Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2007.

Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 1 15:44:29 2007 Subject Enter command. The enter command has changed some, and will change more in the future. Essentially I was helping someone on a mudmagic thread and realized our own enter command was lacking. So now enter will allow you to enter portals as usual, but also the name of a nearby room. AKA, Enter shop (if a connected room has that name in it) will enter the shop. Enter also is one of those 'Take the Duh out of Diku' moments, as you will stand, and move that way, all in one. Next thought on enter is that it will work without an argument to enter an inside/indoors room from outside. Happy New Years!! Ps. Today marks the start of my 8th year here.... daaamn. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 1 15:47:49 2007 Subject Squished, and pet's cash now used more wisely. There was a bug found that has been squished dead :) Pets, could buy without spending any cash (from shops that is). Now, they of course spend their money and all is good. Bulthar and Ulthar, we appreciate the finding of the bug and reward you both with all that serious coinage plus a special gift. Reporting, rather than abusing bugs, good mojo. Ziv McStump. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 4 16:19:12 2007 Subject notes ideas stories etc, listing by subject, partial names. You can now also list noteboards (notes/ideas/changes etc), by subject. Simply: note list subject killed, etc. Like, note list subject shops etc. You can still (as per the last note change), do 'note list kot, note list zivilyn' etc. Now you can also list by subject, but also partial names of people and subjects will bring up those notes. IE. Note list ziv, will list any by me, or Zivnark or anyone with Ziv starting the name that sent or had the note sent to them (if you can normally see the note). Whew... Um so in common english. Note list subject diamonds, note list godric, note list Aya, note list subject merc, etc etc. Confusing? Kinda, but basically you can now list which notes/changes/ideas you want, based on what you want. Just remember 'subject' if you want to search by subject. Stumpy McZiv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 8 00:40:04 2007 Subject Preserving those potions!! HELP CORK STOPPER UNCORK UNSTOPPER "PRESERVE POTION" The command CORK (or Stopper as you please), allows you to use a cork or stopper to close a potion. This will halt any further aging of that potion until the cork is removed. To use simplye 'cork ' with a cork or stopper in your inventory, as well as the potion held or in inventory. You may also specify which cork/stopper if you have preference. Some stoppers are better than others with regard to being fireproof (metalic/crystaline), but all will prolong the life of potions. So, you can now preserve your potions. Please note, the cork corks (lol) are not as durable as the brass ones, but they are roughly 1/4th the cost. They also burn, where the brass don't. This is based off materials of course. Please also note, previously the timer on brewed potions was forgotten, that has been amended, buy some corks. Map/Scroll cases are coming soon as well, same concept. Maps of course don't rot, but they are papers and will fit inside, along with notes. Scroll cases will preserve scrolls indefinitely. Look for them soon at a map shop or magic shop near you. Corks, potion shops in Palanthas, Neraka, and Solace. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 9 22:51:07 2007 Subject Lose Reply 'losereply' Keywords LOSEREPLY "LOSE REPLY" The command is 'LoseReply' all one word, for simplicity I like to type 'loser' followed by the person I don't wish to respond to me anymore. This command was immortal only, but now can be used by anyone. Although, you can't lose replies of Immortals of higher level than yourself, as that would just be rude. Someone is sending tells, you REALLY want to be left alone, c invis.. loser . And now you have your peace. Ps. You'll notice in your score, it shows who your replies go to or none, if to no one. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 10 01:51:35 2007 Subject ACT_TRACKER (act2 flag) YOu can now add act2 tracker to mobs, please do NOT do this unless it's very relevant. I don't want to see everyone with their own pet tracker, it's just a thought and might be nice for some cases. If you add it to a pet, it adds half again to the cost to purchase. Again, please get approval before slapping it on em. Ziv. Ps. You could do some nifty work with these, have mobs hunt people down in areas... Or, have them 'AT" a room, load a target mob, track it down, purge it, at another room etc, to go from point to point... Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 17 16:01:25 2007 Subject Score cosmetics Score now only shows clan if you're in one (for both primary and secondary) and a little better organized. Also, you'll notice the order of money is reversed from the old score, to match that of shops etc, big to little. Also, you won't see your Bank: yadda yadda, if it's empty. And, Bulthar is safe in no rooms now. Ziv McStump. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 17 16:07:23 2007 Subject mstat (mob/char statting), and saving pfiles For us immer types... Mob/char stat (do_mstat()), now shows clans only if they're in them like score does. Also, same with the bank information, only if they have Any coin in the bank will it show it. Then for saving. Pfiles now save with Clan1/Clantitle and Clan2/Clantitl2, which is greek for anyone I think other than myself and Scoot. Previously it was ClanNew Solamnic- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-.. So the secondary clan was a number. This made it hard to grep for the secondary clans, as well as my upcoming 'roster' command would have been more of a bitch. Now, its like this: Clan1 Solamnic- 0 0 0 Clantitle @- Clan2 Mariner- 1 4 0 Clantitl2 Deck Scrubber- Basically this will make things much easier from a human eye standpoint, as well as grepping if we need, but also the roster command will be possible. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 18 12:08:32 2007 Subject Water, water everywhere... drink your fill. A couple of changes regarding drinking: First off, you can now drink from anywhere that seems to make sense. Meaning there might not need to be a fountain there, if it's a pond, or stream etc. (Anywhere you can fish, you can drink). This doesn't mean that it's good water, just that you can drink it. Same with the 'fill' command for drink containers. I wouldn't recommend filling them with swamp water, out of a canal, lagoon etc. Stagnant water can sometimes be bad for your health. Ziv. Ps. It doesn't give a hoot if you're container is full, it figures you're smart enough and empties it first. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 19 02:45:49 2007 Subject Email address confirmation in creation Kaelay brought up a great point (via Bulthar)... So now, when you enter your email address, it makes SURE you entered what you thought you entered with simply showing you what you entered and asking if that is correct. Braindead simple, why didn't we do that when the system was put in? Now it makes sure you enter what you wanted to, before it closes you out and sends that email off to Nevernever Land. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 19 22:08:10 2007 Subject notes to leader recruiter I've added targets for leader and recruiter, leaders see recruiter notes as well. So to hit all, simply 'note to leader' to hit all clan leaders etc. These both hit immortals as well. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 19 22:08:12 2007 Subject Banks abrv's etc. Banks got smarter, they know cp/gp/sp/st/pp now, as well as a few over- sights were fixed. Thanks for the great idea Kaelay. Worth also takes arguments, have a hoot. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 23 19:10:48 2007 Subject Charmed subjects You can no longer order charmies to 'shop', and there was a loophole in the code that would allow you around disallowed commands before, which as been fixed. PLAYER charmies will regain their willpower if ordered to: alias, auction, backstab, bank, buy, cast, clan, craps, deaf, decline, delete, demote, description, discharge, drink, drop, eat, hit, idea, induct, kill, murder, nosummon, note, ooc, password, petition, practice, pray, promote, prompt, quest, sacrifice, sell, shop, steal, story, tithe, title, train, unalias, warnote Basically this stops mob suicide, as self-preservation comes into play. This should not affect mob charmies one bit, please note if you see errors. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 30 18:32:03 2007 Subject HO fountains, healrates, wanderlust goodies. See your notes from Hiddy. HO heal rates upped, fountains to milk, wanderlust goodies all in. Please give a big thanks to Hiddy for busting his butt for you, guy doesn't even HAVE a char in those clans and has been doing a great great job helping getting these things done in record time. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 2 04:19:58 2007 Subject Wiz commands You'll notice things look a little different with many imm commands. I flat out forget all of the changes in it, but it should look better. Joining into clans/subclans etc, should look way nicer, also it's smarter (not doubling up clans etc, being able to use the subclan 'name' instead of 0-4 etc). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 2 04:21:23 2007 Subject Dropping/putting things. Less spammy. More when I can with 'get' etc. Odd code. might be a bit. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 2 15:58:15 2007 Subject Corks and stealing, and dropping, and stuff? Ok first thing is corks: Corks durability is now fully in. Meaning, the harder the material, the longer the cork lasts. Diamond and adamantite are friggin indestructible, but no corks of that material have ever been seen, yet. Brass is decent, cork lasts a few times. We'll add more if the players want (more types etc). Stealing: Stealing now has a check much like killing does, for experience gained. Under 10th level it's normal, from 11-100th level there's a check for time played vs hours. Hours under 1/1 ratio, no experience. Hours under 2/1 normal experience, hours above that and it's 2x experience. Items worth still comes into play, as well as mob level, and stealing from players is always worth more, as usual. Dropping multiple items, putting many items into containers: Message changed a bit, more 'generic', more fitting. Eventually I'd like to do so that you spot an item type here and there, like Joe drops a dagger of stabbing, an arrow, a sword, and a few other items. Etc. But, we'll see if time warrents that. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 2 22:16:19 2007 Subject Hunger, Thirst, Fullness vs Size. Hunger, thirst and fullness have been changed slightly. Now they are based off of your size. What this means is simply that an ogre, can eat more than a gnome can. Hold more food, drink etc. A gully dwarf gets full before a Minotaur would etc. As you know the larger species burn food faster, so this should make things more on key. We'll see if it stops there, look for alcohol tolerance based off CON/race, etc soon. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 3 17:39:59 2007 Subject LAW rooms, only safe if there's a guard! Ok, we're trying out a new thing here... LAW rooms, only act to stop people from fighting now, if there's a LAW type around. Meaning, the only TRULY safe rooms are the 'safe' rooms. I've made sure the PIT rooms, and BANK rooms in the 3 cities are SAFE (and no_mob, stupid mobs get stuck). As well as ALL banks that I was aware of. Please note me if there are others you feel should be safe as well. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 4 15:45:16 2007 Subject (Charmed) Ye old '(Charmed)' flag only shows up now if the charmed being/person is part of your group. This is an aesthetic and 'common sense' change. Basically, you know the mob is charmed, because it follows Joe around and does his bidding, but it doesn't have a sign on it's head saying 'I'm with Stupid'. People in the same group, still see the charmed flag. Essentially this is so that it doesn't adversely affect gameplay (Bob, you lost the youngblood, recharm, etc). Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 5 21:44:07 2007 Subject Portals, autoexit. I've changed portals a little bit that should help with building. First off, if you add secret or closed to a portal, it automatically realizes you want it to be a door as well, so it adds it. If you have a secret/closed door (all v1's), and want it to be none of those, remove secret, remove closed, then door. Also, in 'autoexit' if a portal is secret, and closed, it doesn't show. JUST like regular exits that are secret and closed *boggle*. Someone was sleeping when that code was written before ;p. Anyway, if you want a portal to NOT show up, simply make it secret, and closed (it'll add door for you, see above). Another thing, the OLC part of portals has been improved some, so that it tells you what the charges mean (aka -1 is single use, 0 is unlimited, the rest are that many charges). It also tells you the name of the room that the portal goes to, if it goes to a valid room. If not, it tells you it's non-existant. Taking the Duh out of Diku. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 7 03:26:05 2007 Subject Areas Vaped Valley of the Elves, and Pyramid. When plains of dust is done, Eastern desert will go too. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 7 14:55:23 2007 Subject Ho pets Names changed to fit, forms changed to mists (energy balls etc), parts fixed etc. Matt sucks. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 8 22:45:43 2007 Subject Tweaks A few things, a couple of log bugs squished good (bank statements were messed up, sounds funny, but it would say <@@@> gives blah etc). Also, the %f (food, hunger/thirst) prompt, now accurately portrays your hunger and thirst again, based off your size. *blush* Slight oversight before. Lastly, that I remember, previously if you were stunned, then no longer, there was no statement to you, or the room. You simply were 'standing' then. Now, it says you regain your senses, and stand up. (It lets those in the room know too). More flavor for after your fireball kicks the livin rat funk out of that guy on the now valid warzone known as Steel street ;p. Much more coming, as usual. Building in full swing as well. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 8 22:49:43 2007 Subject Minor addition, forgot sorry. Listing when no shop is around. Oh yes, and I changed it so that if you go to list, and there's no shop. It tells you so (as well as what city you're in). If there's a mob present that has brain (intelligent; p), they'll tell you about it as well. The idea was happily remembered from AT (Autumn Twilight) a now defunct DL mud that was run by Zack aka Revulon. Unless he resurfaces and objects, I like the way he handled moving from inside to outside with weather as well. Viva la Revulon! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 9 12:01:11 2007 Subject 'Spamming' Ever hate it when it makes you 'quit' when you spam too much? Me too! Heh. Now it simply drops your connection, so no more lost quests. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 12 02:45:20 2007 Subject Log-in till vio time, corks, safe checks Now, when you CAN attack people (players) you're told so. Meaning your time from log-in until you can engage in player violence. Corks, now look right, no more corking your cork with a refreshing potion, lol silly trees. Safe checks have altered slightly in the spell department, allowing for the same safety from spells as from weapon attacks. If any errors are spotted, please note me RIGHT away. Thanks much, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 12 21:15:05 2007 Subject Tweaks, geeks and freaks. Er. List, no drop, and doors (olc) Ok, some minor (some not so minor, but more of interest to builders) changes. Doing list in an area, no longer automatically gives away the area name. Bogo scored 25 shinys for that one. If the mob you try and 'list' at is from the area, he/she'll tell you the name... otherwise they're not sure. As per the very recent idea, disarms on 'no drop' items, now show you catching that weapon again. Just a little bit of 'more information' Now the builder part: Exits adding flags etc. Add secret, it assumes you want the door, and closed etc. Yank a door, it takes all the exit flags etc off. Just taking the Duh out of Diku. No more crashes, smarter OLC (you'd think after 6 years of actively fixing OLC it'd be done by now ;p). And um, you smell funny. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 13 18:23:19 2007 Subject Liquids, liquid_pools (no longer just blood), holy piss! Ok, first off liquids are a little more intelligent now as far as areas go. Means Jack and Squat to non-behind the scenes types. Means we can vape liquids without worry of crashes (old dumb diku). Second, you can now make pools of liquids via dumping out drink containers etc. Rather than simply having 'blood' pools, you can actually have any liquid that exists. You can also fill drink containers from pools (puddles to ponds depending on size). Janitors will still clean them up though, not to worry. And they do soak in eventually. Hm, what else.. oh yeah, people fleeing got more humorous. Ah yes, and thanks to Ridel for reminding me. If you are bleeding, you best heal up, you take a small amount (like a few hp) damage from walking around if you're fubar. There's more I'm sure, but, well it's been a long day. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 14 21:39:38 2007 Subject Filling drink containers, pick your flavor. As per popular request (and um, common sense), you can now fill drink containers from whatever you choose in a room. This puddle, that pond, this fountain etc. It simply has to be from another liquid source (to fill from another drink container, simply pour flask 2.flask etc). You can still simply 'fill flask' and it will pick the first suitable thing in the room, be that a urine puddle, or a nice fountain ;p. Let me know of any 'wtf's and I'll make sure they go away :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 16 11:20:13 2007 Subject Floating Disc's You can now drop them, let them go etc, realize they do have timers though. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 17 17:44:27 2007 Subject Safe rooms added (per LAW change). Thanks to the nameless one who pointed it out... Questmaster rooms are now safe (3 main ones that is). Flinger landing spots are safe as well. We want PK to rock, but not be cheap. Let me know of any other rooms that need addressing. Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 18 16:55:06 2007 Subject Building additions and changes Ok, Daemons playground, the black potions are less prolific. Essentially we felt that 30 healing potions walking around was munchkin, so the beasties now load them sometimes when they die (exactly like the scared rats load the rat poop sancs). And from our ass kicking Hiddukel: Rusty Rudder description has been fixed, apparently a Manotaur wrote it incorrectly 7 years ago, and now it's finally fixed. Dharisath added a room to his houses. There was a crappy banner to a non-existent bar in Palathas, fixed. Aurius' rooms completed, but not connected, as he hasn't paid. Thanks Hiddy! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 19 01:54:40 2007 Subject Wholist Let me know if you like or hate it. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 19 19:36:27 2007 Subject BLEEEDING!!!! a slight reprieve Great idea Twistreed, and makes good sense. You will NOT bleed from moving if you are mounted now (not like in a Beks/Carter way, but like on a horse etc). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 20 13:35:43 2007 Subject Caergoth updated. There has been some additions to Caergoth, the port area has expanded somewhat, with a new bar, some nice sleeping quarters, a great new tackle shop, and some new fishing equipment. This is an ongoing expansion, as Caergoth city will triple in size, the port will as well. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 20 13:37:37 2007 Subject OLC changes, fishing Fishing pools can now be up to 1000 feet in depth to allow for oceans. The fish line can also be up to 300 pound test weight, instead of 100, to allow for catching those monsters. BUt PLEASE, use common sense, make it expensive, make the length inversely proportional to the line weight. Please let us check any you create at first, so we can ge ta good solid standard. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 25 22:48:38 2007 Subject A few things, bleeding movements, following, scrolls etc. Ok, first off, you shouldn't go comatose while bleeding anymore (you'll drop to 1 max, not under), you still bleed and take damage sometimes from moving if really hurt, but you shouldn't get KO'd. Following other people's pets, lame, no longer works. Scrolls, the level of the spell value is now taken into account, it was munchkin with people using 101 scrolls on level 15's. Now the level is taken into account for success, with another factor that I'm leaving up to you to find out. Ziv. Ps. Bitch if you wish about the scrolls, but realize they WERE munchkin. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Feb 27 21:35:36 2007 Subject Violence messages Should be less frequent, only upon initiation (aka, non-vio to vio) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 28 18:14:15 2007 Subject Blank scroll levels, etc. Ok, all blank scrolls (parchments etc), were changed so that the spell level is now 0. What this means is that the scribing mage can set the spell level as intended (scribe fly 15, makes a 15th level fly scroll etc). Also, the recent change of the 'spell' level in recite has left a gap where boring scrolls used to be. That gap has been filled by a boring list, somewhere in Caergoth. More to come, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 1 03:37:43 2007 Subject Brewing... and a list Brew has been altered to allow you to do more spells, the 'ignore' group, now some simply won't work, but feel free to try if you must, but many more spells are now available to the backyard alchemist. For example: call lightning, calm, charge water, continual light, create food, create spring, faerie fog, find familiar, gas breath... And, a list got less poisonous. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 1 15:11:31 2007 Subject Web 'who' lists They've changed some, shouldn't look too terribly different, but now we can start linking say [ Shadow ] to say the shadow clanpage (if they had a one), or linking [ Human ] to the race help for human etc. Also, those with stories written, will find a link to their story pages off their names on the 'online' wholist etc. (that part still being written as I write this; p) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 1 15:37:19 2007 Subject Tossing (an oversight correctted) Your PC charmies (read: Players you charm) will no longer toss things at your command. It's lame, but that oversight is now corrected. Thanks for helping us find/fix the nasties :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Mar 3 12:53:16 2007 Subject sharpening stones, charmed flag, helpfiles. Ok, sharpen changed slightly, it was leaving the spent whetstone around when it really didn't need to (they're worthless after all used up). The Charmed flag now shows up not only if you have a mobile/player charmed, but also if you have true sight, or are immortal. HELP! Now when you find a missing helpfile, it shows you what you asked for help on, simple yes, but it lets you know that you mistyped a word, rather than thinking there was no helpfile for say 'pick lock' etc. Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Mar 4 22:20:35 2007 Subject Firebreath, fire damage etc. The fire effect has been changed significantly (flameshield burns etc). It seems in the original code, the material of the object being burned wasn't taken into consideration, it is now. Metals and Minerals have a reduced chance to burn based on how hard the material is. For example, Adamantite and diamond are nearly indestructible. Lead and Pewter barely slow it down... the softer the material the less it is protected from the effects. Corking potions does help quite a bit against them boiling over. Then on to the flame breath, the chances of you being blinded have lessened. Also, you only can be blinded from the opponent attacking, not your attack on them (you can still be burned, but won't be blinded unless it's their attack). Hope it helps, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 5 13:02:38 2007 Subject OLC average damage showing, a potatoe, and a beer Ok, building-wise, a certain potatoe is no longer plural, and a certain Tika gives free beer instead of 6 copper ones for people to grind out cash with (thanks Lorthiras!). Also, for our builders: OLC now shows average damage on items as you build them (arrows, darts, bolts, and all weapons). Before the procedure was to build, load item, stat, change, eat item, reload etc. Taking the Duh out of Diku... Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 6 03:11:30 2007 Subject Dragging, exit progs, pshop announce, sleeping with torches Ok, a few things were noticed and fixed. First off, drag didn't check to see if the mobs, rooms or objects had an exit program to block you from dragging someone (like into a clan hall etc). Usually this was stopped by clanhall entrances being flagged for just that clan, but sometimes it was missed. Bug done squished. Also on drag; Drag never used to show someone arrive when dragged in. It does now. Player shops; used to be quite keen to give away players they couldn't see. Now they only announce if they can see you. Sleeping and lights; You will now remove lights before sleeping. (this is automatic, you simply remove it if wearing before sleeping). Sleeping with a torch burning in your hand seemed dumb. Love it, hate it, let me know. Ziv. Ps. No more griping about soft gold earrings melting, fireproof them or get a harder earring. The code has been improved greatly and the bitching of one player has not been appreciated. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 6 12:45:52 2007 Subject automatic light removal, a retraction. Ok, the automatic removal of your light has been removed. I got more complaints than good reactions and it seems no one wants to have to wear a light when it gets dark etc. I do understand as thet lights have stats now (which is stupid imho, my torch gives me +4 strength...*blink*.) Anyway, I'm a little saddened that people coudln't see the larger picture of the place working more 'correctly'. I really don't think this was sleep code-ish, but I do understand some changes people simply don't embrace. I imagine that when I make our mobs and players only actually have 2 hands, I won't be a popular guy. Eventually lights will be held items, aka, torch, lantern etc, of different types such as fungal glow, torch, lantern, magical glow etc. (some you can light things on fire with etc, some types you can aim a direction to illuminate etc). Anyway, if it's ok with the peanunt gallery, I woudln't mind having people remove lights, then rewear the first available in their inventory when they wake. The real reason for this, is our lights are fubar, they last forever, people wear lights constantly so we have no light or dark ever, unless you just got killed or are a newbie. I just want day and night ;p. Anyway, note me with thoughts on an auto-rewear of the first light in inventory etc. If that won't make too many bitch, I'd like to try it. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 7 02:31:19 2007 Subject obj goto Seems, obj goto was fubar in the stock code. It would go to the room, but never unequip, so... res's etc stayed. It's fixed now, if it's being worn, it's unequipped first, then dropped to the room. Friggin buggy stock sheeeeite ;p, All better. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 8 01:44:31 2007 Subject Public Drunkeness, and eating (fullness/hunger/thirst) Ok, inebriation now takes into account your body size, as well as your constitution. This is in all aspects, drinking as well as moving etc. And yes, speech. There was an earlier bug, much squished now. (returner items) Also, food items now use the correct value for how full you are, and how much hunger comes off. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 8 15:37:49 2007 Subject Fishing 1.1 beta A - Sharks and a giant catfish. I added a few things to fishing, namely a giant catfish you can find in the lakes (bring HEAVY line heh). And, well some other heavy hitters, in the name of sharks. You'll want to find some insanely heavy line and pray much. There's tell that a shop in Caergoth has 300 pound test cord from the lands of the Dargonesti. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 12 00:58:30 2007 Subject A long lost inn showing on a map, oops! Lol, Neraka map still had reference to a long gone area known as Gossamer Serpent Inn, we tried to renovate, but had to simply tear the place down as the smell was permeating the very structure. The reference is no longer there. Also, a strange oddity in fishing is no longer there, noticed it the same day Brim did and fixed it. Just a weird character that popped up. No more fish today, but I'll be certainly adding quite a few more species in the days to come (I believe we're nearing 100 fish species). That's all that I can remember :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 12 01:03:28 2007 Subject Ack, forgot to mention! Warnotes, stories Hey, I moved the latest batch of warnotes to our stories page! The stories of course, automatically post the website under that author's book (or creates the book if none exists etc) automagically. But, warnotes are manual. 2006 warnotes updated, 2007 updated. Boards cleared! Many stories cleared from our boards as well, as they are also in that persons book etc. Notes cleared much as well. As always, for stories just follow the link off the main page. Click on a letter for that section (a/b etc) or the author's name. The old warnotest are there as well, under W :D Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 13 20:53:17 2007 Subject note list by subject, lost tells etc. Notes: note subjects in listing now ignore color. So that gthis x just reads as 'this' in note list subject this etc. Reply/tell: if someone's quiet etc, you're deaf or whatever, it let's you know what the message was that didn't get through, copy/paste etc. no more lost 'What did I tell them?' things. Handy, not, might be, is for me ;). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 14 11:40:35 2007 Subject Fishing tweak, wanderlust addition I noticed that 3 tiger sharks were caught, all the same exact weight... retooled the fish length and weight calculating equations. Fish also now show size in the description somewhat. Palanthas cleric type fixed, wanderlust additions, Thanks Hiddy!! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Mar 16 01:02:53 2007 Subject equipment showing, (battered) (dented) etc. Your equipment's condition is now shown when you type 'equipment', it's really nothing much, but it might help. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Mar 16 15:34:11 2007 Subject lamprey, hammerheads, fish mod Added a few species of fish, lamprey instead of eels in freshwater, hammerhead sharks, and another in there somewhere. The prices per pound raised on most freshwater fish as it wasn't in line with the saltwater fish. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 19 23:54:54 2007 Subject Fishy fix A tweak in the 'snag' code in fishing was corrected, no more ickies! Also, hedit level changed so more imms can fix help files for you. And, um, I'm sleepy. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 21 09:43:54 2007 Subject Get first! Arena quirks fixed, auction house transfers As per an idea via Gaolin, get is now first before go. This way 'g all corpse' works, or g coins etc. Also, the arena was being abused as a transfer station. Give, drop, toss are no longer valid inside the arena. Oversight corrected. There are the auction houses in 6 places globally that you can transfer items around if needed. See also 'Help Auction' There is no cost for the transfer, and it is quick. Please note: This is not a 'hey let's nerf something' moment, this is simply the game design was being used as it was not intended. The arenas were not meant to be a magical UPS station, they were intended to be used to allow people to match wits and their characters up against each other in combat and the games provided. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Mar 25 09:52:49 2007 Subject Banking, coin names. Banks are slightly more intelligent, once again. Basically now it allows any abbreviation of the coin names. IE bank with cop, bank dep all copp, bank transfer 33 ste joe etc. Before you needed 'cp' or 'copper', while now you can generally type anything that makes sense for the coins. Ps. The single coin worths were fixed, apparently 1 platinum, 1 steel didn't have any value set (btw if an imm touches those objects I'm pulling out the "tie you to a tree and letting a grizzly bear ass rape you" card). :) Happy banking! Fishing changes coming soooon, better control, more fish. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 27 12:36:34 2007 Subject Gaining exp for killing in Clan Halls, Stealing in same. Ok, there have been a couple of changes that I hope people understand and realize are for the betterment of the MUD. Riot shield in place: Stealing or killing within clanhalls no longer yields experience, this also includes the Palanthas Thieves Guild (for stealing only, there are a few mobs you can kill for exp there). This is ONLY beyond 10th level. Meaning you could still get exp up to 10th etc. The main thing of this was a balance between gaining experience for doing the classes main function (aka stealing) versus the botting or powerleveling of 'Hey, Mr. Mage buddy, summon in some (great exp mobs) for me here in this really safe spot'. Basically if you're PK, you're PK, no safety hiding in clanhalls and filching around the system. If you want protection, hang out with law mobs, of course they don't like you stealing very much... The idea is, gaining experience and leveling should NOT be munchkin. I've deleted my own characters that did the old stealing for levels, i don't expect anyone else to, but I'm standing by the decision. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 4 17:59:14 2007 Subject Bug in creation fixed, dropped groups, lost skills Apparently, we had a bug, that had been with Rom since the dawn of time (all puns in ten did ;p), well since Rom started, perhaps even Merc/Diku. The bug was, you could add a group of skills (say weaponsmaster in this case) that had a skill you already had, say sword... Then drop weaponsmaster group, and lose sword. You could end up with no weapon skill, and unable to complete. Or simply lose a skill you'd already paid for. No more! The code now simply makes sure you have the automatic skills again, after you've dropped groups. So no more lost skills. Thanks to Gruff for finding the bug! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 4 21:51:48 2007 Subject stealing coins issue Seems there was a possibility of negative coins, very odd, now fixed, when stealing coins from a person. Squished! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 5 09:07:12 2007 Subject mob interpret New trigger types are in for mobs, objects and rooms. I'll write them into the helpfiles asap. addmprog 1234 interpret "jump for disk" addrprog 1234 interpret "pull lever" addoprog 1234 interpret "unscrew cap" Then just run the right kind of prog etc, trans people, create stuff, whichever. No more having to 'say jump' etc bullshi, er cop-outs. Ziv. Ps. Love me for this ;p. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 5 19:11:07 2007 Subject wearing objects/object goto Objects now get equipped, before they trigger the oprogs. What was happening was they'd trigger, goto the room, but be equipped, ie two places at once. So you'd "get boots" and be wearing them already, very funky, all fixed. Object goto now works as it should. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 5 22:40:36 2007 Subject School command, fishing, merchant ships A couple of issues were addressed, school kids 'school'ing off the merchant ships would let them transport EVERYONE in their room to the new spot heh. School function doesn't work on the ships now. Fishing, if you used the school command, you would be fishing IN the school then, no fishing hole, kind of a black hole warp kind of things. Fixed. It now asks you to stop fishing or drop the pole before 'school'ing. Thanks Carorea for finding the fishing one! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 6 19:01:45 2007 Subject healer, and wanderlust hall Heal ball is now there, so you can get a light (although a torch at the general store is cheaper), but, healers are often where you can't find a store. Good idea, done. Wanderlust clanhall additions in per Hiddy, thank him much. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 11 23:32:01 2007 Subject Sleeping pets mysteriously standing.. no more! A very very simple change, one that was bugging us for ages... heh. Seems pet position was SET to standing in the pet_save code, rather than checked if they were standing or fighting then do standing, else do whatever position they were in.... Short of it? They stay sleeping now. And Kaeptakus gets a star diamond for getting that thorn outa my butt. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 12 01:42:46 2007 Subject Auction, nochans,ignoring and osay Auction channel had been missed in 'nochannels' thanks to Poil for finding that while getting denied for being a repeated dick to players. Osays will now be ignored if you are ignoring that person. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Apr 12 22:56:11 2007 Subject Multiclans, as well as self-promotion You can't petition clans you're already in now, you can try but we just make fun of you. You also, cannot promote yourself, not that you could, but that problem fixed in line 1. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 13 17:48:58 2007 Subject Dragons The two dragons in Foghaven got dragonized, beware. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 13 17:49:47 2007 Subject Disapproving names. You must now give a reason when disapproving names, this goes a long way towards whether or not we get that new player or they go elsewhere. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Apr 15 01:14:31 2007 Subject Wanderlust dummy, Entangled phantom mounts Ok, wanderlust dummy now gets pushed back into it's room if it's out. Entangled mounts will no longer let you float around on their non-existant back (a missed check in the Entangle code fixed so if you're mounted and THEY can't move, you don't ;p.) Thanks for finding the bug on entangle Shronius! Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 20 20:54:22 2007 Subject Arena fix An issue with Arena was changed, should stop arena from hanging with a lone person not actually in it... etc. People with special channel off should not be able to wage at all, please let me know if anything is amiss with this. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 20 23:29:58 2007 Subject Bilson - New Mariner Ship A new ship has pulled up in the harbor of Palanthas, the side bears the name Bilson... but there is nothing known about it's crew or intentions. New Ship: Bilson, subclan of Mariner. PLEASE NOTE: Each ship of Mariner is unique and has their own role play and actions. They are NOT all one clan, nor should they be all lumped into one group. The ships will often be as different as night and day. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 24 00:09:55 2007 Subject Container dumping, permits and things fitting Thanks to Carorea for finding it, previously you could dump jairs into other things and force fit ships and other giant things into say 'bags' etc. Fixed up! Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 24 00:31:44 2007 Subject Blind fighting No more missing item when blind fighting, something if you can't see it etc. Thanks Shronius for the info. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue May 1 02:40:33 2007 Subject Some building additions and modifications Thanks to Sirrion for the Merc's new pets! Also, a few rooms in there were open targets, and were fixed. And, thanks to Hiddy for his mad skeeels... Kuranes shop now reflects the new management as well. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue May 1 15:31:48 2007 Subject Potion and pill levels. Please note, potions and pills now require that the quaffer/eater be within 20 levels of it to use (above is fine too). This excludes healing potions/pills of any kind, curing potions/pills of any kind, refresh and cancel. Brewing also will now change the item level to match the spell level (this should help with sorting and purchasing in player shops). This was an oversight from when we made potions/pills have to be within 20 as the rest of equipment is. The spell level wasn't taken into account. Ziv. Ps. I hope the shop owners find this useful, it will help sort the potions although you'll have to brew them to a specific level as well. I'll get 'label' done asap as well, to help further muddle, er clarify.. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue May 1 20:28:44 2007 Subject eating thingies that were too powerful for your tummies Pills now include recall on the 'any level goes' list, thanks for the fyi all :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 2 20:42:22 2007 Subject Healing mobs from attacks The 'healing' of mobs from some damage types due to them being immune AND resistant to it, has been removed. This was lame, very very lame and is no longer around. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue May 8 19:38:18 2007 Subject Minor code, 7k banker Some extrabits weren't showing up in ostat for imms, fixed now. OThers looked lame, fixed those too. 7k Banker, now actually banks. Carry on, *WJH* Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue May 8 23:28:41 2007 Subject Water Breathe, Magic Air... and stuff. You can now find potions of water breathing at an apothecary run by a Qualinesti named Purgo. These potions can be 'stacked' to yield longer times of air breathing, and come in two sizes. (it's REALLY not just 'air' but it's magic air, heh, seriously ;). Dargonesti and Dimernesti elves also get the spell for mage and cleric, at quite high levels. Ziv. Ps. Clans and people can now purchase water breathing potions, they are COSTLY, but available. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat May 12 03:12:00 2007 Subject Arena KICK bug (nopk killers), and arena BITE stuff. The kick code didn't take into account the arena fighting, and you could get a killer from it. Same with bite code, both now understand when it's Nerf vs real and won't give killers if you're in the arena now. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat May 12 20:25:11 2007 Subject Dual clan discharges Ok, the dual clan discharges have been fixed. Now if you're discharged from your main clan, and have a secondary clan, your secondary clan becomes your main clan. Before it stayed secondary. ZIv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue May 15 22:20:04 2007 Subject Autodamage It's actually a toggle, toggle damage. wee, took 10 minutes because I was slow? Hope you like it you mean mean bast, er I mean, have fun! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 16 04:40:58 2007 Subject Battle Prompt Toggle if you want to. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri May 18 17:21:28 2007 Subject Fishing 1.2 beta a Fishing! Ok, you can now let out more line at a time, based upon the weight of your sinker and your dex. Also, the cost and max size on many fish increased. While this means you can now get a decent coin for a large catfish or bluegill, it also means there are some sharks out there topping 1500 pounds. Leaflock already pointed out he can 'fish raise' 0 feet with the heavy sinker, so we'll look at making the minimum 'partial reel in' (aka fish raise), something a little more reasonable. As it is, the light sinkers will help you be able to raise more easily, but only drop a few feet when you let line out (fish lower), the heavy big ones are almost only for deep sea and can drop some 40+ feet at a time. Please let me know your thoughts (those of you into the fishing code that is). I also would like to look at adding additional species and perhaps get into the 'oddities' like squid or other bizarre things. Also, Krynn specific fish.. Ideas welcome! Stumpy McZeefisherman, er just Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon May 21 20:06:07 2007 Subject Pills Pills still have a level to use (ie 20 under the item level etc), but the range of the spell level has been increased, so that you can be 30 levels under the spell level of the pill to eat it. Also, you can eat pills regardless of how full you are.. they are wafer thin... Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon May 21 21:51:29 2007 Subject Added Room flag you can purchase (or build) No scry, simple, effective. Costs 500 diamonds (see 'help roomprices'). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue May 22 00:36:46 2007 Subject Central Palanthas Much more activity there now, some have grown up, much more to play with. Some equipment modifications, mostly by putting them on the older kids. Enjoy, kill em all ;). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue May 22 21:42:39 2007 Subject Fishing 1.2 beta b Ok, fish raise and lower has been adjusted, it's based upon the weight of your sinker and the length of your pole plays a part as well. You _should_ notice it seems much more accurate now, a heavy sinker drops easy, raises slowly, a light one drops little, but raises much. You'll also note if you're really shallow it will simply reel in. Addition: You no longer need a boat to fish in deep pools IF... The room isn't water (aka, a dock over deep water etc). Addition: Casting underwater doesn't work. Addition: Examinging poles can now tell you get an approximate amount of line left. Let me know of any bugs, or things that don't seem right. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 23 22:47:44 2007 Subject Fightin, killers, kicking, biting etc. No more killers from kicking/biting etc. Also kicking can now initiate combat. And, has a chance to do actual worthwhile damage. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 23 22:59:01 2007 Subject Hiddukel rocks the helpfiles, area helps! Thanks to Hiddy! Helpfiles now are online for: Palanthas Solace Neraka Faire Tantallon Yarus The Red Silk (Red Silk) Thelgaard Vingaard HCT (High Clerist Tower, High Clerists Tower) Icewall Caravan Palanthas Sewers (Sewers) Dwarven Mines (Mines) and one for Questboard as well Thank him, or he'll hound us for ages! Ziv. Ps. We're adding helpfiles for the areas (non-stock). ;) Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 24 19:36:57 2007 Subject Coding wise Most won't care, but web_who_update. C is now the same file across all ports. Before it was unique due to port# and which file it wrote, so I brought in port as an external int, checked it, did a switch on that, and then has it write which file it needs, all based on the port set in comm. C *stops speaking greek* I took more Duh out of Diku ;) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri May 25 19:59:10 2007 Subject Abyss Before anyone bugs out, I didn't gank the area; p. So put away the whine before I get the cheese out. Ok, we had a few fire elementals in Abyss that didn't have any fire, we added flameshield. They also were not immune to fire, they are now. Almost all changes to the area were of that nature. Like the 'water fowl' kracken etc? It now has tentacles and it's damage type is suction etc. Just trying to make the area a little less dumb. A BIG one, all the mobs in the area had a hitroll of 0, meaning they hit less often than a friggin gully dwarf drunk wearing a blindfold in a fishbowl made for a whale that was empty except for pillows... Now, they have a hitroll that matches their level (as most mobs do). So, don't bug out if you see a flameshield on a fire elemental, or a mob that instantly decays into mist (aka, ghosts etc). It shouldn't change much, but it might a tad. Ziv. Ps. Please, don't bitch about Abyss, it was all I could do NOT to simply remove the area for being lame. ;p. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jun 2 16:42:04 2007 Subject spell groups, skill groups, listing The Spells and Skills command have expanded to also allow 'groups' as an argument. You'll find it shows which groups you have, which you don't and color codes the ones you are lacking according to if you have enough train and gain points to gain them. Have fun, a great thought Emla, thanks! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 7 02:37:20 2007 Subject Pstealing It's been set to match pkilling as far as getting 'THIEF', It used to just automatically in LAW rooms, now it requires a sentient witness, that isn't grouped with, same clan, and CAN see the perp. Aka, just like getting a KILLER flag;) . Also, lolz is a swear word, oh wait, I already said that one; p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 8 05:48:44 2007 Subject Practicing skills Skills now show what you practiced from, and to, when you practice them. Funniest thing is, Thorick logs in (new to our mud) has the idea, and I'd been thinking about it a few days ago thinking that would be nice info... deja-gimme-my-mind back ;p. Great stuff. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 11 21:11:41 2007 Subject Restring machine It now stops THEM from requesting an item to be restrung if it's a qitem unless they have the qitem restring, rather than telling just the immortal about it. Before it made us tell them, and told US it couldn't be done. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 14 00:33:44 2007 Subject Healers (healing corpse), and qnotes as restrings (and um, healing) Healers you can give a qnote to heal a corpse, this hasn't changed. Or you can pay the 1500 gold (15 silver), this hasn't changed, but they give back money not a qnote if you don't have a corpse out there. This was a way to trade cash for qnotes, lame, fixed. Also, you can now use qnotes as restrings in the restring machine. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jun 16 17:13:23 2007 Subject Arena changes, stealing changes These are 'behind the scenes' meaning... Shush; p. Arena: The check_improve function no longer fires in the arena meaning that the arena wasn't intended for skill spamming, and they don't improve there now. Stealing: Stealing from your own charmies, no longer yields exp (found that with the subterranean lizards lol). Also, if the victim is affected by sleep, less experience (you're not LEARNING as much). That is all ;) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jun 16 17:37:38 2007 Subject Berserk saves Berserk was broken (from STOCK heh) It gave the person with it, 1/2 their level in saves vs spells... Which is -50 at 101, rather broken. Now, it's 1 point per 10 (level/10), so at 101 a nice bonus of 10 saves, but not insanity. Still good, not insane. Ziv. Ps. Thanks much to Loth for remembering it was busted, and Gilean. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jun 16 19:21:35 2007 Subject Stun modification, bash addition. Ok, a couple of fixes. Stun (from fireball etc), now checks vs your constitution to see if you 'come to' every round rather than tick (6 seconds). This means if your CON is high, you are more likely (better health) to snap out of it. Bash, now has a chance to stun your opponent. You can also bash yourself, I found it amusing. That is all, carry on. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jun 16 23:07:21 2007 Subject Palanthas Expansion: phase 1 Palanthas got a few new denizens today, more citizens, and many a sailor has been seen by the waterfront. Lord Amothos hit the weights in a big way, and there is a new set of Solamnic Commanders wandering the streets to ward off villians. This is the first of many influxes of new life into the City, we also plan to expand the waterfront area and make a massive wharf/warehouse/docks district. Have fun, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 18 04:44:31 2007 Subject Corpse Retrieval costs, on sale! As per Garrius' idea, corpse retrievals are now directly related to your level. This wasn't done previously as before you would get a quest note if your corpse wasn't found. This was changed to simply refund the money (still no idea why it wasn't that way in the first place) so.... Now it simply costs... 15 gold per level above 1 (1500 at 101). Don't worry about calculating it, the healer figures it out, type heal to see how much it is for you. No corpse, it refunds that amount etc. Good idea Garrius. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 18 20:46:29 2007 Subject Dual clans, an addendum fix Found a loophole in the 'no dual clan recruiters' seems, you could get clan level 7, inducted into another clan, then promoted to 8 (recruiter) in the first etc. Now, Still up to 12 ranks combined, but it stops you from being promoted to recruiter if you're dual clanned. Up next, no more clan messengers. It's ugly and we're going to just a channel. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 18 22:39:34 2007 Subject Clan spam, clan talk etc. Ok, first off, the clan messengers are gone. They were spammy as all get out, and the ONLY channel with the 'rp touch' was clan channel, which it seems is rarely used for RP. Getting inducted, discharged, promoted, demoted etc? Is a private issue now, no longer does anyone in the world in either of your clans see it. You, the leadership person, and the gods, that's the only ones that know unless you tell them. Since our messengers are gone, clan talk is more of a 'channel'. The appropriate clan is shown first, your title, you: stuff. My eyes hurt ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 21 17:34:59 2007 Subject zapping stuff It's fixed, it seems that with offensive spells, such as ranged spells.. If you tried it on an object, it would attempt to do so. Aka, you could TRY to cast fireball on your knife etc. Simply an oversight when the ranged 'zaps' got put in. All fixed now. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 22 00:12:50 2007 Subject Experience gaining Exp gaining has been modified yet again, a little bit. Mobs no longer count into your group size (they counted at 1/10th level before), as this leads to more solitary playing type (sorry charmy armies). But, you now gain more experience for more players in your party. This means up to 50% more experience per kill if you have a large party. So, group up, just don't do anything kinky. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 22 18:28:04 2007 Subject note list new, ideas/changes/etc Now you can 'note list new' (or idea/story etc) and it lists only the unread ones. Reo wanted it, reo asks, reo recieves. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 22 18:58:22 2007 Subject Note list (to/from) Ok, yeah so notes improved a little bit more. Now you can 'note list from zivilyn' to see notes that I wrote that you can read. Or idea list from aurius. Also, you can note list TO . Aka, see which notes were addressed to KOT, Mariner etc. You can also still just use 'note list kot' to show both to/from notes. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jun 23 23:24:16 2007 Subject Backstab, rangers, mobs, pvp. Backstab lag has been cut in half vs mobs. No change vs players (they're craftier, you have to think more to pull one off ;p). Rangers, can now use their backstab anywhere as thieves can. That is all, we return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast. Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 3 17:24:38 2007 Subject Body part weapons Ok, a slight modification of the body part weapons (tusks etc). The level of the item is now that of a Qitem level, meaning if it's average damage of 45, then multiplied by 2, 90th level (then minus 15) so that puts it at 75th, or level 55 'to use'. This means that we still get really great weapons sometimes, but... Level 1's do NOT get the equivalent of a level 70's Qitem. It was an oversight previously, sorry for any confusion. Level is the ONLY thing affected. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 3 18:19:36 2007 Subject Body Parts Weapons (mod) -10 levels on the 'to use'. Meaning: an average 45 tusks of Tombfyre, 90 - 25, 65 level item, 45 to use. We do really listen ;). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 3 23:28:22 2007 Subject Larger races starting hungry Ogres and Mino's used to start out nearly starving as they had the same amount of food, in a much larger stomach... Fixed that. They now have relative amounts of food in their oversized guts ;p. And that's why I'm always making new characters :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 5 19:04:45 2007 Subject Interpret triggers Apparently the interpret trigger assumed ch and room (ie the char/mob and it's room), but, would do a trigger first. So, mob pulls a 'purge' switch, no more room for it to check, yet it tried to, pow. Now it makes sure the mob exists, and is IN a room before it continues (or person etc). Anyhoo, it was an oversight in the creation of the 'interpret' code (which allows you to add programs for any action typed, aka 'scratch my nuts' could be the trigger (not acted out or said, just typed). IE: addrprog 1234 interpret "lick my balls" Now, it just is safe, before it tried to execute without seeing if the person calling it had been vaped or was still there etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 10 23:54:47 2007 Subject Life span, pills, body part weapons (last ever) Pills: Now allow you to eat bless wafers, and the blue ones in Tarsis, as they aren't offensive spells that need the level regulation. Ok, on the life span thing: Now elves will live exactly three times as long as kender, who live four times as long as goblins, who live a tenth of the time a human, who lives less than an ogre, which is about the same as a minotaur. Boiling all that down to... they live until they type delete twice ;). Claws/Tusks/Tails/Fangs/Tongues: No longer have magical bonuses, simply the higher average damage. They're meant to be cool weapons you could enchant, not uber-tough weapons to replace things such as the assassins dagger or dagger of stabbing etc. You _could_ enchant one to 8/8 with a buddy's 101 mage, and make it fully beat asci over the others, but that's up to you. Oh, and we love you all. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 11 00:18:21 2007 Subject splitting money, autosplit Um, thanks to Merianne and Aramynia we found and squished a bugling. It seems, you would split money with uncharmed mobs that were still grouped and in the room. Now it makes certain they're a PC first ;). Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 12 16:59:25 2007 Subject Traps, Trapkits etc. Unfortunately, it's apparent that the Trapping code originally set out by Sargonnas will not be completed. Due to this, it was buggy, caused crashes and it has been removed, along with the components, and trap skill. Players who had the trap skill will find they were reimbursed the 10 train points the skill originally cost them. I would personally recommend 'gain points' but, you might find there are other skills you wish to purchase with them. Traps will be able to be set by players in the future, but the mechanics of the action and required items will be different I'm sure. We each think/code along different lines. The thoughts are for trapping to be containers and a trap in the room (trap object), perhaps delving into trapping closed exits as the original by Sarg had done. It was a great great idea, just never completed. I hope to soon, but my todo list is long and we'll see where it falls in priority. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 12 20:41:15 2007 Subject Danger sense It's a little better now, including PK people that are 2 levels lower than you and up (if you're NOT safe from attack). We're also talking about an improved danger sense, which would be more even yet, an almost clairvoyence that'd allow those with full awareness and danger sense to sometimes dodge ranged attacks and have improved chances vs backstab. This will most likely be high level thieves, higher level rangers, and mid level monk ability. Still just thoughts, we'll see. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 12 21:39:28 2007 Subject Repairmen They now tell you WHAT is in perfect condition, the message is different (not so annoying). And, they don't give you a bad time about your items getting damaged. Sheesh, mean repairment just got an attitude adjustment. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 12 23:56:19 2007 Subject Blood pools/ liquid pools in water/underwater Per Merianne's idea, and one I'd thought of myself but waited for confirmation... someone else said it so I said what the heck. Blood and liquid poured out into water forms slicks on top, or clouds in the water, also it's hard to fill from fountains underwater (probably never happen, but heck heh). Have fun with the new pools (any liquid btw, pour stuff out to see). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 13 18:02:16 2007 Subject Underwater casting and talking Ok, this is due to some thought and head bonking, but, now we have a use for the free action and water breathing. Underwater, you cannot CAST or SPEAK (unless a dargonesti/dimernesti/immortal) _UNLESS_ you are affected by both free action, and water breathing. This is simply a 'duh' moment, as being underwater should be being underwater. There will be a nice spell in the future called Renli's Air Sphere, which will do both of these functions along with allowing other things underwater etc. We'll keep you posted. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 13 18:15:27 2007 Subject Fish examining etc. You now can examine your fish and get a general idea of weight and length. It's not as good as lore or identify, but it's not bad. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Jul 15 22:52:45 2007 Subject Mob mana use, casting. Lowbie auto healing Ok, a little big of a reality check for the mob casting types in the game. Mobs now have the same restrictions as players do, no mana, no cast etc. There are a few 'special' ones like lightning breath etc that don't use mana, but any spell casting ones should be thwarted by silence and lack of mana, just like a player would be. The 'cast_adept' (aka healers have it, Lord Amothos etc). These mobs should no longer spam the bajeepers out of people, they check to see if people are in level (lowbies), then if they are plagued, poisoned, blind, low on hp, moves etc, and only do that which the player needs. No longer the mindless automatons they used to be. Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 16 03:33:55 2007 Subject healers cast_adept addendum Ok, a slight addition to the healers (cast_adept on mobs). This is mainly the 3 main pit healers, but also Lord Amothos and a few others around the MUD (Geri healer etc). The healers now, will also cast bless, armor, refresh, and giant strength on you, but only if you're the right alignment. They still freely heal/cure etc to anyone, but don't give the special treatment to non-like alignments. We might look at additional spells they'll do, but with hours restrictions so that you truly have to be a new char, not just someone hugging low levels for the goodies heh. Enjoy, Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 19 19:25:25 2007 Subject say things I'd had an idea ages ago to change the 'say' statement based upon how you say things. I did notice Jay did it on our now defunct mud of a similar name... Ok, now if you're speaking Common, we don't need to be told ;p. Also, if you use punctuation, you can more accurately show the way you're saying, asking etc. Via !, !!, ?!, ?, ??, ... etc. Something I'd wanted to do for quite a while, but I didn't get as fruity as Maj did ;p. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 19 21:47:41 2007 Subject More Gore (lol, yeah theres more) The bodypart weapons (claws, fangs, tusks, horns, tails, tentacles) now are more accurate in their depiction. You pick them up and clean them off to form a crude weapon etc. They can obviously still be restrung if you wish to 'really' make them nice. Old one's won't change though, sorry, restring if you like. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 24 21:24:53 2007 Subject Dummy Hiddy built/put/broke/fixed, dummy is in now. new/stop make it do those. Ziv. Ps. I hear Hiddy likes to role play with Kender Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 25 21:34:23 2007 Subject Ostat (object stat) Formatted a little better. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 25 21:35:35 2007 Subject A fabled horn The Fabled horn of Aurius now at the quest masters. Much like an undead's touch, although a couple levels lower and a little better. Exotic so all can use, just a bit of a tribute to our lost pal Jon. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 26 00:05:10 2007 Subject Quest code I cleaned out about 400+ lines of bull.. er extraneous crap. Also, lowered gold cost to 400 qp, and raised it to 20k gold. This shouldn't affect cash cost of items in the market, simply make some people actually 'quest buy gold' perhaps. Basically tons of code cleaning, I'll look at expansion soon. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jul 26 22:58:53 2007 Subject Fabled horns of Aurius They're now a helmet (and plural), and are lower level (level 1 to use). Which reminds me, another copyover in a minute as the questmaster thinks that they are still level 40 ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 27 23:38:12 2007 Subject Deletions They now log to the log file as a deletion (to spot easier) They also now move the persons file to the backup directory. Do NOT advertise this please. I get enough people asking for Restores without that. Anyway, it's a failsafe somewhat. Don't abuse the knowledge please. Dave. Ps. It will overwrite old ones in the backups. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 1 00:41:13 2007 Subject deletion aka vaporized aka oh crap I screwed up! If you vape now and have 25+ level or 50+ hours, it makes a backup of your character, this is only a precaution and un-vaping will still cost the usual (aka, naked, penniless, walking funny) But, it's an option, and all that sometimes ;p. Stumpy McDontaskmetobackupyersheeeitWouldyou Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 2 17:51:13 2007 Subject Fishing gear Caergoth got some bigger poles, and an import of Dimernesti Shark Cable! (Leaflock noted he caught a 1500+ pound great white, kind of made me giggle, then add the 'big game' gear). Have fun! (ps, imms. mstat is cleaner on some items as well) Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 2 22:58:04 2007 Subject Questing, fishing changes Ok, first off questing. Lowbies now get a little better range of quest points than they used to (the random number range is increased), also if you complete your quest with much time left, you can get a bonus in points as well. These aren't shown, but just factored in. Fishing: A few things, first off, more fish. Five additional species of sharks have been introduced.. including a 26,000 pound whaleshark, which might not be possible to catch yet, but I had to put it in heh. Also, pole and line breaking didn't used to take into account the strength of your line, it now does. If you've got really strong line, you can muscle the little bastards without fear of breaking the pole or line etc. But the big ones, well they might just yank the pole right out of your hands. Have a hoot, as always, apprise me of any bug-like apparitions. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 8 21:02:39 2007 Subject Fishing v1.4 is in. Fish now pull line out, they fight back! Dropped perfect looking (spammy), only beat up fish Show condition in desc. Only large/small fish indicate size in descs Fish now bite hooks and bait that are adequate sizes Hooks and Baits match sizes Hook sizes increased from 1-3 to 1-10 Bait sizes increased from 1-4 to 1-10 New shop in Caergoth with other sized hooks/lines/baits etc Meaning? Get Shark sized bait for sharks, same with hooks and such. This should help keeping rifraff fish off of your shark hunting trips. This also helps keep sharks off when you're using light tackle and going for say a nice eel or salmon. Also, fish will sometimes run out more line, more fight! Fish on! Stumpy McWood Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 13 01:47:51 2007 Subject Prices for selling/buying gems Gems don't fluctuate at all now, to purchase or sell. They weren't supposed to previously, but there was a randomizer in place that forgot to check. Also, sometimes now you'll find fluctuation in coin type you get back when selling things. That is all, thanks Jeros for the alert. 10 diamond thank you note awarded. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 13 19:51:45 2007 Subject makeshift body part weapons - fish bug fixed A couple of minor things: The 'makeshift weapon' out of body parts code, I pulled back out. Reason is, you can always go and restring them yourself. It was a 'ooh this is fun' thing that really didn't make sense. They are still weapons, just that now you simply wear the claws of a bugbear etc. Fishing: with regards to examining the pole, used to try and show you the hook/bait descriptions but only had verified the bait was there. So, in odd times when you'd have bait but no hook (tied on or some oddness ;p) it would try to show you a non-existent thing and get an embolism. Fixed. On a side note, that's the first crash bug I've seen in quite some time heh. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Aug 19 16:49:56 2007 Subject cash bug Cash bug found by Jeros and Kevril, fixed! Thanks you two! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Aug 19 22:15:51 2007 Subject A strange banner by Sanction A great sound of screeching and rending stone nearly deafened the denizens of Sanction today... A mountain ripped itself free of it's moorings and rose into the sky with a scream that defied nature! A small castle seemed to grace the top of the mountain, flying a single pendant from it's highest tower. That pendant bore the resemblance of a Green Dragon. The reformation of the Green Dragonarmy is complete. OOC: Thanks to Kailith for his hard work building the hall, and Saige, Kailith and company for their continued diligence and role play toward starting the new old clan. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 20 18:01:54 2007 Subject String At the next copyover, string @ will revert that string to stock. Not on players of course, but mobs/objects if you accidentally string the wrong item, @ can save you. I now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 27 20:44:48 2007 Subject Time Type it, a couple changes, time since boot, time connected. Sometimes it can be scary ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 24 17:14:17 2007 Subject Wholist Minor alteration, it now lets you know how many players that you cannot see (excluding wizi imms). It won't say who they are yet as we're still contemplating that. But, it will give you a more accurate acount of how many are on. Hope you like, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Nov 3 04:02:40 2007 Subject Omni It's cleaner, and shows time connected for players. The 0's were spammy imho. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 6 18:53:14 2007 Subject Login, being attacked etc It seems that you could still be attacked and not be able to attack back, if it'd been under 2 minutes since you logged in. Aka, Dither agro'ing Branthelas and Branth not able to defend himself due to log in time. This has been changed so that if you are violent and they are, you can attack. Meaning, someone finds a way to attack, you can defend. Ziv. Ps. Please note me with any ways around the 2 minute login Using such bug to attack people is bug abuse and not good. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 12 04:22:57 2007 Subject Enchant Weapon Enchant weapon now takes into account bows, crossbows, blowguns, and all of their projectiles. It is much harder to enchant the projectiles, but still possible. Have fun with it! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 12 04:54:43 2007 Subject Fishing fix Apparently you could put fishing poles into Jairs etc, while still fishing Then pull them out like in the desert and continue to fight said fish that was now like a Thresher shark jumping in sand dunes etc.... Needless to say, the Nomads weren't happy at all about the sharks now infesting their dunes, so we fixed that. Heh, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 12 05:02:03 2007 Subject Restore Previously it did restore on hunger/thirst based off the person restoring's size, um, it's now based on the recipient (so minos/ogres don't get MORE hungry after restore etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 16 23:53:30 2007 Subject . formatting notes, ignore and privates Next copyover, the added spaces on punctuation goes away. Also, if you're ignoring someone, it also ignores on private channels. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 20 19:36:39 2007 Subject Labeling potions - Spellstaffs - Godchange First off, empty vials no longer rot ;p. Also, you can now make labels for your potions, label/unlabel them etc. They still have the same 'name', but you can make them look like anything that you wish (please use good taste, as we'll vape nasty ones). You can examine them to read the labels, or list if in a shop. So far, there are labels at the potion shop in Palanthas. Spellstaffs have been fixed now, with a set amount per level of charges along with a fixed cost per charge based on item quality. Thanks for waiting. New command: godchange If you're changing within your align (like good to good god etc) Under level 15 you can do so for free, after 15 it's the usual True Faith. To change from Evil to Neutral etc, still takes Divine intervention. The godchange command takes roughly a minute real time. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 20 22:25:55 2007 Subject ostat Now shows the new label/cork code better Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 21 19:33:58 2007 Subject Fishing bug squish Apparently if you had more than one pole, you could move, and each time it would drop a pole if fishing... Into a room with no pool, yet it's fishing etc. This has been fixed, any poles that are fishing will be dropped before moving. Also, recall allowed you to go home, fishing still, in a room with no pool etc. Fixed as well. Thanks all, fish on! Stumpy McSharkfisher Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 22 00:53:13 2007 Subject Fountains They now refill and empty as you use them rather than being 'perm full' We'll be changing fluids again in the future to make things easier. Anyway, have fun with them, they do refill on the ticks some. Ziv. Sender Hiddukel Date Tue Nov 27 00:27:30 2007 Subject Chili and Such Took some suggestions on mobs that needed to be flagged no_quest and changed them where appropriate. I won't list all of them as there were a bunch, but suffice to say a few ridiculous quests won't be showing up anymore. As for the rest, deal with it. Also Holy Order clanhall has been upgraded and diamonds withdrawn. Drellius' shop has sorter added now; diamonds withdrawn. Hiddukel, officially breaking Zivilyn's 1 year reign over the change board. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 28 09:53:55 2007 Subject room flags (olc) You can now use the command Room with flags, like Room dark etc. Might seem retro, but you can also use 'Room NONE' to vape all Room flags, much coolness. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 28 23:42:24 2007 Subject do_ostat Statting labels will now show what's written on them. Statting potions already did show the label. Dave. Ps. goes in next CO Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 29 22:53:47 2007 Subject Messages when you rest You will now see message when you fully regain in hp, mana, and move. Only once, to let you know that your hp is fully regained etc. Enjoy, Stumpy McOMFGdidyouseetheknotholeonthatpine? Sender Hiddukel Date Sun Dec 2 19:55:50 2007 Subject Warp The warp in Solace is fixed. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, there was a warp where you'd walk into Demilon's and go south and suddenly you'd be on the Solace walkways instead of ground level. It's gone. Enjoy. Hiddukel will find things to change just to keep Ziv from getting too many changes in a row. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 4 21:18:11 2007 Subject Titles Certain characters in titles are replaced by spaces. This was Due to the ability of people to put in html etc, make holes very icky. Thanks to Lotho for spotting it. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Dec 8 01:41:55 2007 Subject Stealing cash bug Thanks to Mordiar for finding it, I hadn't actually realized it was a BUG bug, but apparently it would make you a chunk each time you stole coins from a NPC (more than they had). Anyway, it's been fixed up and 2 stars and 500 qp given to Mordiar. Thanks for alerting us (my ears were apparently a little plugged last night). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 11 22:51:52 2007 Subject Lights Fishing Fixes. LIGHTS! All of the lights in the game have been set to game specifications. Meaning, there were TONS of permanent lights (perm requires qitem light), those are fixed. With lights the stats are 20/level of the item max for normal, 50/level for exceptional items, and unlimited for quest lights. They are now within that range, some were raised as 5 ticks of light was silly. Meaning? They're as they were supposed to be, but have someone cast continual light on your light a few times just in case. FISHING: Almost all of the fishing holes in the game were fixed, many were fresh water, needed salt (or vice versa), some were godlike abundance of fish, now normal. The deep seas have less likelyhood, but bigger fish and way deeper. The shoals and reefs are pretty good, docks are good. there's a few 'hotspots' out there which you'll have to find. Our next installment of fishing will bring in a couple fixes more (non-fish?;p), along with hopefully... roaming schools of fish (which increase the spots abundance greatly), they won't be able to be seen, but they will be noticed coming into the pool. A bug with non-tended poles was fixed. Also, do NOT leave poles unattended, they will be pulled into the water by larger fish. If you're fishing in a different room, it will pull them that way first, so you might be able to retrieve it before it's taken underwater and lost. Fish also have weight, and we were happily ignoring that for a long time. If you're too heavy you won't be able to fish, simply drop the excess or run and sell it etc. Look for dragable fish in the future (all items actually). Built: (Care of Hiddukel) Green DA clanhall additions are in! Ziv. Ps. You can NOT brawl in SAFE anymore, bug found, abused, fixed. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 12 20:13:31 2007 Subject liquid pool bug Oddities found, drinking empty pools would bomb, somehow.. I missed it before :( Anyway, all set, no more ickies. Btw, if something CRASHES the mud when you do it? Kindly tell the imms. Ziv. Ps. It's still nasty to drink urine puddles, eww. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 13 20:47:30 2007 Subject Healers The big 3 are now picky about who they heal. From level 15 on that is, they also notice clan affiliation. Just making sense of it all ;) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 13 21:13:55 2007 Subject Healer change Ixnay on the ealer angay. Meaning, healers are back to normal. They had been set so that Solamnic healer in Pal didn't like KOT/DA etc, and vice versa on the Nerakan one. Apparently I jumped the gun, both other active imps disagreed with the change (aka, hated it), for various reasons. So, healers are as they were before. They heal anyone as usual. My bad, Ziv. Sender Hiddukel Date Mon Dec 17 04:50:13 2007 Subject Dwarven Area Things Fixed some of the wierd exits and brokeness associated with the trolleys or whatever they are in the Dwarven Areas. Threw a long desc on the dwarven breastplate as it'd lacked one before. I also threw another drawbridge room on the other side of the drawbridge in one of the areas, as previously if the gate was down you were out of luck and that was meh. So it's openable from either side now. If anyone finds any more problems with those areas let me know. Thanks to Shronius for being mercenery enough to find these things for me for a price. Greed is a beautiful thing. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 19 04:39:03 2007 Subject alist command It now shows used/open vnums in areas, mostly a diagnostic tool. And, tour coupons don't exist anymore. Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Dec 21 23:24:17 2007 Subject Updates (mobs) Mobiles will now update as they should, some were not updating if they were in odd positions (subterranean lizards, hepo etc). But they will now. This also means, you have to periodically feed lizards to not lose them though, as they were originally programmed. But it also means you won't find them left in Gerighelm sleeping in a safe room (or shouldn't; p). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 24 02:00:23 2007 Subject Fish schools There are now schools of fish which increase the abundance of fish in a given fishing spot. Have fun! (They do move around and are sneaky etc hehe) Ziv. Ps. In the seas north of Pal, in Crystalmir, and in the Istar river.