Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2009.

Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 2 00:51:44 2009 Subject Feathers soon to be quill pens You'll find now that feathers are much more diverse than they had been, with actual sizes of the tube and length of the feather varying depending on the species of 'birdlike creature/bird'. The value of them as well is dependent on how rare and what level of bird (although not as much until they are crafted into a quill pen). The crafting of them INTO quill pens will then allow faster scribing and more likelihood of success, and our first delving into crafting (beyond scrolls/potions etc). Ink will also be something we can then craft, and store within an inkwell for use scribing scrolls, writing hand-written notes etc. So far, collect feathers if you wish, quill pens will be required to scribe anything, but will be available in 'normal' quality at the general stores when that becomes a reality. You'll be able to craft better ones, and perhaps purchase quest item level ones as well. I figured I'd give those who wanted to, a head start on collecting the feathers. More rare creatures will be better, but maybe practice on chicken feathers hehe. Ziv. Ps. Looking at allowing people to 'adorn' things with feathers, will keep you all posted on that as well. PPs. First change of 2009! hehe, a couple hundred more I'm sure. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 2 00:59:58 2009 Subject Delayed actions and STOPPING Oh yeah, you'll also automatically STOP doing something when it would tell you to stop before, rather than insulting you it now actually just 'STOPS' and let's you do the next thing. IE. Brewing/scribing/picking locks etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 7 01:14:05 2009 Subject A few tweaks Some of the Quag'Meth eq was a bit off, it's simply more rare repop now, a few too low on the damage were raised. Also, Raptorbirds were medium sized, now large or huge (I forget), they're almost like Roc's in DL. They're a tad higher level and such as well (nothing insane). Berem also wanders around the world now randomly, and doesn't look so lame. On a side note, I'm adding more 'bird' species, if anyone has suggestions please let me know. I'm looking at adding: ostrich, peacock... (we have seagull, water fowl, song bird, parrot, chicken, eagle, hawk, kingfisher as is). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 7 23:34:58 2009 Subject Birds fixed, Mount shop in Palanthas moved, Rodrigo tower Mount shop in Palanthas moved by Pet shop (it's changed on the map). This is to reflect the ooky spooky area of the Tower (we're updating that to be a omfg run place, even more). Birds around the game fixed, some added, find some new ones in Palanthas. Rodrigo's tower has been changed, it will be changed more in the future into a 'mob' type area rather than a player one. Unfortunately our buddy Rodrigo is long gone, but his area will live on as a playable one for the masses. Some oversights in Palanthas fixed (blacksmith shop is south, um no, no exit there). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 9 04:35:11 2009 Subject GULLY FLINGER - transportation etc. Rather BIG change with regards to FLINGER and Transportation. The gully flinger/area moved. The staff (as players and staff) felt that it makes the massive world we have 'too small'. As such, it now connects to Solace, and fling to Xak Tsaroth (the other gullies there), so it will still be playable but not allow for instant 'world transport' for everyone. We still do have the ship system which connects around the globe, as well as New Sea coming in very soon to allow more connections. Ziv. Ps. This isn't intended to 'nerf' the game or anything along those lines, simply to make the travel and vast expanse actually matter and add to the feel of the game. When I originally created the flinger system, I didn't take that into account. See: Help Ferry (or flinger, ships etc). Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 9 17:29:57 2009 Subject EQUIPMENT command You can now check JUST a certain equipment location with the equipment command. For example: EQ head, eq legs, etc. Valid Equipment locations are: all, light, right finger/rfinger, left finger/lfinger, neck1, neck2, torso, head, legs, feet, hands, arms, shield, body, waist, right wrist/rwrist, left wrist/lwrist, wielded/weapon, held/hold, floating, secondary/dual, earring, face, shoulder, back, lodged. I forget whose idea it was, but thanks, good one. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jan 10 05:02:15 2009 Subject Extra attacks rescue bug It really wasn't a feature hehe. Before when you'd have your pet rescue you, you got an extra round of attacks for free. Um, that was NOT supposed to be that way, although I know tons have used it for aeons. Fixed and such, thanks to Zordac on the mud forums for pointing out the rest of it. I'd fixed part ages ago, but missed that part (the part that actually gave the extra attacks). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 14 17:04:26 2009 Subject Buying mobs (clan/personal) Forgot to mention, buying mobs 'help mobprices' has changed so that it's ONLY for clanhalls. There are people trying to circumvent the entire 'clan' system by simply buying the amenities in personal areas. While this might see 'so what?', it really ends up killing the enrollment in clans, which kills role-play, which kills us. Fix? Help Mobprices, the note at the end states These are ONLY for clanhalls, personal areas do not get these mobs. Before the outcry, my thoughts; Clans have the pull, the clout if you will, to hire a healer, the stability to hire a banker, etc etc, a regular guy doesn't. Hope it makes sense, they were originally intended only for clans, but we let them slide or misinterpreted it etc. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 14 22:54:07 2009 Subject UNextrabit Simply a command to REMOVE a single extrabit (or a few etc). It only removes those you state, and works exactly as extrabit does. Same level etc. Free to remove: Glow (A), Hum (B), Dark (C), Magic (G) Magic, does affect shield block, but that's it. Bless can be removed manually with curse, so they can do that one themselves, not free. The rest cost usual, ie usually leave alone. Do we have a rule on those? Qnote? I forget. Dave. Sender Solinari Date Thu Jan 15 02:01:49 2009 Subject Death to Gerighelm! Alas poor Gerig, we knew him well... Gerighelm is gone... But! The city of Garnet has appeared! It should look familiar... and different at the same time. So enjoy the new (old) area, and let me know if you see any errors. Solinari, HMFIC p.s. Garnet isn't located where Gerig was. Go look at a map of Krynn! Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 15 19:01:55 2009 Subject A few modifications Instances of a fabled 'Gerighelm' now correctly reflect that Garnet is the city we obviously were thinking of...;) . Maps are not updated of Garnet, but I'm sure a kender will do that soon. A few new dice were put around, nothing huge just fun, even a diamond 20! Garnet had a few 'oops' moments, nothing huge but fixed as well. Oh, and Souril got steroids. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 16 18:06:51 2009 Subject TOGGLE level Level is now something that you can 'show' or hide in 'who' list. If you want it on, simply TOGGLE LEVEL. This should help with finding people in level to go out and group etc. If they have it turned on. New characters default to this being ON, many will likely turn it off at level 15 or around there. Also, those IN level it will show green. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 21 03:38:51 2009 Subject Notes to Dragonarmy subclans Forgot to note this earlier, notes/stories/etc to subclans of DA are: note to DAred, DAblue, DAblack, DAgreen, DAwhite, etc, this keeps them straight from notes to Conclave subclans Black/White/Red etc. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 23 23:55:10 2009 Subject More NPC races I forgot to note it, added sheep, goat, and camel to NPC races. I'm sure I'll be adding more soon as we realize we want them. Doesn't make a huge impact, but will be taken into account when we get into butchering animals for food etc. Ziv. Ps. Yeah, that's soon too ;) Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 26 06:52:38 2009 Subject Clan levels and player levels The max a person's clan level can attain is now 1/10th their level. That means we don't have a guy with like level 21 as a clan leader. Level in our game directly equates to the characters 'RPable level' and that includes clans etc. Sorry if anyone's grumpy, but it makes sense. Level 15 L's etc? Ick. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 27 18:44:39 2009 Subject Windrider ranks They've been changed, if you're IN Wildrunner, simply 'rank windrider' Imms can do that too etc. Ziv. Ps. Thanks to Sneffy for the update. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 27 19:12:29 2009 Subject Twitter via Ansalon I post changes, announcements etc there now (right now ;p). Also quests etc we'll announce there as well for those of you who like to tweet. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jan 31 21:46:51 2009 Subject Codex' Idea of Leveling TNL warnings. It will now show your exp tnl (until next level) with exp gains, it also warns you when your tnl is under 600/400/200 points. Great idea Codex! Ps. Dragonarmy Clanhall updates are complete and ported. Thanks Saige! Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Sun Feb 1 05:16:27 2009 Subject New area: Village of Bazin Just added a new area, a desert village by the name of Bazin. Much thanks to the mortal builder who worked so hard (and fast) on it. Soli Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 2 19:36:32 2009 Subject Allowable classes per race. See also: help classes If anyone asks me for a mino tempar, I'm slaying them. Seriously, this is what we offer for classes per race. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 3 23:16:40 2009 Subject Spellups from your alt to your party See: Help Multiplay This includes logging in an alternate character to spell up all of the OTHER players in your group. Your character is still benefitting from the spells as it's helping the party. I realize that in the past this has been a 'gray' area. This is NO longer the case. Ziv. Ps. That means, if you spell up a party, your alt can NOT join them. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 4 09:34:40 2009 Subject Mercenary Scar The Brotherhood of the Scar have been scattered to the winds. A sad day to be sure. A Merchant's Guild has risen though and are quite ready to make a profit. See also: Ziv. Ps. Sorry Scar guys, it tanked bigtime. I'd hoped you would have continued the RP but even the leader gave up the ghost. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 5 23:02:33 2009 Subject OLC Additions - Mlist In Redit/medit/oedit, Mlist race/size/spec now works without an argument as well as with one. IE: (in redit) Mlist spec. Will show all the mobs with spec functions in the area. Mlist race. Shows all mobs and (race) in parenthesis. Handy for fixups. Mlist spec. Shows all mobs with spec functions, track those guard/executioners/casting types. This will be on playport once we copyover, available on builder now. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 6 18:23:48 2009 Subject those 'zone sounds' Mobs' 'echos' that hit the entire zone, like the gaurds fighting in Garnet etc, no longer will you 'hear' (aka see the text) them unless you're awake. Almost didn't warrant a change, but there ya have it. Ps. The double 'armor' message fixed. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 10 20:47:26 2009 Subject Releasing pets You can now release pets from anywhere in the world, rather than being forced to be in the same room. Charmies still require same room. See also: help release Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 10 21:05:02 2009 Subject DROPPING dice It now shows the roll, so you can play in room with people and they can examine the dice after etc. Also for imm games. Ziv. Ps. You can still just 'roll all.dice' (or 3.dice etc) and NOT let go of them, this is just for times that require confirmation of the roll. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 10 23:19:10 2009 Subject Inactive Characters - deletion of them We don't do this anymore by the way. I know that some people log in all of their characters every month. But it's no longer needed to 'keep them fresh' as it used to be. If you DO go to make a character, and the name is taken, you can ask the staff and if the player hasn't played in a substantial time.. perhaps get the name. We'll just email the other person and change that chars name. Again, that's like 8 months, a level 3 kender.. NOT like 2 months, a level 101 with established RP. So don't worry about 'cycling' your characters for the fear of them getting deleted for being inactive etc. Please note: At the START of every month, we DO vape all level 0 characters (never logged in), and level 1 characters (although I DO list them to make sure I'm not vaping one that the person is playing). Meaning, try to get to level 2 to ensure your character's safety. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 13 22:21:22 2009 Subject a few more dice There are new dice somewhere in... Caergoth, Tarsis, Goblin Caves (by pal), Goblin Stronghold. Also, Britta rings are slightly better, and specs in Pal don't weigh 2.3 pounds lol. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 17 20:48:38 2009 Subject Brim's Maps - Bazin and Garnet Hand-crafted maps from Brim, kender cartographer extraordinare! Bazin, and Garnet! Linda in Tarsis, in 'The Shop of Books, Maps and fine Papers' now carries the map to Bazin. Also, Caron in Sanction carries another. Garnet maps are once again accurate, and very nice! Thanks Brim! Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 17 23:02:11 2009 Subject Channels and position You can now use almost all channels from 'dead'. Meaning, if you're stunned you can still use newbietalk, ooc, ic/gemote etc. Say is still limited as it's more 'in room/real'. Thanks Athanatoi for spotting it, sorry bout the slow painful bleeding do death and all that. Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 18 00:13:55 2009 Subject Brim Map - Tarsis! Thank a kender! Tarsis map is completely updated and actually helps now! Look tarsis, look legend for the map legend. Brim Rocks!!! Ps. I did tone down the color a bit, hey, who gave that kender a saw... stop.. really! Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 19 20:57:55 2009 Subject Dirt kicking The 'checks' were off a bit, it also now allows 'water splashing' in places you can swim/use boat, but duration of a tick. Ziv. Ps. Zeitler, walk slowly towards the door, don't run. PPs. Messing with you ;) Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 20 20:13:18 2009 Subject Pet brawl fix Pets, um, don't brawl now. Whew ;p. Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Sun Feb 22 04:27:40 2009 Subject Minor changes to Sol Clanhall Courtesy of Kiri. Enjoy Sols. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 24 16:04:30 2009 Subject Vermy Verminaard had a typo in his mprogs, also the EXTREMELY close to leveling warning was spelled wrong. Thanks Aralius. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 26 00:01:11 2009 Subject Quest points Lowbies now get normal quest points for quests if they have under 2 hours/level. Meaning that squatters still have the old restricted quest points, but new players and such do not. IE: Your level 4 char? Could possibly get 50 points on a quest. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 26 00:02:21 2009 Subject Quests continued Ps. You DO have to return to the questmaster that sent you, as an offset to lowbie points being higher, but.. it lets you know which one it is, what area etc. So it keeps you informed. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Mar 1 23:05:54 2009 Subject Ranged 'wierd' messages It's fixed, thanks to Sakwar and Bishope for giving me the log so I could track it. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 2 04:26:10 2009 Subject Equipable 'men' Barracks THe Solamnic EQ'able guys are in, thanks Kiri!!! Please note, you can give them unique descriptions with 'order all desc +'. And as Solamnics, we hope that you consider them IN the RP of your character as a squire/page/etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 2 08:01:08 2009 Subject Earthquake & DA Rank Earthquake had a check that was stopping it, fixed. Dragonarmy had a mispelled rank, fixed. And yes, I'm that fast Athin. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 2 22:10:01 2009 Subject Corpse buggery, er I mean bug PK corpses under level 15 sometimes wouldn't let people get their stuff off them, should be fixed now. Please let us know if your corpse doesn't like you and refuses your stuff. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Mar 7 22:31:02 2009 Subject Monks fixed with regards to Sarg/Minos etc. Also, help monk now shows WHICH gods monks can worship, it's very specific and it's in line with Dragonlance. Minos can now be monks, most will follow Sargonnas (Sargas). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Mar 7 23:52:47 2009 Subject Mudschool equipment The weights of the equipment in the mudschool have been 'relooked' at to make sense. Also, as steel is RARE, most things went to bronze or similar. Some stats modified on weapons (you'll find better weapons in arena, even better in main hometowns etc). Bear cloak is nicer, also the refreshment shop now carries more items. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 10 00:29:31 2009 Subject Auction houses, butchers etc The auction houses weren't 'no mob' but were safe. fixed. The butcher shops were gate, fixed (running away now!) Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Sun Mar 22 18:13:16 2009 Subject Abanasinian Reclaimation Project Hello all! My newest project is now complete! The area around Solace now fits in with the Dragonlance world, much more so than before. Many stock zones have been removed and replaced with all new content. Some existing zones have been moved to fit in better with the new layout. If you have a personal area that was moved and you'd like it somewhere else, please let me know. I won't list all the new areas, because there were 18 changes/movements in all, so head on out to Solace and get to exploring! Solinari p.s. Sorry about your speedwalks :P Sender Solinari Date Sun Mar 22 18:22:11 2009 Subject New mobs Banker is SW of Pit, gain/train/prac guy is SE of pit. Let me know if there area any problems. 4000 diamonds removed from account. Soli Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 31 20:34:29 2009 Subject NEW prompt variable PETS %p can now be used in your prompt to show your pet's hp/move if the creature is in the same room with you. Yes, love me. Ziv. Ps. Good idea Gorin. Ps. More help, see: Help Prompt Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 31 22:55:39 2009 Subject Prompts again Pets (%P) There are now two options for pets showing in your prompt: %p shows pet's hp, %P shows pet's hp AND movement. Good idea addition Loror, thanks! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 7 16:16:56 2009 Subject Whotext Theiwar Thanks to Gis for pointing it out, Theiwar are also 'Dark Dwarf' and as such can change their whotext for that freely with the whotext command. If you want a free whotext (race on the who list) change, simply type whotext to see which are available. You can change it back and forth until 10 hours of play, after that it's a one-time change unless you have a quest note. Thanks for the FYI GIslie, they're much happier, er angrier, dark dwarves now. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 15 22:24:55 2009 Subject Rolling & Unrolling Rolling is now a bit more expanded, and makes better sense. You can 'roll' scrolls/unroll etc, but it doesn't effect their use (or actually change them, that one is for 'looks'). Paper and Maps however, you can roll/unroll and they stay that way. It's not necessary, simply adds some ambience. Roll/unroll Flip can also be used on coins, and daggers/maces/aces (purely for fun). Although on coins it does do heads/tails and you can examine it again to see it. So the item actually switches sides depending on the flip. Have fun, thanks for the idea Jend. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 16 18:38:14 2009 Subject flying & landing, speak Speak == Say, just making things easier. Fly/Land, things with wings can and will do so when needed. Have fun, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 16 22:23:54 2009 Subject Lamp posts Palanthas is now equipped with them around town, more in the higher populated areas of course. Just helping out at night. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Apr 26 17:13:05 2009 Subject Score & Subclan Great idea, subclan now showing in a score near you. Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Mon Apr 27 23:20:05 2009 Subject Bloden swamp A small swamp has been added in the mountains south of Neraka and Kurmost. Thanks to the builder for all his hard work. Solinari Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 29 19:46:41 2009 Subject Alist Um yeah, it's way more now. Alist by itself only shows Num/Name, in Columns. Alist now has arguments you can specify: Number, Name, Vnum, Filename, Security, Builders IE: alist name pal, - lists all areas with Pal in the 'name'. IE: alist builder skol - lists all areas with Skol as an active builder IE: alist vnum 32288 - lists the area that this specific vnum falls into. For more information about any given area, simply alist number 32 (it's number). Or, alist name palanth, if you're looking for that one etc. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 29 19:47:49 2009 Subject Areas resetting. Start areas now reset a bit faster, it's random but never 15 minues. 5-10 minutes generally. Alist name (that name) will show age at the end, at 15 they reset. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun May 3 23:43:25 2009 Subject alist vnum Use it now with NO argument to list all areas, with vnum gaps shown. Use it with a vnum to find the area etc. It'll go into affect next copyover (is on bp already). We WILL want to relist the areas in vnum order on playport, or simply not use that function on this side. Either way is fine as it's more of a builder diagnostic. Jesse, do a copyover once people are done creating and all that stuff ;). Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 6 19:30:01 2009 Subject Burning Hands I was looking for that spell.. and realized that we already had it, just that it hadn't been done as it was in the books (and D&D). So now, burning hands acts as it does in other games. A gout of flames. This also makes it a ranged attack, and... non-selective. Meaning, don't spray big nasties with it on accident as it flame throwers the peons. Overall: Now an area attack type spell, ranged (bmages get usual +1 if they know it very well). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 7 20:33:20 2009 Subject Casting aggro spells It used to let you cast them on yourself, won't now. It'd stop etc, but it allowed spamming agro spells on yourself without risk. Fixed. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 7 23:44:38 2009 Subject Invis and fireproof They now have a very slight chance of being permanent when cast on items. Awesomesauce ;) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 14 18:01:44 2009 Subject Behind the scenes. To those that speak code, mobs now have the same info that players had with regards to full/thirsty/hunger/drunk (part of char data, not just pc_data structure). To those that don't speak code, means that mobs can now get drunk and it affects them the same as it does players (watch like the teenagers out north east pal gates). Hunger and thirst don't affect them yet, but look for it soon. Meaning, soon, mobs will stop and eat, drink etc. Eventually moods? Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 14 18:14:11 2009 Subject Combat Awareness Combat awareness is in the game now. It helps you flee better, will also help you do things like engage, disarm, stop being disarmed etc. Advanced combat awareness exists, but isn't obtainable yet by players. Soon. You'll also be able to flee in a direction, try it. Combat awareness helps this (as does advanced), but it's not easy. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 20 20:57:27 2009 Subject Combat Awareness It's fully integrated now. This skill is very valuable in that it affects the outcome of most combat skills. Fighter types can gain it regularly, non-fighter types can find it (hints soon). Advanced combat awareness is findable by fighter types (hints soon). Ziv. Ps. help 'Combat Awareness' updated. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 5 22:07:29 2009 Subject Weaponflag It's a new command for 107+ Yeah, that's how I roll. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 8 18:25:57 2009 Subject Safe in safe The vio/safe spell issue is fixed, vio's can be attacked with spells in safe again. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 8 18:25:59 2009 Subject Dual Clanning Dual clans are required to be approved by staff (always have been) But, now the code requires an imm to 'induct' the dual clans. Too much 'hey I want to be ___ too' without any RP etc, and clans are ALL about Roleplay. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 15 05:45:37 2009 Subject Improved fireproof Um, it's been in for a week, no one has found it yet. I'll leave a clue soon on how to gain it (and on combat awareness/improved). Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Sun Jul 5 04:38:55 2009 Subject Haven A couple minor changes that you won't notice. One that you will notice however is the addition of Haven. The Lordcity of Haven is located southwest of Solace, on the other side of Darken Wood. Many thanks to Multore for all of his hard work. HMFIC Sender Solinari Date Tue Jul 14 01:10:44 2009 Subject Wayreth Forest My original Wayreth Forest was getting a bit stale after 10 years, so I decided to do some remodeling. Plus, I like to keep the Conclave on their toes :P Also made a very minor change to the Wayreth Tower. Finally, 2 player keeps were added, congrats Railen and Jendaron. HMFIC Sender Solinari Date Sun Jul 19 23:13:14 2009 Subject Sorry about your speedwalks Out with the old and in with the new. OUT: Hoan Dor, Arachnos IN: Qualinost, Qualinesti Forest, Southern Abanasinia Watch out for the baby spiders... Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 21 00:52:00 2009 Subject Clean Slate & Spotless Record Heh, basically, a clean slate is a 'new name' for your character, but you are required to take care of your own equipment and descriptions etc. A Spotless Record is the same, but with a makeover thrown in. Clean slate: 1,000 qp Spotless Record: 1,500 qp (save 200 qp vs makeover/clean slate). You must see Soli or Ziv for these and have QP on hand. Names must be approved prior and have your eq descs ready. Ziv. Ps. Basically sometimes a character gets SO much stigma attached to it that the person wants to start fresh. Btw, don't forget to change how you type things if you do change and want to not be spotted. Sender Solinari Date Mon Jul 27 20:36:42 2009 Subject Signs Added signs in Qualinesti Forest for those that were getting lost. Solinari Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 7 22:04:29 2009 Subject Gems Gems have all changed in the game, along with OLC on them. The price is set by the stone type, cut, quality, size etc. Gems will be standard throughout the game now, and also will shortly be sometimes found on mobs in lieu of part of the mobs money. Also, gems will be payment for the Palace Mage transport system that is in the works. And.... chargeable by mages with a new spell to allow them to be used as portal stones (holding multiple charges) In short, the background is in, and gems will have an actual impact in the game play, but a good one. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Aug 9 06:09:34 2009 Subject Gate etc FML, meaning, I was working on the 'trans' spells about 2 months ago when my life exploded and missed the gate one. It was supposed to be (and is NOW) that you cannot gate in the middle of combat. Not that you can't gate vio. NOW, you can gate etc, just not while fighting. Flee/gate etc. Sorry for the inconvenience and to any that found 'wtf omg' moments. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Aug 9 18:05:21 2009 Subject Helps/Info command TONS of 'help mage default' not showing up (due to how helpfiles are structured)... Now, if there is a spell or skill group of the name, and no helpfile, you'll see that INFO on the group. Should make sense, type help warrior default, etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 19 22:40:50 2009 Subject addaffect, addapply They have been reworked so that they should function correctly now without any magic mojo required to get them to land; p. Addapply: I reduced the options as there was duplicate code between this and addaffect. Now, addaffects, addaffects2, and immune are the options. The code will also show you what options are available. IE. Addapply affects invisible (no more of that none 0 invisible crap). IE. Addapply immune weapon (don't do that and stay breathing btw ;p). Addaffect: Addaffect now also gives you some friggin feedback. Addaffect by itself, shows options (except resistances) Addaffect res, shows resistances you can add. It now should be quite clear to use heh. PS. Do NOT friggin add a bunch of addapply affects, these should be ONE per area max. They also must ALL be approved by the active IMPS (Solinari/Zivilyn). Any of these should be used within reason, don't be silly and try to make uber stuff. Ps. I don't want to require IMP to add these, don't make me ;). Dave. Sender Solinari Date Sat Aug 22 20:56:26 2009 Subject You are (not) alone Anyone besides me hate Tarsis? Well, I did, so I burnt that mutha to the ground and made it anew. It is now a fully functional city with mud school access (and a transport there from school as well). A few clan halls had to be moved as well with the new design, there's a road south of the city leading to Icewall, Bazin moved... go explore, and let me know if there are any problems. Soli Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 31 22:25:03 2009 Subject Alts in Opposing clans The only clans that are completely opposed seem to be: Dragonarmy and Solamnic. When we only allowed 2 chars max, we didn't have this issue. But, now we do. So, we are no longer allowing people to have alts in DA & Sol simultaneously. Meaning, pick a side. We'll give you a few days to choose. And, we'll assist with possible directions, just ask an imm. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 3 19:39:32 2009 Subject Experience for Mob's hours It's gone up! Not the amount, but the cap of the amount. Now, mobs can give you up to 3x exp, depending on how long they have lived. So a mob with 250 hours gives a 250% bonus to exp. Up to 300 hours/3x exp. Have a hoot, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Sep 12 19:48:00 2009 Subject Gems You might see them here and there on mobs in lieu of some of their money ;). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Sep 12 23:53:31 2009 Subject mobs thirsty Mobs sometimes now will load a random drink. Food will be coming shortly, perhaps other trinkets ;)> Ziv. Ps. Only humanoid ones, dogs can't carry canteens ;p. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Sep 13 02:46:54 2009 Subject Trinkets Some mobs will now randomly have dice on them, simply things they carry around. The dice are dynamically generated, so you might want to collect a full set. Bone, gold, wood, gem, all kinds. Have fun! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Sep 13 04:50:19 2009 Subject random dice The metal and gem ones are more rare now, but also worth more. The gem dice can be sold at the jewelry and gem shops as well. Enjoy. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Sep 13 07:53:57 2009 Subject More random treasures Some mobs will now have dynamically created figurines. These will be of a few sizes and materials, and could be of any god, race, or fish type. The value is based upon size and the material, as well as a few other factors. They are 'treasure' and also fun for RP :). Love me, Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Sat Sep 19 22:15:35 2009 Subject Clan halls Just a few changes made to some clan halls. Merc got rearranged a bit and Conclave got a new room. Wildrunners have a new hall in Qualinost now. Soli Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 23 21:24:36 2009 Subject mob casting etc Mobs now use the same 'code' to cast that PC's do. I'd noticed some mob casting stuff just NOT work etc. Much nicer and cleaner now. Dave. Sender Solinari Date Wed Sep 30 20:47:08 2009 Subject I get around Just a couple quick updates to aid your traveling woes. Try out these new transportation options and tell me what you think: Garnet - Look in Tinkertown Sentinel Peaks (North of Solace) - Check out the cliffs where the WR clan hall used to be, and near the burning village Darken Wood - Pay the Forestmaster a visit Soli Sender Solinari Date Sat Oct 3 20:17:15 2009 Subject Bloten A new area couresty of Takhisis. Bloten, an Ogre city, is located on the other end of Bloten Swamp, south and east of Neraka. Thanks to Tak for the hard work, everyone else: enjoy! Solinari, HMFIC Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 13 23:34:52 2009 Subject Figurines You might notice rare ones every so often with niftier aspects. Quite rare, but much more valuable. Other aspects of them will become apparent in future changes. Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Sat Oct 24 17:50:08 2009 Subject Plains of Dust The sands of sorrow are dead and the Plains of Dust have arisen in their place. Much more space between Neraka and Tarsis now, divided between NW and SW plains, as well as two small villages, Khol and Willik. Also changed the path to Sanction a little, and pushed an update to the DA clan hall. You can level 5-35 in the Tarsis and surrounding area now. I'm just saying... All the cool kids are doing it. Solinari, Slayer of Speedwalks Sender Solinari Date Wed Oct 28 00:59:07 2009 Subject Stone Rose New town has been added in the Plains of Dust (northern parts). Mob levels are in the 90's, I hope you all enjoy! Soli Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 30 22:27:19 2009 Subject Lore It's better, a bit. Ziv. Ps. Not just armor/weapons show hit/dam etc now. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 4 21:12:04 2009 Subject Deactivate and Detect Trap Deactivate requires that you 'spot' the trap now. Meaning your detect trap must fire successfully. You don't have to examine, just deactivate and it tries to detect. If you don't have detect trap, get it. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 4 21:15:11 2009 Subject Detect Trap - Rangers It's available now, level 23. Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Thu Nov 5 02:53:43 2009 Subject Skullcap I have added a new area, Skullcap. I am going to consider it in "open beta", and I might be tweaking it some in response to how well you do there. The mobs there are for levels 95+, and it's probably advisable not to come alone. The area currently sits between Southgate and Pax Tharkas, near Stonehammer Lake. As always, let me know if there are any questions. Soli Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 10 18:43:53 2009 Subject hidden bugs etc There was an 'unequip' bug with mob remove, fixed finally heh. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Nov 14 01:28:25 2009 Subject Dying and newbies Players from level 1-5 no longer lose experience when dying. This should help our new guys out. Also, there's a warning about experience loss, and they are told how to get equipment off corpses etc. Just a newbie friendly addition. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 23 03:52:42 2009 Subject Food and Starving etc. You will no longer take damage and starve if you don't eat food. You will however, find that it can become difficult to cast, slower to heal, and you do less damage, hard to learn skills etc.. if you're starving. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 23 03:53:11 2009 Subject Lights vanishing, lamp oil etc Lights that are at least lamp/lantern/fueled torch type will no longer vanish if they run out of fuel. They simply go dark and you can't use it again until you refill with lamp oil (available at most general stores). You can refuel lamps, lanterns, bullseye lanterns, and fueled torches (metal stick type with prongs?). You can have someone cast continual light upon the other kinds as before, but to a limit of 4x the 'built' amount of light. So a torch that normally has 250 ticks of light, you could get to 1000 via continual light. It won't however refill empty oil on the others. 'Magical' light types are unlimited to the duration you can increase to. You'll also notice the glow changes to show if it's lit or unlit. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 23 03:53:44 2009 Subject Lights: time, cost, oil etc This is all in the building documents as well. Light Types: ------------------------------------ organic - varies (make sense) candle - 1-12 time, cost 1 (up to 100 for massive candles) torch - 50 time, cost 5 fueled torch - 125 time, cost 100 lamp - 250 time, cost 200 lantern - 500 time, cost 500 bullseye - 500 time, cost 750 magical - varies These are for 'generic' lights of these types. If the item is high level, hard to get etc, it may have higher stats. Each unit is a tick or irl minute. Lamp Oil Containers:----------------------------- small: - 250 (cost 100) large: - 600 (cost 200) very large: - 2000 (cost 750) (be careful not to go LARGE as the containers can be used as drinking containers and we have a balance of 'max size' of those.) Generally use 100 cost/2-300 volume. These are milliliters (ml). So 1000 would be a 1 liter amount. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 23 20:18:08 2009 Subject Characters left for dead We're going to start purging any character that haven't been played for over 1 year, if you have any old ones and forgot about them, give to the cause (ie donation pits); p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 24 23:57:05 2009 Subject Clan Recall Locations Clan recalling has changed for some clans. Conclave - will recall to their respective towers, ranking members to their quarters. Higher rank will ensure a better landing, bumbling apprentices... Holy Order - will recall to their spot depending on their Deity. Wanderlust - will recall randomly all over the Wanderlust hall, for fun. Dragonarmy - will recall to their respective war rooms, ranking members to their quarters. Solamnic - will in the future, but they all share one big room... no comment. (I'd say, it'd be cool if you Tin cans wanted to build barracks for each Order) Mariner - will recall to their ships, if they build ships. Tempest has a hall, but apparently lost steam. If it comes in, they'll go to their own warehouses. Kingdoms - if they had separate housing, would each go there, but now it's one big communal bed... ... apparently taking notes from Solamnics... *shudder*. Mercenary - There are two bands that can have unique recalls, no activity. The rest don't get squat. Ps. SET recall spots (via a Quest Note) override any of this. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 25 08:15:51 2009 Subject Random Food on mobs First in is just poultry, but you'll find many varieties around. The value is based on what 'cut' as well as species and way it's cooked. Have fun :). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Nov 28 05:26:49 2009 Subject Trigol abnormalities. Trigol got a bitchslap. Apparently the d-bag who built the area (in his pink apron), had quest item level equipment for sale, and cheap, in the shops. Items like that are required to be a 'kill to get' situation. They've been rectified. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Nov 28 05:26:54 2009 Subject Moons! The moons influence has been reduced on both sides. The code is good, but ended up with most mages being magically crippled most of the time. The effect was up to +5 levels and down to -5 levels (in pk, that's death often). Now it's up to +/-2 (and +/-1). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Nov 28 05:27:26 2009 Subject Casting Spells, and knowing the words Now, if you don't KNOW the spell, you won't know which spell it is. If you do know it, you must successfully make a roll to 'get' which one it is. IE. You get gate at 38, you're level 25, you don't here... Joe utters the words 'gate'. You hear the other jibberish. Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Sun Nov 29 21:56:39 2009 Subject Western Qualinesti Many thanks to our own Mishakal for building a huge forest west of Qualinost for our elves to play in. This place is huge and has a ton of effort put into it, so go take a look! Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 7 21:12:46 2009 Subject questable areas Added the new areas to the list, less missing quests now. IF a brand new area goes in, lemme know and I'll add those. I forgotted and stuff. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Dec 13 20:18:07 2009 Subject Playershops - Unlist all.something Shop unlist for player shops now allows unlist all.dagger, or just unlist all etc. Only unlists those items you ask it to. Now, much better, completely rewritten. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 16 03:24:40 2009 Subject Spears Staffs Quarterstaffs Spellstaves & Hoopaks The spear/staff skill has been split into separate skills. All mages and battlemages will have staff instead of spear. Quarterstaff is a new type which most can use, specifically monks. Spears haven't changed (although some had puny ave dam's and were raised). Hoopaks... are in, partially. They are currently a kender-only, free skill. Much like a quarterstaff at the moment, they WILL allow kender to shoot bullets/rocks at people like a sling (look for that along with 'sling' weapon types soon). Also, they will be able to cause much noise/ruckus in the future as well. We'll see about the 'fear' part. Charge/Imbue staff is also in. Spellstaves will no longer be around. Ziv.