Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2010.

Sender Solinari Date Mon Jan 11 13:27:16 2010 Subject 7K CH Did a quick copyover, added a couple things to the 7K clan hall. Soli Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 27 21:19:14 2010 Subject Saves equipment Solinari and myself have gone through and removed the insane saving throw modifications on some equipment. There were some that were at -15 or more, it broke the mold so to speak. Thanks much to Kiljaedon, Jendaron and others for helping with st ats. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 27 21:20:21 2010 Subject Combat Awareness Was way way too buff, thanks again to Kiljaedon for pointing out that his paladin was basically impervious due to it. It has been modified to help, but not make the player invulnerable. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 27 21:20:47 2010 Subject That little red * dot... Is gone now. Heh. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 27 23:15:24 2010 Subject Scrying 101 and Clanhall trans spells Scrying will now function normally vs 101's. Any clanhall gating/portaling/teleport/nexus'ing INTO has been eliminated. This also includes summoning into and from clanhalls. Rather than rely on a room 'flag' it simply finds if it's in a clanhall, if so, no work. You can gate out etc like normal. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 27 23:25:10 2010 Subject Foodage Forgot, I also made it so that your food/thirst lasts through quit. That was a facepalm moment ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 28 02:29:19 2010 Subject SLAIN flag, spamming at clan pits. No pit spell spam anymore. Meaning, casting will NOT function at the clan pits, period. Slain's stay through quit, it was a bug being worked around by people quitting. Slain people can't use transportation spells or portals. But, slain duration has also been cut in half to 10 ticks. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 28 02:32:46 2010 Subject SET and violent / slain Imms with set can now SET violent and slain on characters. This is a timer, meaning if for some reason we need, you can set them. To make them 0 it will still require pardon. But, say someone needs a timeout from pk... Set char douchebag slain 40 etc (I set the max at 45). Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 28 02:58:08 2010 Subject Lastname, Surname Oh yeah! We now have last names available. Cost is a quest note, must be imm approved. It's just what it seems, family names etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 28 03:18:48 2010 Subject Violent entering arena There used to be a way for vio's to get into the arena... Basically challenge someone, do your thing, get vio they'd accept, in the arena. A nice kind of 'crap gemme out' Bug squished. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 28 21:39:29 2010 Subject Palanthas Palanthas is now protected by the Palanthian Guard, our timeline doesn't have Solamnics running the city as they are still somewhat outcast. We realize that our line is not exact, but this was a change we felt was needed. There will be a couple of clans relocating but I'll leave that to Solinari to post and port :). Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Mon Mar 1 03:38:31 2010 Subject Sanction Several minor changes to Sanction: Lava is out, no more worries about DT's Added a potion shop, general store, updated the map. Pets/mounts went in, there is a pit, healer, questmaster and mud school entrance Mud school doorman will also take you to Sanction and the jeweler sells diamonds. Another ferry was added, and one more thing... DA Clanhall has been moved and is now in its proper place. Solinari, HMFIC Sender Solinari Date Fri Apr 16 00:49:20 2010 Subject Ahlanost The village of Ahlanost has appeared along the path to Wayreth! Thanks Kiri! Sender Solinari Date Tue Apr 20 14:00:41 2010 Subject Palanthas and the Plains Those broken docks in Palanthas have been rebuilt, after only, what, 10 years? Must have been a government contract. Now only if some ships would come in... Also, the path through the Plains of Dust of changed, as a new village, Lantern has come in. Lantern is famous for their world-class guides that can take you to different destinations. Give it a look! Solinari, HMFIC Sender Solinari Date Sat Apr 24 19:10:30 2010 Subject Qualimori A ship has appeared at the docks in Palanthas. I wonder where it goes? Sender Solinari Date Thu May 27 13:21:33 2010 Subject Lacynos Today I have added the minotaur city of Lacynos. There are four ferries that can take you there, two in Palanthas and one each in Kalaman and Sanction. There is a map created and the mud school doorman will take you there as well. Note me with any problems you find, and be sure to check out the arena. HMFIC Sender Solinari Date Mon Aug 23 14:34:21 2010 Subject Mithas and Mud School I've just been porting a few changes before I leave. First is a new streamlined mud school that we are going to test out for a while. Let us know what you think! Second is a series of areas that flesh out the island of Mithas, home of the Minotaurs. Head out either of the eastern gates of Lacynos to go see the new content. Thanks to Lothoemas for his hard work! More to come! Solinari, HMFIC Sender Solinari Date Mon Oct 4 19:15:54 2010 Subject Sols/Solanthus Minors changes have been made to Solanthus, for the purposes of moving the Solamnics to their new home! Other minor things as well, corrections, player rooms and the like. HMFIC Sender Geriant Date Tue Oct 12 17:32:33 2010 Subject recent additions to the rules Help rules has been updated. I suggest you all take a moment to read up on some of the additions. As always, if you have questions please ask them. Morg Sender Solinari Date Thu Oct 14 16:23:45 2010 Subject Minor fixes Return of the Pit Spam! Adjusted the duration of Sleep and Confusion spells. Fixed Surname capitalization. Consider will tell you if your target is PK or not. Failed help messages by immortals will no longer show to mortal helpers. Made changes to the Wildrunner rank structure. Many thanks to Sargonnas! Sender Solinari Date Sat Oct 16 04:41:35 2010 Subject More fixes You can see osays if OCC is off. If a channel is off, the mud will tell you to turn the channel back on if you try to speak on that channel accidently. Changes to messages up here in Imm-land. Drop all won't work against a charmed PK target. Sender Solinari Date Tue Oct 19 18:43:21 2010 Subject Monks Added some things for the Immortal quests and also gave Monks the ability to get the "detect traps" skill. HMFIC Sender Geriant Date Fri Oct 22 18:17:24 2010 Subject RP Flags, home command RP Flags now stick around while you move around, even if you decide to punch a mob or player in the face. If you have your RP flag on, it means that all of your interactions will be in character, so no ooc babbling, no osay, etc. As always, abuse of the RP flag is a bad idea. Also, the home command now requires you to type "home now" before it takes your 80 qps. Hugs and Kisses, Ze Staff Sender Solinari Date Sat Oct 23 04:43:26 2010 Subject Hunt and creation 1: Streamlined character creation and removed the email requirement. 2: You'll be asked to take a survey when you delete. 3: Hunt now works across areas, with a lag/movement cost associated. Soli Sender Geriant Date Mon Oct 25 16:19:01 2010 Subject Saves, Hunt, and some other nonsense Hunt no longer shows a message 100% of the time, also the messages you see make a bit more sense, and are awesome. Saves have a limit that you cannot exceed, based on your level. It's roughly -3 saves every 10 levels, or -1 every 3.33 levels. Also some behind the scenes stuff to some of the imm commands. Huge credit to Sargonnas for his hard work and long hours in the code factory, inhaling code dust, and getting code-lung. Also, I am awesome for various non-code-related reasons. Geriant Sender Geriant Date Mon Oct 25 22:54:51 2010 Subject Floaters (And not how you're thinking, Auberon) They now go into your corpse when you die. Credit goes to Sargonnas, who spent hours slaving away, putting the legs on the tiny ants that do the coding. Sender Solinari Date Thu Oct 28 17:51:39 2010 Subject There will be blood Added some of the newer areas to the quest list. Added Max saves to score. When wounded, dripping blood will now show the direction of travel. All thanks go to Sargonnas! Soli Sender Geriant Date Mon Nov 1 17:45:21 2010 Subject Blood Bugs and wimpy kill counters A bug was stopping people from walking down when bleeding -- squished. Wimpy can no longer be set above 500. There are now counters to keep track of your kills (check your score). Also, some updates for various areas went in (Mob Arena and Bloten will now kill you long time). As always, a huge thanks goes to Sargonnas for all the fumes he was exposed to while working on code. Sender Geriant Date Thu Nov 4 04:56:29 2010 Subject Newbie message, and Mob Kills Mob Kills now save when you quit, and newbies will get a message directing them to the newbie channel when they type a command that doens't exist. A big thanks to Sargonnas, who is getting code-lung from slaving away. Sender Solinari Date Thu Nov 11 16:24:22 2010 Subject Areas and Maps and Clans! First off: Tempest! The new Mariner ship is in, so start recruiting! Second, Kiri (with ample help from Sargonnas and Mishakal) has created the Abanasinian Plains! East of Solace, the new area is for levels 20 to 40 and is ready for your exploration! Finally, the biggest change: Automap! This command will toggle a new graphical representation of the surrounding area. Thank Sargonnas for all his hard work, and blame him when it doesn't work right! :P Soli Sender Geriant Date Thu Nov 11 19:06:13 2010 Subject UNholy Smite and Penetrate spellgroup Baddies can smite things too, now. Also, mages have a new spellgroup. It's exactly what it sounds like, except that it's not. As always, a huge thanks to Sarg who climbed Mt. GiantCode to discover the secret fountain of badassery. He killed like...30 Oompa-Loompas. Seriously. Morg Sender Geriant Date Fri Nov 12 04:02:25 2010 Subject Quaff lag When vio, potions take a bit longer to drink now. Sender Geriant Date Fri Nov 19 18:40:56 2010 Subject Spells, Spells, and Heel Draconian Spell group - You'll find these spells hitting harder, having less lag and costing less mana. Renegades - Mages now have a slight chance of having their spells over level 15 go up in percentage even if not in conclave. Heel - New command, if your pet is missing and you type heel they will find you. I'm a bit hung over, so no witty way to say "Thanks to Paladine," so this will have to do. Thank him when you see him. M Sender Geriant Date Tue Nov 23 01:47:12 2010 Subject Newbiecommands On c/o there will be a new wiznet option for 102+ "newbiecommands". This will display to any imm who has it toggled on whenever anyone under 5 hours types an invalid command (i.e: whenever the mud tells them to try asking over newbietalk). Sender Geriant Date Fri Nov 26 05:31:21 2010 Subject Quests The quest master will now have fewer of those "I don't have any quests for you now!" moments. Thanks go to me for thinking of it, but to Paladine for actually doing it. Enjoy. Sender Geriant Date Sun Nov 28 00:33:44 2010 Subject Fog of War, arena kills/deaths The automap will be a bit dimmer until you explore the area a bit more. It will also keep track of the number of rooms you've explored. Also, score keeps up with arena wins/losses. Huge thanks to Paladine for being too awesome to contain. Sender Geriant Date Wed Dec 1 05:57:06 2010 Subject Ignore Ignore now works on Hero. Sorry Athin. Also, there are fewer notes than there were. Thanks go, as always, to Paladine. Sender Geriant Date Wed Dec 1 18:56:50 2010 Subject Area facelift....oh, and one more....small....thing.... Nordmaar has gotten a facelift courtesy of Kiri. Grammar issues, as well as some mob problems have been edited and fixed. A couple of other things happned behind the scenes, mostly small area updates, and some changes to some of the imm commands, nothing big at all. Oh, and I almost forgot. Combat awareness for mages is in, and able to be found. Rumors place a strange spellbook somewhere in the out for looters. Hugs and Kisses, Morg Sender Geriant Date Sun Dec 5 05:29:54 2010 Subject Dice? What dice? Dice drop MUCH less frequently, so you can keep autoloot turned on. Sender Geriant Date Sun Dec 5 05:33:57 2010 Subject MORE THINGS Forgot to add (actually Paladine forgot to mention these things had happened, but that's another matter) that damage to you will show up red if you have autodamage toggled, and repair costs have been lowered. Also, there are 4 new sector types. ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD