Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2008.

Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 2 01:30:02 2008 Subject Subclan promoting/demoting/discharging Only KOT and KOS can still promote/demote/discharge cross subclans. This is due to the other clans subclans NOT being the same, IE. Mariner Bilson vs Orlouge, or HO Dark vs Light etc. If you find an instance where these are needed but no one is available, please note immortal. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jan 5 00:52:22 2008 Subject Wimpy lowbie weapons We've updated the weapons in: Mudschool Palanthas Neraka Solace Gerighelm and Central Palanthas for now. The mudschool ones were too strong, but the rest were way too weak. So, the startout school ones are now nerfed (yes I said that word ;p), BUT, you can now buy a better one at the store in those areas. Lots of weapon changes, 99% of them got better. Mostly low level ones, but look around, get a mage to identify them. Have fun Lowbies! Ziv McStump Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jan 5 00:57:12 2008 Subject OLC on weapons OLC shows average on weapons in creation, also shows if it's normal/exceptional/quest etc. Also lets you know if the dice are the right size, adjusts etc. Ziv. Ps. Yeah, it rockith. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jan 5 22:01:04 2008 Subject Helpers - missing helps Helpers will now see the unanswered helps that the IMMs see. But only from playing characters, not creating characters. Please note, abuse of the 'helps' by having it toggled on and doing silly helps, aka help 'someone kill this bastid' etc Those will result in you being beaten by the staff. Great idea, I think it was Talvidas, good call. Thanks all, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 7 21:43:55 2008 Subject pload On next copyover, Pload will show you where you found the character that you're loading. IE the room they used to be in etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 8 00:28:42 2008 Subject Rotting containers corpses etc Even floaters now, if someone has them, the eq inside goes to the person it was on. It was a _very_ abuseable bug before and allowed cloning of anything. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 8 03:53:05 2008 Subject Pshops They were getting 1/5th the value of items that rot like normal shops. Meaning someone sells crap there, the owner was getting cash from it when it vaped, not anymore. Talv noted, I finally realized where it was doing it. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 10 00:06:07 2008 Subject pshops preserver Pshops preserver no longer removes the rot on items, it STOPS the rot from continuing. It's not a way to make items rot deaths go away, simply halt any further aging (potions, pills, scrolls etc) Prior to this it just vaped the timer, now it just sits there if the shop has a preserver. Also, keys, corpses are no longer stock/placeable. Keys were a way to cheat around keys vaping on quit (bad). Corpses were just nasty. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 11 20:39:10 2008 Subject picking locks dexterity It now is affected by your dex (boggle it wasn't before), also if you are drunk, that affects it adversely (or confused). Just tidying up, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 14 22:30:37 2008 Subject Sleight of Hand - Palm & Plant New skill group in for thieves and high level mages. See also: Help Sleight of Hand (or plant/palm etc) "SLEIGHT OF HAND" PALM PLANT SLEIGHT The Sleight of Hand group currently includes the skills palm, and plant. PALM SKILL The Palm skill is one used by thieves and high level mages to GET items without being seen doing so. To use the palm skill simply 'palm (item)' or 'palm (item) from (container)'. If you are successful, no one will see the action. PLANT SKILL Not green leaves. The plant skill is the ability to quietly PUT items on others or into their containers without them noticing. To use the plant skill, simply 'plant (item) (person)' or 'plant (item) (person) in (container)'. Have fun with it. Ziv. Sender Chemosh Date Tue Jan 15 00:43:57 2008 Subject RULE CHANGE: OOL help in pk Please read help pk. There is a new rule. (#5 is new to be exact.) There is also a new help file in relation to the new pk rule. Please see "help ool". If you feel there is something unclear in these help files please let us know as soon as possible. The excuse "The rules are unclear" doesn't cut it. The reason for these rule additions is simple. It's not balanced PK when some people involved have no risk and can't be retaliated against. Again, anything unclear, any questions PLEASE talk to one of us. We'd rather not punish you. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 15 21:38:21 2008 Subject OOL and NOPK spells with violence Ok, it should all be done so that if someone is violent, a NOPK can't do anything for them with spells, and any PK player who isn't in level of that person (see help ool) is also hindered. But, players within level of the person can still cast spells on them, heal, gs, haste etc. PLEASE let us know if you find any discrepancies! Ziv. Ps. The intention of this is to simply not allow things that are against the rules. This should help make the game more enjoyable without going 'oh crap can i spell him?' PPS. Spellups WILL drop soon if people go VIO and have OOL ones, but don't currently. This is still against the rules (get an OOL spellup/attack etc), so please do not abuse this, or ask for OOL spellups with intent to go PK someone. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 16 22:56:15 2008 Subject OOL spells and confusion drunk following Finally, the code is in for stripping OOL spells from aggressors in PK. It doesn't strip ALL spells, simply the ones that make sense and can be cast upon them by another person. Also, it might take two times to strip them all (unsure on that, will continue to look into it). Drunk/Confused following: Players might get confused and not know which way the person they were following went, if they are inebriated or confused sufficiently. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jan 19 04:20:02 2008 Subject Command Interpreter Ok, I went through most object interaction and made things a bit smarter. Remember... Feed potion pet? Now it understands Feed my potion to the dwarf, feed a pie to my pet, etc. Same goes with almost all object commands. Toss a sword to the north, toss my sword north, etc etc. Get a dagger from my Jairs, drop the sword, open the gate, There's tons more, test it out. Remove got smarter as well. Take off my hat, removes hat, take my hat off, removes hat. Fill up my flask from the fountain, yep it sees fill flask fountain. All kinds of that sort of thing. Anyway, have fun with the more intuitive commands and let me know if you find others that seem odd. I'll be doing the attack commands as well (most information are done). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 21 04:04:07 2008 Subject Delayed actions (scribe, brew, pick, deactivate, sharpen etc) There is now some visual action while you're doing these, just a little life into the action. Have fun with them. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 21 23:38:17 2008 Subject Sit, and NOfollow With pets, to get rid of them you must now RELEASE them. Nofol shoudln't lose them, please let us know if it does. Sitting down should work correctly now, mis-ordered argument in code ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 22 04:14:10 2008 Subject NOFOLLOW and pets (again) In order to make the pets work correctly with regards to nofollow and release etc, pets no longer BAIL on you when you get into a PK fight. Charmies will, Pets stay. No longer does your pet tiger go 'hell with that, I quit!'. Please let us know if you find anything 'odd'. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 25 19:04:32 2008 Subject Pfile saving I optomized pfile saving so that it doesn't print redundant info. Nothing huge, but it will save probably 300-800k ;p Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 25 21:17:11 2008 Subject Spell listings Ok, per Orryn's idea, we can now spell list by name (or partial name). So, spell command can be used: Spell 25 - Spells up to level 25 Spell 10 20 - Lists all spells from level 10 to 20 Spell all - All spells, learned or not. Spell - All spells beginning with IE. Spell fir does fireball, firestorm etc etc. IE. Spell det, shows detect evil, good, neutral, invis, hidden Skill command should follow shortly. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 25 21:38:47 2008 Subject SKILL listings by name Ok, offshoot of Orryn's idea, we can now SKILL list by name (or partial name). So, SKILL command can be used: SKILL 25 - Skills up to level 25 SKILL 10 20 - Lists all skills from level 10 to 20 SKILL all - All skills, learned or not. SKILL - All skills beginning with IE. SKILL han - Lay on Hands, Haggle etc IE. SKILL bl - Blind Fighting, Blowgun, Shield Block Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jan 26 05:32:54 2008 Subject Fixed thief, and hello kitty The spec_thief action was not taking into account 'safe rooms' before, now it is. Also, I made a new special for cats, the alley cats in Palanthas have a bit more personality now. I'll make more when I can (adding life ;). Thanks to those who alerted us to the problem with the hireling thief (and spec_thief in particular). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jan 26 20:51:27 2008 Subject Updates, fixes Alley cats got a few more, and some fixes. Also, mobs don't 'pop' back awake now on the update, it's a little bit more normal speed, and they might sleep a while. Oh, and there was a bug in following mobs BOOOM, squished now, and the crowd rejoiced. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Jan 27 05:33:53 2008 Subject OLC and Perm Stats on Mobs You can now Build in a Perm stat on any mob. Default is 0, leave it there unless you want to set an exact stat. Otherwise it will randomly generate as usual. Currently it randomly generates, then adds in bonuses for SPEC's (mage, cleric, warrior, thief etc). And for sentient animal (makes it dumb int 6), undead (int 3 unless spec (lich)). etc. So, if you want a certain mob to ALWAYS have like STR 25, this is how you do that. Any stats that you want rolled normally, simply don't change that one. The command (in Medit), is PERM. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Jan 27 10:44:59 2008 Subject OLC changeable MOB resistances & vulnerabilities. In MEDIT: res disease 30, res pierce 40, res magic 3 etc. These are to be used again, in special cases, not all over. Most mobs don't require this, as the race itself will have resistances and vulns built in. This is more for when you have a guy who's lived like in the tundra for years, he's res cold 40 even though human. Etc. You can overcome racial vulns by bonus'ing the opposite. Now, I'm sleepin. Ziv. Sender Hiddukel Date Tue Jan 29 17:08:57 2008 Subject Solamnic Outpost Thanks to Lothoemas and Talvidas we now have a new highbie area in Estwilde. The mud was (and I guess still is) lacking in evil-favoring highbie areas, so this is something we really needed in my opinion. Thanks to Talv and Loth for their hard work. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 30 08:22:00 2008 Subject Prompt length Due to popular demand, prmopts are now allowed 20 more characters (including color changes as 2 per change. It's about time! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 31 04:02:02 2008 Subject Estimate ALL, Repair ALL You now can, it does only the equipment you are WEARING. Otherwise you could be footing the bill for fixing like 200 arrows. Enjoy. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 31 04:11:16 2008 Subject clanranks Fixed to the new list per Saige, thanks for the reminder Ari. ;) Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 1 18:50:49 2008 Subject Looting PC corpses The code now makes sure you're in level of the corpse to loot. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 8 23:04:49 2008 Subject Solace Map It doesn't suckith quite so much now. We hope it's easier to 'get' without the giant size and all. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 10 23:42:43 2008 Subject Tacking notes You can now tack up notes, assuming there are walls or trees, or boulders etc. So yeah, underwater not so much, air, nope, field um, no. But have fun with it. Syntax is : tack , or tack See also: Help Tack. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 11 04:32:12 2008 Subject Hand written notes (items) Multiple lines, formatting see also: Help Write With a blank sheet of paper, or a partially written note, one can now write (or add to) a note, which can be given to others or even dropped at a location. This note can also be sealed, which allows a person to determine if the note was previously read or not. The notes can also be TACKed up, for higher visibility. When writing a note, the current language chosen is the language in which the note will be written. A sheet of paper must be HELD in order to be written. This can be a blank sheet, or a note that has been partially written on. The most that a single sheet can hold is around 12 lines of text. Syntax: WRITE - This will add a line to your letter, by itself adds a blank line (use a blank line after an entry to form a second paragraph). WRITE FORMAT - This will format the entire note. READ - Reads the note, rocket science... SEAL - This will seal a note with your seal. UNSEAL - This causes armageddon, seriously. Have fun with it all Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 11 18:29:59 2008 Subject Clarification on the multiple line notes As it apparently wasn't clear... You can now write LONG hand-held notes. This means like 800 characters (around 12-13 lines). So you can write out warrants, poetry, love letters, death er nm, even maps if you have the skill. (Yes, we listen to OOC ;). So, have fun with them, and feel free to tack them up on the walls. BUT, avoid obscenity, we know who writes them and bad writing will still get you a beat down. Have fun! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 12 17:21:05 2008 Subject dropped fish Just some fun with them, drop drop them in water btw. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 12 18:54:50 2008 Subject Missing areas.. or not? Temple of Takhisis (with all it's spaghetti built on crack halls) along with the Abyss have been removed. They are giving us the much needed space to build the New Neraka (map based, logical, big city so Neraka really IS Neraka). The new one will consist of nearly 10 areas, and allow leveling and all kinds of shops, guilds etc. But also let people actually play in Neraka. The current one.. we'll it was a bit 1994. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 12 22:52:08 2008 Subject Food shops, fish, shop profits, pets Any shop that will buy food, will now buy fish as well (although at a reduced price if they don't also normally buy fish, so fish markets make more profit). Also, many shops in Palanthas, Neraka, Solace, Caergoth, Sanction, Gerighelm etc... did 't have things that the shops would buy, so they'd sell, but not buy back. Now they do. Some shops, were WACKED when it came to profits buying/selling, those have been fixed. Oh, and some new pets in Palanthas. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 12 22:53:46 2008 Subject New Imm Command: shoplist Shoplist is now in, the command shows all shops in the area you are in, what profit/loss, open/close, types sold etc. This is a diagnostic tool to fix shops, or find shops etc. If you want to see ALL shops, simply do shoplist all (entire mud), otherwise, just shoplist and it'll show the shops in the area you are standing in. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 13 18:30:25 2008 Subject WEB wholist - stories The website 'who's playing' list, now will have your name link to your stories, if you have written them. Just a quick way for people to find your stories, check it out :). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 13 21:00:13 2008 Subject Gods, Alignments, Classes Ok, first off we looked at the gods and realized that often, a sailor would worship Zeboim, but not be evil.. Or a minotaur would worship Gonnas (sarg), but be Neutral. So, went through the list of gods and we've allowed people a little more flexibility. Allowed player alignments: Good Gods: Paladine - good Majere - neutral also Kiri-Jolith Mishakal Habbakuk - neutral also Branchala - neutral also Solinari Neutral gods: Gilean - good also Sirrion - good and evil also Reorx - good also Chislev - good also Zivilyn - good also Shinare - good also Lunitari Evil gods: Takhisis Sargonnas - neutral also Morgion Chemosh Zeboim - good and neutral also Hiddukel Nuitari Then for the Races: Mino's can now be good and neutral, Hylars only good (think silv of dwarves) Kender, by the way, are no longer spellcasters. Aghar, can now also be another class, Gnomes can be a few more classes... There are a few more changes, in fact to many to list, but they were in effort to make the races and alignments make sense. If you see something you feel is not in line with the Ansalon world, let us know. Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 14 01:13:42 2008 Subject fixes - hours set and potion Stone skin allowed to be any level potion to quaf, potions now can be +20 spell or item level to use (we don't seem to have the issue of ool now that we have the code). Also, set hours should be correct now. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 15 19:30:39 2008 Subject Player shops Pshops Player shops will now show the owners the last 10 things done, rather than 5. That is all, carry on. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 15 19:30:42 2008 Subject Pshop addendum Also, all transactions are logged in pshop/shoplog/, so we can see if anyone's being a cheater and as such vape their shit. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 18 23:59:14 2008 Subject Builder stuff redit rlist size/exitsize light in rooms, scanning Ok, a few changes, most are behind the scenes. Builders now have redit rlist size, rlist exitsize, rlist elevation. These show only the rooms with those modified (exitsize and elevation are both shown together). Exit sizes are now in with regards to moving. Scan: Takes into account if you can SEE the room (aka dark etc). You can now see Quest targets in Scan [TARGET] thing etc. Room lights... You can now huck a light into a room and see that room if it's dark! Parts of this will change when the light code changes, but for now, torches float on water etc ;p. Have fun, toss a light into a dark room to light it up. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 22 22:13:09 2008 Subject Silly ships Simply a little bit of more information now if someone's in a boat, flavor. Enjoy, or not, it's still nifty and I like it ;p Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 23 22:51:52 2008 Subject PORTAREA New command for imps, allows them to port areas from builder to playport, or playport to builder, (or coder etc if you know the password; p). This allows for shell-less porting and overall faster area implementations. It also makes a backup of the file, so is actually going to be the preferred method of moving areas over to other ports. Area file is saved with date, and hour, very hip, so if we fook up, we can undo. PORTAREA Syntax: PORTAREA . Valid arguments: 8650/8679/8650/playport/builder/coder If you accidentally port an area it WILL copy over the area on the target port. If you do NOT wish to keep those changes, simply log on to THAT port and edit the area, then asave area and it will RESAVE that area. Backups are created in the TARGET port's area/backups/ directory. Love me, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 25 04:26:49 2008 Subject [FWD] PShops Pshops now show tell you rather than say to the room, better for not blabbing. They also inform the owner of quantities left when stocking etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 25 09:02:45 2008 Subject New M/O/Rprog Commands - Vecho Mvecho I've added in specific echo's, vnum echo, and multi-vnum echo. Syntax: MOB VECHO 32000 A faint ringing of a bell sounds below. ROOM VECHO 32288 You hear footsteps above. OBJ VECHO 13500 A sudden hiss and the lights go out! MOB MVECHO 32000 32008 An explosion sounds nearby!! ROOM MVECHO 32000 32008 You hear the $o ringing. OBJ MVECHO 13500 13510 You hear the sound of shattering glass nearby. Obviously these will take some experimentation for using to their potential, but should provide something I've always wanted to have. Think, say a set of caves, you want to hear a sound throughout the caves, but not the entire area. So, you: ROOM MVECHO 21300 21330 A dull thud sounds throughout the caves. Or where you'd normally type in 'mob at 24500 mob echo $n has arrived on a float. You can now just go mob transfer $n 24500, mob vecho 24500 $n has arrived on a float. Or, a room or object can now do it, before rooms were unable to in anyway. Have fun with it, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 25 09:22:04 2008 Subject NOTE TO BUILDER You can now note to builder as a target on any port, this will see if the person has a BUILDER of that name, and then they can read that note HERE. This should make communication easier. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 25 09:26:04 2008 Subject [FWD] NOTE TO BUILDER [FWD Note] - [ 47] Zivilyn: NOTE TO BUILDER [FWD Date] - Mon Feb 25 09:22:04 2008 [FWD To ] - builder [Original to:] immortal builder [FWD List] - changes You can now note to builder as a target on any port, this will see if the person has a BUILDER of that name, and then they can read that note HERE. This should make communication easier. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 25 19:13:52 2008 Subject hissing Um, yeah, nothing mondo (or Mondraiken, man where is he?), but you can now HISS things, simply by ending what you say with multiple es's. Just a little more of that flavor, should help with room RP;) . Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 25 21:40:18 2008 Subject HOW you say things You can now... Mouth words, even in silent rooms. Whisper sweet nothings. Whimper like a beat dog, Say like normal, add punctuation for fun Exclaim things loudly, Boast like a big stud, Growl your orders at the peons, Demand tribute, or anything else, Beg for mercy, Plead your case to the Highlord Sob your pitiful story, and, Ask a question SAY will still do all of the things it does, with asking incredulously etc. The rest are simply if you want a little more. So have fun with the ARPEE! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 26 22:38:47 2008 Subject Hissing and grunting New ways to 'talk', see also the helpfile on 'say' (or hiss/grunt etc). How you 'say' can have fun effects on how it comes out, aka you can hiss by simply ending with ss's if you like. Anyway, read the helpfile, have fun arpeeing :). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 27 23:25:47 2008 Subject More parts, mob races (mostly builder info) Mouse, rat, pony, horse, mule, donkey, deer, elk, chicken, parrot, pheasant, hawk, eagle are added as valid mob races (this means we'll have to change a number of mobs and bring them over from the builder port yes). Also, feathers, beaks and hooves are new 'chop off' parts. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 28 20:16:22 2008 Subject More mob races, mods Clerist tower lower, the mobs got fixed, also put in some more mob races, sharks, fish, ferrets, worms, houseflies (tons anyway), so that mobs will have the right parts, act right etc. Anyway, have fun with the feathers :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 29 20:16:23 2008 Subject Ignore Ignore now works for says. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 29 20:16:24 2008 Subject Fishing bait It wears down when it gets chewed on, stock up on bait. Please don't gripe, fishing makes tons of money, just consider it a needed step. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 29 20:18:05 2008 Subject PORTALTO (mob command) Means mobs can now make portals from where they are, to another room at will. They can specify a portal to use, or without one just use the standard 'gate' (timered at 10). So, now we can have ships dock, finally, free roaming ships with gangplanks that connect when they land etc. Documentation on mprog guide on our website. Ziv. MOB PORTALTO [vnum][portal vnum] Note: This command lets mobs link areas with portals, if you don't specify a portal (or use #25) it will vape in 10 ticks. Example: We have a new gangplank portal named gangplank trsgp (Pick a UNIQUE name if you want the mob to be able to find/purge old ones) if objexists trsgp mob at trsgp mob purge trsgp endif if objexists trsgp mob at trsgp mob purge trsgp endif say Thanks, we're just arriving at the docks of Caergoth now! mob portalto 16200 13610 mob echo A sailor pushes a gangplank off the stern onto the docks at Caergoth. mob vecho 16200 A sailor ties off the Percheron and pushes a gangplank to the dock. mob junk ticket Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 3 21:28:30 2008 Subject Dragonarmies vs KOT Ok, it's taken us quite a while but we all came to the conclusion that the KOT clan is dead, not only does it not fit in with our overall timeline of Chronicles through Legends (pre-war through war of the Lance). But it's Role play stagnated and died long ago. Call this a rewind, Dragonarmies are back. BUT, anyone wishing to form a wing will still be required to role-play as they were creating a new subclan. As of right now, the Green wing exists and is flourishing, the rest have not been spotted. (OOC: The code is in, but we need dedicated role play, and halls to be built if purchased). We do suggest, as the staff, that the role play be open to all. It's our firm belief that the closed-door policy of 'only our buddies can RP with us' is the main cause of the demise of the KOT. I do understand that, I've been guilty of that myself at times with my characters... but it drives people to dislike clans if they never leave. Cases in point: Wildrunner pre-split, Handler, and KOT. Have fun, let us know if you would like to organize a Wing and get going! Ziv & Crew. Ps. For those historically challenged, we had DA, then Grey Order (kot different name), then DA, then KOT, now we're back to Dragonarmy. I think we want to stick with Dragonarmy for clarity in role-play, timelines, and sheer fun of role play. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 4 20:09:35 2008 Subject gem prices SOMEHOW, gems got changed to be priced AT item cost, rather than only when purchased. This means our diamonds were 10, 000 copper, instead of 11, 000 copper (1.1 silver). The code was fixed, you can purchase a regular diamond at 11, 000, sell for 10, 000 (all shops carrying diamonds were made sure 110/90 profit/markdown. I'm not sure how long this was fubar, but I suspect for a while because no one else has touched the code in some time. No friggin wonder people were buying so much, 10% off sale going. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 5 08:22:09 2008 Subject Envenom The parsing code was missing an argument, meaning, envenom works again. See also: Help Envenom. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 6 21:33:54 2008 Subject Intelligence, confusion, faith Intelligence now has an effect on if you can speak, cast spells. Stupid people can't speak. Confusion's int drop is less now, so you aren't instantly a vegetable. Lower intelligence can cause spell casting to fail, be it from just plain being dumb, or affects. Stupid people will have problems reading scrolls, and a few other things. Basically, intelligence finally matters. Please let us know if you find things that you can't do and think you should be able to (note us with your current INT as well). Or if there are more things that you feel should be influenced by being dumb as a post, let us in on it. Alignment has bearing on clerical casting types, clerics, templars, paladins must have their alignment in line with their god (this takes into account the gods which allow more than one alignment). The SIZE of an exit will determine how hard it is to toss items through, I don't think this will affect anything yet as most openings (exits) are max size still. Also, the new mob races don't show up as humanoid now. ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Mar 7 00:43:19 2008 Subject Create food spell Have fun. It's now a little more interesting. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Mar 7 20:51:20 2008 Subject Spamming & Spells (Mage/BMage only) As we are smack dab in the War of the Lance era, we have put in that spell casting improvements can only be made if you are in the Conclave, or the spell level (or you) are under level 15. What this means: You can PRACTICE a spell anywhere you could before as usual. The random improvements in the spell (spamming for increase) now only happen for spells 1-14th level if the character is not in the Conclave. OR any level if you're in the Conclave. The concept is that when you were casting, a Master walked by and said 'Your intonation on that is slightly off on the third.. etc' As we don't have any other form of Arcane magic (no Takhisis granted arcane magic, or Wild magic), only the moons control the magic. What this means as players. If you are a mage, join the Orders of High Sorcery, the Conclave. As we allow for DUAL clans, even Dragonarmy mages will be fine. They are still Black Robes (usually, maybe Red) as well as being members of the Dragonarmy. Ziv. Sender Hiddukel Date Sat Mar 8 02:01:56 2008 Subject Questboard Figured I'd copyover the info, but it was Ziv's change. Questboard now works for all imms, so be sure to post the details of the quests/games you run on questboard when you're finished. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 12 16:01:20 2008 Subject Healing spells (re:Tarvin: Casting Spells) It made sense to me too, heal them, see their condition. It's done. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 12 23:21:44 2008 Subject Group display changed New look for groups: Zivilyns group: [ PET ] a pack mule ( 448) 80% hp 100% mana 100% mv 0 tnl [ NPC ] the sanitation worker 95% hp 100% mana 100% mv 0 tnl [ NPC ] the sanitation worker 100% hp 100% mana 100% mv 0 tnl [ NPC ] the sanitation worker 100% hp 100% mana 100% mv 0 tnl [ YOU ] Zivilyn (15050)100% hp 100% mana 100% mv 0 tnl [ PC ] Chemosh 50% hp 100% mana 100% mv 0 tnl You can see the differences, pets are green, charmed NPCs are yellow, uncharmed are no color (lost charm etc), other PCs are green, you are white. Then you see your HP and your Pet's, all others are just percentage. Have fun. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 17 21:14:16 2008 Subject Moons saving: Low Sanction say what? Moons will now save where they are at, throughout crash or copyover. Lelthas has been appeased. (But we made the moons hate him, don't tell :). Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 18 17:26:19 2008 Subject Moons update, fish fight code Moons update wasn't showing the actual position until the next update (once we copied over that is), now it shows actual, as it updates what you see on copyover as well. Fish fight code had a nasty, I rewrote it without the bugs. 'if you got here, this is an error'...?? Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Mar 21 16:31:51 2008 Subject GROUP command You can now see your level, and your pet's level (not charmies/pcs) As well as more easily seen EXP TNL for pc's. Ziv. Sender Hiddukel Date Mon Mar 24 20:44:00 2008 Subject Fixins Fixed some typos in various areas after looking through the typo log. That's all. Sender Hiddukel Date Fri Mar 28 17:35:20 2008 Subject Stuff More cosmetic things fixex, typos, as well as a few outdated references to the old money system. In the future, please be somewhat detailed in typo logging, and don't use typo to log bugs. One word doesn't really help me figure out where the typo is. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 9 22:38:58 2008 Subject Earthquake slicing eq, dumb people can't talk The part where it slices up your eq, didn't check before for a suitable target, just sliced anyone's stuff. Fixed now. Int below 6 and you just grunt (mobs too), please let us know if there's any mobs that are supposed to talk that aren't able to now. (after laughing much) Think that's it this time, carry on. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 10 02:40:23 2008 Subject RE: Tryggvason (Pet corpses) Pet corpses are turned 'no sac' when they are created now. As for clan pets, they have a standard formula, so if a clan can afford a certain level of pet, they'll be the same. Great call on anti-sacrificial pet corpses though ;)>. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 10 17:35:17 2008 Subject ARMOR and AC. Ok, thanks to Sakwar I found an oversight that had been made when adding new armor locations. Armor wasn't applied at ALL unless it was a few locations. Now: Body & Back armor gives most AC bonus, (3x) About, waist, shield, head, legs give the next most, (2x) Face, arms, wrists, neck, hands, feet and shoulder the next protection, (1x) Minimal protection from floater, held, finger, ear AC. (some ;p) Basically before, the new locations weren't even factored in. I think it was an oversight when they added the wear locations of shoulder, face, etc. A face MASK should very well offer some protection, while eye glasses will offer much less, it's up to the BUILDER to apply correct AC values. The code is now better. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 18 20:06:31 2008 Subject AUTOSAVE Help Autosave, basically it saves you if it's on, after any skill increases, questing etc. Ziv. (autosave turns it on/off) Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 18 20:06:33 2008 Subject Newbies There's a new 'newbie pack' which brand new characters get, just an extra drink container, their money inside it, some random food, and a nifty pack. Enjoy! (ps. the money is random, so is the food) Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 30 18:54:53 2008 Subject Nofollow (follow self) Nofollow/Follow Self: It's back to working as it should be, apparently the PC only 'act' code, is in the same location as mobs. Meaning, with Autosave on, the MUD thought you were set to be a PET when It came to stopping following your master. Essentially, it just didn't check to see if you were a player or mob. Just some more of the 'WTF were they thinking?' moments from Diku. Now, it's smarter, you can nofol and still keep pets, but also stop following people, switch around etc, like before. Thanks Leo for noticing the oddity. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 8 21:16:19 2008 Subject QUEST string coupons These are restrings that work on quest items (qi's), you can buy them singularly, or buy a makeover and get a ton at once (timered). The single ones are 300 qp, at the quest masters, but do NOT rot. For those high level guys who only want to restring ONE thing. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri May 9 18:57:16 2008 Subject Following PC fix Um, see title. A left-over glitch from stupid Diku code that didn't check to see if someone was a PC when following, just if a PET (which the really brilliant code used the same slot and number for... *blink*). Anyway, fixed now! No random follows when your leader quits. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon May 19 16:01:21 2008 Subject Brew (and a couple other delayed actions) Math doesn't like dividing by 0, brewing at level 74 for a certain spell caused that math, it got a headache and an anurism. Fixed now, smarter math. (brew crash no more). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 6 22:58:13 2008 Subject Group Info Ok, Tryg was NOT smoking Abansinian flake... The 'autosave' toggle was being seen as ACT_PET, meaning... old code dumb. So now, once again, you won't see levels/hp of PC's in your group, unless they are under level 14. (14+ it's blank, to avoid PK jumpage). Thanks Tryggvason! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jun 10 20:22:01 2008 Subject Leveling Sphere! Sphere of Astinus The questmaster now has a wonderful new item, it's quite expensive, but it gives a high bonus to intelligence, wisdom, and constitution. Perfect for leveling, also for those mages who just HAVE to succeed in that spell but had too low intelligence... Enjoy! Old old idea, last regurgitated by Jendaron. Thanks Jend! Ziv. Ps. To buy one: quest list item, quest buy sphere/quest buy astinus at the questmaster of course. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jun 25 16:11:45 2008 Subject RE: violence upon login (thanks Sdresk) You used to NOT be able to attack within 2 minutes of login, perfect. BUT, someone could attack you, no longer the case, thanks Sdresk for spotting the 'whoops'. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 27 16:50:06 2008 Subject Kender Clerics and Paladins They're back, we realized that since we ARE in the time of the Legends and Chronicles, while they'd be rare, they are at some point in existance. Templars we just thought smelled funny as Kender, none of them ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 30 00:52:41 2008 Subject (ick) flags Many have been removed, you'll find if you LOOK at someone you can see things such as clouds of dust, static etc. Flameshield and Sanc remained unchanged as they are used more frequently. You'll also notice a few changes in the shield spells application, simply a cosmetic change as a 'freezing brand' doesn't exist (brand is a burning stick etc, so we reworded it, hopefully making better sense). Have fun with it, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 11 19:17:23 2008 Subject Omni change, mob GOTORESET. loaded in room Mobs and players now have a 'loaded' room, meaning it remembers where they started at. For players this doesn't do much, but for mobs this will allow them to wander on home... back to their load room, rather than simply vaporizing like they did before. Mprogs: Mob GOTORESET command now available. The mob will go to the room it reset in, ie where it loaded. Very handy for using a mob and having it go back after doing echo's etc, instead of remebering where the room was with 'mob goto 12345' and having to write unique mprogs for it, you can simply 'MOB GOTORESET' and it pops back to where it loaded at. Omni greatly changed, more information, better color use. Color coded Clans, Subclans, Level, Incog/Wizi levels, alignment, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 14 21:00:08 2008 Subject join and set clan I fixed the 'join' command and 'cset' clan set, the also allow for the new DA subs now (set clan joe sec_sub red/blue/etc), and join join joe second/clan2 dragonarmy blue etc. Ziv. Ps. Join joe secondary none, set clan joe clan2 none work now (and don't leave residual clan levels heh). Sender Hiddukel Date Wed Jul 16 01:02:40 2008 Subject Dragonarmies Dragonarmies' Clanhall has undergone a significant revision, the clan is indebted to Saige for all the work. All the wings of Dragonarmy are available for play now, and issues with the timeline will be definitively dealt with as the need arises. The new clanhall is located in Neraka and is ported, connected and paid for. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 16 21:33:56 2008 Subject Exp at 101 - DA recall spots - Gerighelm fish fowls Ok, 101's no longer get the 'You gain 23 exp!' stuff, as exp doesn't do anything for Hero level and above. Dragonarmy people will now recall to the correct location. And, the fish in Gerighelm are no longer water fowls and have no more feathers ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 16 23:25:47 2008 Subject A few fixes Drac squad in Tarsis had -10k align, um fixed and olc fixed so people can't be stupid builders (then about 20 other olc fixes, damnit you evil people) Then, noticed Linda the shop wasn't a shop, she is now and buys scrolls as well as note paper (might put blank scrolls on her too?). Few other ones, but I'm now just writing so that Sdresk has to wait longer to harrass me. Hm, what to write about... *ponder* Ziv. Ho... hum, oh yeah, and um the watchfires in Freeport you can't just grab now. Crap, that's all I got, have to post now ;p. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 16 23:28:02 2008 Subject Tarsis continued. Seriously not just dodging Sdresk's want for a tell. The two pets in Tarsis (camel and horse) have been adujsted. They're great for level 5 and level 14 respectively. Ziv. Hm, ok yeah I better see what Sdresk wants... (Btw, it's pronouced 'Shar day', or was it 'Dresk'...) Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 21 22:35:29 2008 Subject Items on your pets saving etc The code used to check your pet's level, now it checks your level SO, +20 levels above you and the items vape, rather than above your PET's level. Thanks Alexandros. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 22 23:12:44 2008 Subject Auto's at levels Just some more info for lowbies at levels, also Kender will automatically go 'on Wanderlust' at level 15, a warning to those at 14 that they can't change PKstatus after that, a few other tidbits. Much fun. Bigger one is it lets newbies know that Mudschool closes after 5th. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 23 22:06:55 2008 Subject Minor tweak stealing It now actually says who you stole from, overlooked oddity before. Thanks Rurik. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 29 22:16:47 2008 Subject Sockets If two are duplicated they'll show up in yellow (assuming character has a name), doesn't show for immortal/mort combos, just if someone logs two morts. Often one's a 'hung' socket, like not really connected. Just disconnect if so. Or, simply wait and the code will boot them after 30 for inactivity anyway. But, two morts, same socket, it shows in yellow. Handy for spotting those who would multiplay, but let's us decide to take action/not. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 29 22:19:56 2008 Subject Creation prompts and sockets During creation now the system will keep track of even creating characters' idle time, so if someone just leaves any point hanging for 30 minutes it thanks them, asks them to come back to Ansalon, then disconnects them. The MAIN thing it does is prompt them to continue on while they are creating by verifying information and such every 5 minutes of inactivity. Sockets now show idle time for even those in creation, CCM can be used to talk at them if need be to helped with a nudge (Or to answer their 'help' questions). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 30 17:04:08 2008 Subject Exp gaining when grouped with 101s Thanks to Thrak i found an oversight, when a 101 got the kill and you were say 95, no experience was awarded as the 101 wasn't eligible for exp gains... Um, yeah, so now it looks at each character as it was supposed to. Thanks Thrak, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 30 21:17:40 2008 Subject MORE exp for grouping We've modified the EXP gains for grouping somewhat (and, um, made them work). Now, you get 10% bonus exp for every player in your group (solo groups no bonus). So, 5 players? +50% exp bonus!! More info: help exp' Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 30 21:17:42 2008 Subject OLC changes Redit rlist ? or options Now you can rlist size, rlist exit, rlist mana, rlist health, rlist elevation rlist sector , or just rlist sector, etc. Enjoy! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 30 21:17:47 2008 Subject Dismounting & mounting Palanthas, Neraka, Mudschool had a lot of 'inside' rooms that forced you to dismount, all the rooms have been made accurate, so you shouldn't be forced to dismount unless you're heading inside. Mounting, it won't let you mount if the room is inside/too small. So, no more useless 'dismounting' Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 1 20:48:50 2008 Subject OLC changes - MLIST Mlist got an update. Redit: MLIST Works with act, act2, race, form, parts, imm, off, size and spec. MLIST act warrior MLIST act NOT sentinel (which wander) MLIST act2 xenophobe MLIST race aghar MLIST race NOT human MLIST form NOT sentient MLIST imm magic MLIST off bash MLIST size small MLIST size NOT medium MLIST spec thief Have fun! Olist will most likely get a similar treatment Ziv. Ps. Have a great weekend, if anyone wants to start 'un-dumbing' mobs redit, mlist not sentient in areas, find them ones we forgot ;). Sender Hiddukel Date Sat Aug 2 00:42:49 2008 Subject sentients I went through the three main cities and then almost all the areas surrounding Palanthas down to the Solamnic Plains and fixed the non-sentients where I found them that made sense to me at least. Ported and all that. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 5 18:06:44 2008 Subject YOURNAME needs help with 'Your problem' It now uses PERS to see that if someone can't see you, they see 'someone' etc. No more 'outing' wizi imms. Ziv. Ps. Jesse is getting fiber and I'm jealous. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 5 23:22:35 2008 Subject Area alterations Ryan and I went through and checked all the areas for non-sentient mobs that should be, it's possible we've missed some, but we should have gotten most. I added two new race types, beetle and cow, most cows will need updating to the new form btw, hadn't done that but will do. If there's other missing mob races, let me know. Anyway, lots of minor tweaks on mobs. Btw, mobile update that makes a mob 'wander on home' will also now send home ALL mobs out of area, rather than just 'stay area' mobs. With them returning to 'reset' room, we don't have to worry about it and can send them like we used to. Ps. Charmies losing charm will stop following you, that was a silly oversight. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 7 00:01:15 2008 Subject Ignore The stock code was naaasty, it's fixed now. Now it uses the actual persons name (instead of like Talv tal etc) Also, before, if you 'un'ignored someone first in line? The rest vaped. No longer, and it's in a nicer neater set of columns. Note to self: unignore code for offline players. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 7 02:33:52 2008 Subject Mobs nofollowing - ex-charmies Ex charmies will no longer leave/ungroup in the middle of a fight. They will still 'wander on home' however if left unattended, they just don't 'nofol' then hang out like before. Thanks for putting up with the two day test all (er one day?) Let us know if there are other issues. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 7 19:19:32 2008 Subject Score Gone is the Garish random colors. Hours now reflect hours/level ratio. Hp/Mana/Move/Weight show color based on percentage to max. Main stats show Perm, Current, Max trainable (and color coded to see low/high). Practices show brighter if you have 10+ (train exchangeable). Alignment now just shows IN the color of how good/bad you are. Experience now shows per level in brackets. Experience to level gets bright the closer you are to leveling. I think, that's about it. Oh, mobs don't cap at 25 stats anymore. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 8 20:54:30 2008 Subject Burning hands, chill touch, shocking grasp These spells were at best.. weak, at worst, silly. They aren't 'uber' now, simply scale up with power as the castor increases in level (throw a dice per level etc). Oh, and shocking grasp now has blue fire (think Sith baby ;p) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 8 21:36:32 2008 Subject Armor and shield spell They also scale up with amount of protection now based upon level. In our game, -20 ac doesn't amount to much after level 5-10, so now it's a minimum of -20 up to -2x castor level for armor (up to -202 AC), and -1x castor level for shield (-101 ac). This should mean that at higher levels you actually notice some protection due to the protective spells. Please let us know if anything seems amiss with them. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 8 23:25:09 2008 Subject Ventriloquote I think I forgot to mention, I rewrote ventriloquate (it was pretty crappy stock written), so now it's much more um, real? Anyway, issue fixed and such. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Aug 9 23:19:38 2008 Subject alignment detect spells They will now cause people not concealing alignment, to glow in the corresponding color when you cast the detect spells. You can cast if you're already affected by the detect if you want to quickly see who's good/evil/neutral etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 12 06:13:03 2008 Subject Some spell changes: flameshield, armor, shield, stone skin more Flameshield: Lots changed here. First off, cost is more to cast. Duration is shorter. Now before you think... Wiskey Tango Foxtrot Zivi??? It also adds 25% resistance to fire, which lowers your own chance of getting Firebreath substantially. The idea is, you're on fire.. chances are you aren't going to get torched by someone elses, as likely. The other elemental shields are likewise, play around with them and decide which you like best, trust me, them roxors ;). The resistances added are based on the spell cast, earthshield does vs weapon but a lesser extent. Armor/Shield/Stoneskin: Cost more! (shield'd duration now shorter), BUT, the also add resistance to weapons by a bit, so... they actually shield you (zomg I know). Please note, some spell costs did increase, but the spells usefulness have increased much more than the cost. It's possible that I've forgotten something (like flameshield isn't a delayed action anymore) but I doubt it ;). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 12 16:59:30 2008 Subject Earthshield etc Um, earthshield is now fixed. Apparently it'd drop the apparent weapon resist in your 'affects' but not actually do it, so you could stack resist weapon by getting earthshield, fighting it down to nothing/recast etc. HUGE thanks to Khyldes for going straight to me with this. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Aug 16 00:49:04 2008 Subject Fishing and Gain List Gain list, you now can while alive (had to be awake before). Fishing: Examining your fishing pole will show you if your bait has been nibbled down in size (it happens every so often, sometimes via removal of the fish, sometimes bites etc) so you will now see if it's not full-sized. That's all I'm telling you ;). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 18 23:51:08 2008 Subject Examine a person, materials Examine ogre, will no longer show you the materials of an ogre gauntlet after showing you the ogre etc. Examine does mob, then item if no mobs match. Thanks Twist. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 19 00:17:13 2008 Subject Repairing things Um, things like corpses, fish etc, are no longer repairable. Some things are just silly. ;p Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 22 03:46:12 2008 Subject Battlemages They now are NOT as much 'teh sux'... Battlemages now do more damage with spells, a few other minor things (more missiles etc), give them a whirl if you like. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 22 16:19:41 2008 Subject Addendum Battlemage Battlemages get +1 magic missile, nothing huge, we know. They get this only if the spell is known near perfection. They also get +1 range on ranged spells known _extremely_ well. Please keep us informed if anything becomes out of balance, we do monitor it and want to make sure the game stays working to the best that it can. Battlemages, the NOT so sucky class. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 22 23:24:52 2008 Subject Battlemages addendum - protective Battlemages apparently went into battle NAKED. They now can gain the 'protective' group (info protective) And have magical protection in battle. Um, DUH? How odd was that. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 22 23:52:30 2008 Subject Battlemages (promise last for today) Battlemages armor/shield/stoneskin has +2 res if it's cast upon themselves by themselves. Doesn't do a ton, but goes towards that 'better _battle_ mage'. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 25 21:44:09 2008 Subject OLC changes - OLIST (in redit) OLIST wear head, OLIST wear NOT take OLIST extra glowing, OLIST extra NOT burnproof OLIST material steel, OLIST material NOT wood OLIST type weapon, OLIST type NOT armor OLIST level 10, OLIST level NOT 10 OLIST range 10 30, OLIST range NOT 1 80 OLIST affected hitroll, OLIST all. When editting an area, we can find things pretty easily now. As usual, you can still OLIST dagger, OLIST weapon, OLIST bloody etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 28 22:44:58 2008 Subject Containers The 'put ON' type containers now show if there is something on them when you just look. You still have to examine to see what it is, but now you notice them. See Innigo in the Palanthas Sewers for an example. A cluttered table is along the wall. There is something on top of the workbench. (this shows if the table has something on it etc) Builder stuff: OLC on objects, olist by itself is fixed (wasn't listing all created items) Also, all containers that we could find, had their 'weight's fixed: There were near qitem level containers all over. You'll want to find ones like the whaleskin backpack, linens, and cloud of mist (yes those are once again a great container!). Basically we had a few builders make exceptions and the IMPs walking the areas hadn't noticed. So we had people walking around with busloads of equipment that weighed next to nothing... um yeah. They wallets no longer can hold 500 KG worth of weight (damned Skol guy ;p), etc. And, burnproof is NOT on every container, you'll want to cast it upon them if it's not there. Some still have it, if the flag made sense. Jairs have not been changed, they kick ascii. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 2 19:21:00 2008 Subject OLC changes - RLIST Added in rlist flags , and reformatted the exit info so it's WAY less spammy. Only shows key/exitsizes/etc if there is one. (or not stock). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 4 23:45:49 2008 Subject Keys They CAN now be saved, if they are built that way. So yeah, abuse will be castration; p. But some it makes sense to save, others not. Obviously if it's a key that leads to some kind of prize? NO SAVE. But, if it's a key to a players room? Sure thing, make it save. On the player room note: I want to vape ALL mob transfers and go mundane on player areas. IE. Unlock door, go west, close door lock door, etc. Lose the key? Buy a new one from the locksmith (that's an imm with LOAD; p). Anyway, only make them savable if it makes sense. And PLEASE tell an imp (builder hmfic preferrably) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 5 15:24:20 2008 Subject RE: Doan: Pits (idea) I concur ;). It will now tell you that you need to be X level to wear X. great idea Doan, thanks! ICUR McStump Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Sep 7 18:32:01 2008 Subject Petition It's all happy again, no more 'non-existant' clan petitioning ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Sep 7 19:23:01 2008 Subject You feel rested. Shronius OOCs 'You feel rested. You regain You have become better at fast healing! Consider yourself saved. 208 hp.' Um, now it goes more like this: You feel rested. You regain 208 hp. You have become better at fast healing! Consider yourself saved. Basically yeah, um, less silly. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 10 08:37:30 2008 Subject IMM commands vnum owhere OWHERE Owhere now takes into consideration if the item before it is the same as the next item (same room/container etc), and groups those together. So you'll see like 23) a dagger in the chest [ROom 23423] 38) a nice dagger ... blah blah -> Notice 23-37 'a dagger' are in that chest. So, if say Brim has 200 steel fishhooks, you'll see 1) fishook, 200) fishook etc. VNUM Vnum command now is more concise, no longer spams off etc. Much cool. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 10 08:37:37 2008 Subject Drag and Open / Close / Unlock / Lock Drag - Now takes into account weight and movement losses, along with time. Open/Close/Unlock/Lock: These now will look to make sure the item they try to open is first a portal or container, then door. No longer thwarted by those maps of "northern ansalon" and having it try to open the map, or lock it, unlock it etc. Now it looks, see's it's not a container or portal, looks for exits that match, etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 11 18:41:10 2008 Subject Ansalon MAP Many thanks to Brim HappyTrailzzz, our crazy asci'd kender with a passion for Carts or graphs, er, cartography! The map of Ansalon has been updated! You'll also notice that a certain Sultan's town no longer exists... Our own Nuitari (previously known as Solinari, HMFIC builder Aka Malum (see 'area'). Is now working on Silvanost and the Sultan and his crew in New Thalos were happy to give up their spots. Rock the MUD! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 11 22:47:05 2008 Subject Getting level 15 Now when Dwarves hit 15th, they are in Kingdoms, they can leave if they want but it's assumed that they are still connected with their clan. When Ogres, Goblins & Hobgoblins hit 15th, they join Marauder. Kender, still 'go on' Wanderlust. Again, they can LEAVE the clan if they choose. It's only a starting place, and a way automatically be 'your race'. Ziv. Ps. I did think about doing 'whotexts' of Solamnic to Sols but, while most Solamnic Knights are Solamnic, not all Solamnics are in the Knightly Orders... Yeah, um, anyway. have fun! Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 17 18:52:04 2008 Subject Inak in Palanthas, Identifier There is a strange new shop in Palanthas, just south of the Palace. It's operator is a grumpy mage named Inak. He's known to be able to give insight into items for people. OOC. Identifier in town! He also stocks some pills on occasion. To use: IDENTIFY IE. Identify Map Have fun! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Sep 28 18:38:00 2008 Subject Fighting and casting underwater change subject Underwater fighting You'll find now that combat underwater has REALLY changed. Basically, unless you're a sea elf or free action/water breathe'd (air potion/stone etc)... well you'll find it difficult to swing and such underwater (I know, crazy). Spells also, major changes underwater, fire spells in particular. It's NOT safe to cast chain lightning underwater, if anyone wasn't sure. There are STILL some changes needing to be made there, and additions of underwater only spells that will be coming (find to get them etc). Please, if you see something odd? Note immortal about it. Thanks all, have fun, and please also note that the mobs you fight underwater are assumed to be 'from the hood' and aren't restricted as a land dweller is. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Sep 28 22:31:38 2008 Subject If checks PER subclan (checks both) I made specific checks for each subclan While we had this before, it checked a number and was sometimes interesting to use. If subclan $n 3... not so easy. Now, if dagreen $n, much easier (see updated docs on page/download version too) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 30 17:05:18 2008 Subject Clanpets pets I went through all of the clan pets and made sure they had equal 'acts'. Some were NOT set to 'act warrior' meaning they didn't get to do warrior things in fighting and didn't get the +4 strength bonus that comes with it etc. Others were dragons *rofl*, anyway, they should ALL be fixed now. (none that are equipable should be bigger than 'medium' sized, due to two handed weapons). So, happy fixed pets, if your pet whoops more ascii, you know why. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 2 20:12:44 2008 Subject Room stat, and Container OLC Room stat now shows exits a little cleaner, no key/size/etc unless it's actually changed. As redit/show did, now so does stat room 32288 etc. Container OLC is a little more understandable. V0 now shows 'Max Total Weight' V1 Flags (same) V2 Key (same) V3 Max Item Weight (and if that's normal/exceptional/quest) V4 Weight Multiplier (same, but shows if it's n/ex/qi) V3 is Max ITEM weight, meaning the biggest a single item could be to go into the container. I think many thought (myself too at one point) that it was number of items the container would hold. It's how heavy any given item can be to fit inside. - Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 9 03:32:47 2008 Subject Learning unique spells and skills You can now 'find' the water breathe spell, if you're game enough. You still need to have the gains/trains to get it, be high enough level, and the right class. I'll give hints though. The spell is 'Water Breathe', level for mages is '75' level for clerics is 90, level for battlemages is 65. The rest do not get the spell. And, um, tough kelp pellets. This is the first of many 'findable' spells/skills. The areas involved are Urione, and Istar. It's a rare drop item, that rots, and you have to bust ass from one to the next. (Ok, not THAT much ass, but don't spend all day) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 14 15:47:30 2008 Subject Skill and spell improvement If your skill or spells improve, you will now see the new percentage as it happens. Rather than just 'hey you got better' Now, it says 'Hey you got better (83)' etc. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programs. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 20 02:04:47 2008 Subject Combat commands Bite, kick, dirt, gore, tail, bash, and trip now target correctly if you're in combat you can simply type 'bite' and it works, or trip etc. Also, now you can do things such as 'bite the dog' 'trip the squire' etc, and the commands are smart enough to know. The command also allows you to target another enemy than the one you might be fighting at the moment. Kick away. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 6 00:03:10 2008 Subject Owhere vnum You can now 'owhere vnum 32000' to find an item by its vnum. Helps find restrung rare repop items. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Nov 8 00:44:09 2008 Subject DICE rolling HELP ROLL ROLL requires DICE items (General store in Palanthas has some). ROLL by itself, or ROLL ALL, will roll all the dice in your inventory. These dice do not LEAVE your inventory, but show to the room what you rolled. You can also ROLL a single die as you would use any item. IE: Roll We'll make all kinds I'm sure, but for now there area few. Ziv. Ps. The 'Dice' command still does 2d6 as it always has, this one simply uses 'real' dice in your possession. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 10 04:40:47 2008 Subject HOME You can now type HOME and send yourself home. The cost is 2x that of a HOME coupon, but can save your bacon if you get in a pinch. That is all. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 10 22:35:11 2008 Subject DRAGONARMY helpfiles They are now up! HUGE thanks to Takhisis. Ziv. Sender Chemosh Date Tue Nov 11 18:02:14 2008 Subject rolling your eyes Zivi's new dice commands are cool but I missed the roll social. So I yanked the new code. Oh, wait... *snap* No no, I changed the roll social to rolleyes. That's it. You can now roll your eyes in disgust using rolleyes or simply rolle. Chem Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 13 17:30:49 2008 Subject Brotherhood of the Scar - Mercenary Scar is now it's own subclan. Please note that mercenary clan does not ALL mean 'Brotherhood of the Scar', as with Mariner EACH BAND is unique and has it's own role-play. For inductions, induct scar. Ziv. Ps. A subclan book would be great guys, just RPlines etc. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 13 19:05:01 2008 Subject Mercenary Clanbook Online See: Help Merc Also: Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 13 23:47:22 2008 Subject Scar - ranks, Mercenary Clanbook Scar ranks are now in, also the Merc clanbook has been updated on the website to include the Brotherhood's background. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 14 22:10:52 2008 Subject SKINLORE - monks rangers Skinlore group is now in, including bark skin, wood skin, stone skin, steel skin and diamond skin. Each level provides additional armor and weapon resistance. See help SKINLORE Go Monkeys ;)> Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 14 22:59:16 2008 Subject MIND HEAL - Monkey mind over matter Monks now have an ability called 'mind heal' that they can gain. This is similar to a mages 'surge' but converts mind power (mana) into healing. Thanks Derkylos for reminding me, I'd thought of it aeons ago but never done it. Monks not sucking FTW! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 17 21:17:34 2008 Subject Hand of Elite [Elite] - Mercenaries Another formation of Mercenaries has been spotted! For more information, please see also: Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 19 17:38:13 2008 RP flag (new toggle) You can now TOGGLE RP, (or TOGGLE roleplay/role play etc) This automatically turns off if you go fight, or quit. It does NOT give any experience, it never will, sorry. BUT, it does let people see if you're in an RP to come join. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 1 22:07:47 2008 Clanbooks Dragonarmy clanbook online! Also, Mariner and other clanbooks up. Thanks to Tak for the DA book! Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 3 19:06:12 2008 instant_rot, invis, holy smite Apparently instant_rot on a mob didn't do squat, now it does if they die. (vaporize) Also, invis won't work on pits, corpses etc now. No more munchkinism. Holy smite - had massive fail. It took 100 divided by your learned percent and multiplied that by damage. So say you had 10% in it, 10x damage... Fixed. A few other things, creation date in score etc. Ziv. Ps. Dummy in WL hall fixed. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 4 19:51:02 2008 New Website Section - Maps! We've horded Kaelay and Brim's Maps and put up a Map Section on the website (with links back to their own sites of course). Anyone else who likes to create maps, we'd be happy to create your own map section as well. Http:// Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Dec 5 22:39:05 2008 Clan Ranks & 4 letter words New command for immortals, and anyone IN a clan. RANKS - To use it simply type RANK SOLAMNIC (or whichever clan you're in, or RANK SOLAMNIC ROSE etc). This only allows you to see ranks in the clans you're IN. Also, old players with 3 letter names can now reconnect. New players are required 4 letters or more. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 8 00:41:51 2008 RANK command HOLY now works heh, for 7k, use Kingdoms (or rank king etc). Thanks for the fyi Derky. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 8 20:35:19 2008 Slow poison While I didn't write the spell, I can do der fixen ;). Slow poison now works as it should. Slap a canuck heh. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 9 22:47:43 2008 Player area addition Parlak added a new shop with paper for sale, official varieties have been seen. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 10 01:19:12 2008 Notewriting Parlak's new shop gave me an idea, the notes now retain 'what they were' so to speak, so you can have unique paper after they're written/tacked/sealed etc. Just a bit more for roleplay. Thanks, enjoy. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 17 23:15:43 2008 Rogue: fountain upgrade and fixed exit Fountain and a whoops Fountain is upgraded to cranberry juice (tasty), and an exit that was 'one way' is now fixed on the upper level. Let me know if we have other thoughts, good to see the clan moving into action lately. Ziv