it to the first 100, let me know and we can expand if it seems too low. I see using this for MOB QUESTS :) -Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 29 13:24:34 2014 Subject PRIVATE channels PRIVATE now shows you which channel you've left if you switch channels, also PRIVATE with no argument will show you what channel you're on, instead of turning it off. To turn OFF a PRIVATE channel, simply type priv #0. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 19 19:01:32 2014 Subject Quest declines Time dropped substantially between quests for quest declines. - Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Sat Dec 20 13:33:35 2014 Subject TMTC/Schallsea Sorry all for my recent absence, I've been off doing some military training. Now, before I go overseas, I wanted to give you an early xmas present! We have made some changes to TMTC and added a new area called the Port of Schallsea. Schallsea is an island in the New Sea that is envisioned as a new "hub" of sorts. There is a large Inn in the southern part of the town, all rooms within it are safe and it has a pit, food, drink, questmaster, etc. Just outside of the inn is the restring machine and stables, and the arena is just down the road. Mud school is in the east of the town and in the northern half is a large market, as well as a few ships/transportation. Additionally, TMTC has undergone a drastic change. Instead of offices scattered in various towns, it is now one large facility in Schallsea that will transport you to one of 17 cities. Each of those cities also has a portal that leads back to TMTC. Given the nature of the changes I will allow everyone a free change to their recall point, from now until January 15th. I also reserve the right to tweak the new area and transport system based on feedback and troubleshooting, so please let me know what you think! Soli Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 29 18:58:13 2014 Subject GEMS as a kind of currency Gems now are a 'stat' on your character, instead of a physical item. Buying/selling etc, they show up in worth (and score). Charging staffs works as it did before, but you can specify which gem type (or none and it starts with the cheapest ones). You can drop/get etc, like you can with coins. You'll find them much lighter than coins :) - Ziv.