Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2006.

Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Jan 5 22:46:18 2006 Subject Changes in questmaster items. You'll notice that there are a bunch of new weapons at the quest master. A level 120 weapon for every weapon type named after old characters who used to play. Additionally, the wrath of ahotasu has taken a small change. In almost all circumstances it will no longer be exotic as a weapon type. When buying it, it will become a weapon type that you can use. If you started with mace skill then it will be a mace. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Jan 12 02:04:10 2006 Subject Shop improvement Shops with the discarder and stockier upgrades now have an improvement built into those upgrades. You can now stock all.item and unlist all.item. Although unlist all.item isn't spammy, watch out for stock all.item due to the way it works, it could be very spammy if you're expecting to put a lot of items in at once. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Jan 12 06:28:03 2006 Subject Fixes A good number of bugs have been fixed. Particularly in the dual clan code. If anyone knows of any dual clan bugs let me know, I've taken care of the ones I knew about. But, there's always a chance of new bugs from the fixes. Additionally, stealing is now automatically not permitted in the Arena. And lastly, the main part of the Arena helpfile is in, however the size of it currently prevents it from showing the entire file... so I'll have to look into that in a bit. Moo Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jan 20 00:29:08 2006 Subject NoPK characters Given the idea that these characters are simply aesthetic and not really "intimate" with the game itself, we have decided all noPK chars should be limitted in other day-to-day functions, as they have no real set backs compared to those chosing PK. As a result, NoPKs will no longer be able to have a damroll of more than 50. They will also not be able to gain skill percentages in excess of 75%. Arena has been shut down for noPK chars and your only god you can choose has become Chislev. For a list of those characters affected, please read the next change. *hides* Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jan 20 00:29:13 2006 Subject NoPK Changes And as the saying goes 'if you believe that, you'll believe anything'. I was just screwing with you :) NoPKs aren't being reduced, however they will not have access to arena scoreboards when they are finished. Don't look yet Martha! I-eeee Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Jan 31 12:41:49 2006 Subject Pshop fix A small fix on pshops has been done. Originally there was a bug for some items not to list at the right price, particularly wands and staves. Items like the free action rings would come up at about 1 quarter of what you'd listed them at. This has been fixed. On the side of that, there's also another fix. Item's prices could not exceed 98K steel. The new limit is now nearer 880K steel. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 31 12:42:46 2006 Subject Containers and silly sizes et all... Ever hate getting "A is closed." messages when trying to put things into closed containers? Me too, fixed that... ...but while in there I realized we could still put things such as ships and 10 foot polearms into backpacks and the like... Fixed that as well. You can no longer put spears, polearms or boats into REGULAR containers. Magical containers such as the donation pits and certain *coughJAIRScough* quest containers will still contain them. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 1 16:56:33 2006 Subject Ranged Weapons Bows, blowguns, crossbows, and thrown weapons (spears, daggers etc) Now take into account YOUR hit/dam, as well as being set to normal levels (the slaying's were average 400 damage, but didn't use your own damage). So now, they'll still do similar, but based off of your character's stats. You'll also notice that thrown daggers etc, do more damage depending on your strength, and can fly further than a single room if you are VERY strong. AND... you can now throw and fire in the same room as your target. Have fun shootin' Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Feb 5 23:52:05 2006 Subject New Ranger Spell Help alarm You'll have to gain a new group to get it, is the only drawback. This group is 'entrapment' currently alarm is the only spell, there will be more in it later such as entangle. It is decently cheap as far as spellgroups go, though. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 8 21:49:58 2006 Subject Bug fix Stealing apparently gave a thief flag to people AT 7 levels difference, instead of over, thanks to Tamfa for getting caught and hence catching the bug for us. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Feb 9 02:46:07 2006 Subject New ranger spell Help entangle This spell is also cleric/templar, but at a very high level Keep in mind the calculations for getting caught and breaking free are to be considered in experimental phase right now, by that I mean you can only test things theoretically so far, so they may change in one way or another as the spell gets seen and used. Templar > assailment Cleric > Attack Ranger > Entrapment These are the groups you need to get the skill in said class Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 9 09:53:20 2006 Subject Pets Pets now list with tags by their names, EQ if they are equipable, MNT if they are mounts. Ogres are now equippable as well, they had been missed previously (a changed check should allow new humanoid races to automatically be able to be equipped). Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 9 09:55:56 2006 Subject Pets Pets also have increased cost if they are humanoid (2x) and therefor equippable. Mounts cost is now 1.5x if they are rideable. The non equippable, non ridable pets, remain the same cost. You get what you pay for. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 9 13:38:44 2006 Subject New check in the code New check in merc.h IS_HUMANOID(ch) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 9 13:42:07 2006 Subject Mariners The mariner hall is in, the ship is still at the berth being finished, but should be ready to set sail VERY soon. This is the Orlouge that is almost completed that is, other ships have yet to be built. Stumpy. Ps. Sorry for the nuts long wait, life has been insane. Thanks also to Lienkai for the hard work. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 15 12:50:00 2006 Subject Some spellwork Changes: Spells that were funked (ie based on a 50 mortal level game), now fixed: (meaning, the damage was the same from level 50-101, now it continues) And yes... we realize the game is 10 years old and we just found this heh. lightning bolt burning hands chill touch fireball colour spray shocking grasp heal (was less than cure critical at high levels, now it's 100 hp minimum as always, but goes higher than cure critical at high levels). The durations of several spells were insane: (like 80 minutes real life) blindness sleep confusion Visuals added: sleep Casting time (a delayed action) was put in for flameshield (rather than lag). (this will help us to test the player response to casting time vs having spell lag) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Feb 18 13:07:42 2006 Subject Free STEAL on kenders Kenders that are not thieves, that change their whotexts to something else, lose the ability to steal. The entire reason Kenders get steal is they are kenders, when they stop being such, they lose the ability. No more Kender munchkinism. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Sat Feb 18 19:54:51 2006 Subject bash Bash has been modified. At lower levels, it will yield much less damage now. at higher levels, it may deal equal to most, less with some, and more with others... situationally. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Feb 19 02:45:57 2006 Subject Spells Another installment of spell changes has been done (older spells changed that is) Among what's changed, the two biggest are A) rangers now get cure light at level 22 with the woodlore group, and enchant armor is now actually useful given the mage is lucky enough to carry enough successfuly enchants on a single peice of equipment. The maximums possible on a piece of armor is highly dependant on what the armor started at in AC. But for certain equipment it should be possible to make it good AC (and with enough enchanted armor, make a difference in deflection in combat. Harm, cause critical, flamestrike and fireball are on the list of other spells with tweaks and changed. Mostly within damage output. Moo Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 22 12:06:52 2006 Subject Tithing Tithing has changed slightly, with regards to that you can now see your tithe amounts from anywhere. You must still deposit the diamonds in a vault, but the additionally at a banker. So a little more freedom to deposit, and see your accounts. You will also notice that mortals can not withdraw funds from any clan or group, there was abuse of this for personal use and as such (and since it takes an imm to build whatever)... Clan withdrawals, direct to an implementor. There is talk of your account showing in score, we shall see... Stumpy McHardwood. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 24 02:03:35 2006 Subject Craps Craps no longer cheats against the players. Now, it uses the gambler's own money vs the players, but no more cheating.' All of the craps gambler mobs have money, win lose, they gain or lose also, go beat the house. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 24 23:23:13 2006 Subject Mpstatus See also: help mpstatus Mob status, you can set integars on mobs, then change them, do stages of programs within a program, allows for some ass kicking... This means, no more tokens or who did what etc... just change the status and you're set. So you want it only to respond to the first person who does it? change the status... This is going to rock. Oh, and I changed mpstat, it reads better, and also allows for targetting the EXACT FRIGGIN MOB YOU WANT ;p. taken happily from do_mstat. Much better now. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 27 18:35:58 2006 Subject Clan bug Before anyone gets excited, it's not THOSE bugs... There was another bug in clantalk, where if a clannie logs in and isn't connected, it still tries to access the memory and would bomb (it was all in the same check, so it'd point at non-existant data) By separating the check into two nested ones, the code no longer referenced memory it couldn't access, no more boom. The rest, will have to be after I get back from Vegas, but they're coming. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Mar 5 21:29:59 2006 Subject New Area A new highby area has been added to the MUD. I was told to advise everyone to explore it slowly, as it is quite dangerous. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Mar 14 00:26:06 2006 Subject A bug A bug in private/solitari code allowed dragging through with absolutely no hindrance as to the number of people already in that room. With the fixing of this bug, the eq that was obtained from the new areas (As it was designed to be a challenge, and it was still in the first week of placement) was rot-timered. You can re-obtain the equipment with no fear of the new stuff rotting, but you'll have to accept a 'sorry' for the old stuff that was obtained. This affects very few people, but we'd considered a form of re-imbursement for those effected. This is not a promise, but you might receive something out of it. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 16 16:41:11 2006 Subject Bug fix Fishing had a bug in break_pole, where it would try to send statements to NULL (it defined ch as NULL if there was no one in the room)... This means it would try to address non-existant memory if someone left a pole fishing in the room, and no one else was there, and the pole took a big bite... Now, it just pulls the pole into the water, extract_obj(pole), return, no more buggies, pole is swimming with the fishes. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 21 21:47:42 2006 Subject Questing A few changes with questing: 1. Quest times are now a little more reflective. Mob quests you get a little more time, a little less for snatch/grab object quests. 2. Quest rewards are altered likewise, mob kills are worth slightly more cash, exp, and qp. (It's completely random, bitch and I slay you ;p) (ok ok, I won't, but don't gripe). 3. There's a little less time BETWEEN quests now, randomly of course. 4. Mystery change in quests. (I think, although it could just be the squirrels running around in my trunk, one never knows these days). Stumpy McListenstoideaboardreallyyoubigmeaniesWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Apr 1 08:33:54 2006 Subject Fixed Silver dragonhelms... Are no longer true sight helms, they were never supposed to be as equipment with free true sight was out of line with our rules. They aren't useless by any means, but they are within our rules now. If you need true sight and aren't a mage or cleric, there are rumors of a rare spice in a port city. A potion in the Wanderlust hall was reported to be untouchable (which must have infuriated our poor kender when they couldn't TAKE it heh). It's now fixed. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 4 20:30:58 2006 Subject RED X's There was a valid point brought up on the Red X's that I was missing. The ITEM level vs the SPELL level, ie level 100 cancel is buff, but the item level was WAY too low. It's now 80 (60 to purchase) and in line with the rest of our things. Thanks for understanding and not massacring me :) (sp on massacre? hmm) Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 11 09:11:06 2006 Subject Quests Quests for mobs now yield a little more points (as they're more difficult).. Well they have the chance of yielding more points that is. Previously they were counted 4 10 sided dice (ie Mak's 8) Now it's 10 5 sided dice for mob quests, so you could possibly hit up to 50. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Apr 14 15:48:47 2006 Subject Fixes A fix has been made for the returner flags on quest master items. Additionally, the long awaited pet change has been done. If you get killed, your pet will no longer fade from existance, instead it will sit at your corpse waiting for your return. Also, if you are pking and your pet stops following from it, you'll be able to kill the pet now for the eq back. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 14 23:39:01 2006 Subject Activelist See also: Help Activelist I'll be doing a command that checks unique names as well (activity Reorx/Bob/etc). That one we might want for morts as well? It's like knowing whoever you were looking for has been on. Kind of a 'look around the table' of tabletop playing. Let me know thoughts on that part. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Apr 16 16:49:14 2006 Subject Bug The pet duplication bug is gone, but I will be investigating to make sure no one was abusing it, while it was there. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun May 7 17:20:46 2006 Subject Pshops, quest areas Pshops now only show in summary items that you request if sold, and items the player stocked that sold. So no longer spam the owner with junk. Quest areas table was updated, there should be very few no quests (unless it's just your level vs the mobs out there) Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 10 17:33:53 2006 Subject Polearms vs Staff/Spear All of your base are belong to us. :) Sender Zivilyn Date Fri May 12 10:00:00 2006 Subject Targetting/look, glance, peek, kill, bash, trip, consider, cast etc... at the race. You can look, glance, peek, kill, bash, trip, consider, cast etc... at the race of a creature now. What this boils down to is this, say there's a silvanesti elf and you want to fight him, but you don't know his name is captain guards... just type kill silv. Or a dog, human, whichever. This should help with being able to target mobs, when in doubt simply target their race. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri May 12 13:36:03 2006 Subject Forwarding notes (ideas, warnotes, changes etc) Um, now you can. Simply 'note forward 3 immortal' etc. It will then copy that note to whoever you put at the end. So: note forward 38 reorx Copies the note, and I can look/change/add to it. Don't forget to post. (it's left that way on purpose so you can append). Enjoy, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri May 12 13:36:20 2006 Subject [FWD] [Fri May 12 13:36:03 2006]- Zivilyn: Forwarding notes (ideas, warnotes, changes etc) (to:immortal) Um, now you can. Simply 'note forward 3 immortal' etc. It will then copy that note to whoever you put at the end. So: note forward 38 reorx Copies the note, and I can look/change/add to it. Don't forget to post. (it's left that way on purpose so you can append). Enjoy, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 17 12:28:56 2006 Subject New things coming, exp changes, etc. Ok, first off, crossbows to rangers (why didn't they have them before?). Now for the 'your going to be grumpy' part: Experience gaining has reverted. I realize that some will go all grumpy others will think it's about time... Our experience gaining was changed a while back and it's made the game way too munchkin. It used to be that level 101 was something special, that it took a while to EARN. Well, now it will again (we won't be doing any penalties, if you made it up beforehand kudos etc). On that same thread, stealing for experience is STILL active, but has been lowered as it was a nice fun way to bot to 101 in about 20 hours. Same goes for deactivate, still some exp but not as high (and it doesn't show you, was spammy). The main change was one on the game operation side, ie mob bugs. All fixed, stability is key. In case you missed it previously; mages polearm is now staff/spear, if you had it it switched, if not and you create you get the staff/spear (listed as spear) skill. This is only on mage characters. Now for the more fun stuff: Coming shortly to an Ansalon near you... Hidden objects, hiding/burying objects (along with shovels/trowels) There is a version out there, but I'm writing this one myself. Books, I'm almost done with that book code that I started what a year ago? You'll be able to have books you can write in, up to like 10-20 pages. Scrying, this one you might love, might hate. Scrying will now be a continueing action. This means you stand at a crystal ball or scrying pool and observe a room, and continue to watch it, seeing people come in and out of that room etc. This code will be congruent with window code as they'll share some code. It also means scrying takes concentration and a crystal ball or scrying pool (clan item, 1k). Crystal balls will be spendy, but heck we're made of steel. Smoking, after some deliberation I've decided to add smoking to the mud. This means we'll be able to smoke cigars, pipes etc (no funky green leaf). I'm still debating any benefits or perhaps simply have it be theraputic to make smoke rings, ships, dragons etc (magic users can make some funky stuff). Is this inspired by Tolkien? Duh. heh. Crafting, the preliminary crafting code is starting. Huge project but it should let us make about anything under the sun. Flint would shed a tear. Palm/Plant objects, you will be able to have an unseen get/put command if you're a thief or mage and practice these skills. New group 'Sleight of Hand' coming. That's all for now. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 17 12:54:53 2006 Subject Experience, and staff issues etc. I realize some players might be irritated at this (some imms too). But, it had to be done. 101 used to matter for something. It will again. The munchkinism is stopping right now. This game WILL have depth and fun game play and not take 20 hours to 101. Hell, I've done the 101 quickies, but you know what? It's cheap, it makes those characters worthless and it spits in the face of our players who actually put something into making their characters. The original exp change (hours removal) was done, now we've had a chance to see what the results were. And they're assloads of idiot 101s who have no game knowledge. So I'm sorry if this change ruffles feathers on anyone, but it had to happen. I also found some mobs that changed, if people ask about the Hylar nobles... Level 85 with 1500 hp and wimpy... 800+ exp a pop I saw one guy getting. Munchkin leveling mob that accident turned out to be. So I fixed that oversight. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 25 12:18:17 2006 Subject Sockets The socket command has been changed a bit, I found one I liked better then rewrote ours with parts of it. For one, it's colorized, for two it shows time of log-in, also shows idle (I know omni does too; p). I hope you find it nicer to use (more informative too, I hated looking up socket id's to know what state someone was in creation). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 5 14:52:03 2006 Subject PAGELEN Essentially, PAGELEN is your default page length which was 22 lines... Now it's 60, so that new characters can see all of the skills, all the helpfile length etc. Also, if you have wiznet secure (109+) you'll now see if denied players or sites try to connect. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jun 6 11:02:16 2006 Subject append_file() Append_file() was changed for easier reading (to match our log files) Very simple, just looks like our logs for easier finding of things. Also, tithe. C was changed so the log files are cleaner, all of the same information but it now reads like a regular log file. So instead of: [32307] Zivilyn : Zivilyn has withdrawn 20 diamonds from the \ Conclave Funds account. -->Wed Feb 22 11:49:04 2006 [32307] Zivilyn : The 'Extracting' account is being extracted.\ -->Wed Feb 22 11:49:16 2006 You get now: Tue Jun 6 10:29:18 2006 :: [32000] Zivilyn : \ Zivilyn has donated 2 diamonds to the Zivilyn account Tue Jun 6 10:29:49 2006 :: [32000] Zivilyn : \ Zivilyn has withdrawn 2 diamonds from the Zivilyn account It might look similar, but there were extra \n\r's in there, as well as the time spot was made consistant with our other log files. Also, extra \n\r's were removed from the wiznet statements (those extra returns in the logs were a killer to find hehe, now it's all compact though). Happy logs ;) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 8 12:00:38 2006 Subject KILLERS and low level fighting Lowbies will notice it's not QUITE so hard to fight now, there's an allowance made for being new. Also, on the same vein, if you miss now in combat... You see it (I know, it's crazy). Now for the KILLER stuff... Law areas will still stop you from attacking non-violent/non-killer/non-thief players... BUT, if you do kill someone in a LAW area... There has to be witnesses for it to mark you a killer. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 12 18:43:50 2006 Subject Restring machin The restring machine now checks to be sure that 1. The item being restrung is not a quest item, and 2. If it IS a quest item, the restring MUST be the one from a makeover. Ziv. This should help avoid confusion :) As well as us needing to stat the restring coupon before approving heh. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 15 09:44:18 2006 Subject Attack lag Attack lag is slightly less now when attacking mobs, PVP is still the same. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 15 21:20:27 2006 Subject True Sight, Detect Hidden, Awareness. True sight is the combination of detect invisible, detect hidden, detect magic, detect evil, detect good, detect neutral... but it now functions within the PK range as those spells do. Detect hidden, well it detects hidden as well, but within PK range. Detect invisible, has not changed one little tiny bit. Awareness, finds hidden people... within PK range. Thanks for yer support. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 19 16:46:38 2006 Subject bug A couple bugs squished, one having to do with true sight trigger mobs not seeing you (101 mages invis to thier own clan guards)... Another bug, the crash culprit, was one in stock mprog code which bombs when trying to purge an object by name. Fixed and much happier. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jun 20 00:43:11 2006 Subject Portals and exits In the 'exit' command (as well as autoexit), you will now see that portals of all kinds show up as a viable exit. This helps with figuring out ways in and out of rooms of course, and also included a type of portal 'gangplank'. You can guess what the gangplanks are for, avast me hearties. ;). For our builders, stat reveals more information on portals, as well as the OLC on portals being fixed and modified. Gangplanks with 1 use will be pulled aboard the vessel after used, feel free to play around with it. Enjoy, I hope the extra information is useful. (move command works great with it). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jun 20 10:18:27 2006 Subject Player shops in Palanthas. In order to have equality and fairness with shop locations (and figuring in location costs and gameplay etc), all player shops in Palanthas have been moved to Garnet (Gemtyrs is no longer a pshop as he hasn't been seen in 6+ months, but it's the re also). We might build a 'shops' district, or marketplace to where they could be moved. But the idea is that no one shop has location monopoly. Ziv. Ps. If you would like your shop moved along Garnet to another spot on it, please note me and we can make sure it's a fitting location. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jun 21 18:34:30 2006 Subject Pload/Punload and Activelist 109 + can load characters by name. 102+ Can punload Link Dead characters (or loaded ones). Activelist is better looking. Help files tonight. Syntax: Pload punload Activelist (all, a/b/c/d etc) Activelist is 104 I believe. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 22 11:08:56 2006 Subject Who's crap is this? I always wonder that when finding a yardsale of eq lying around. Now I just type deathlist and look for the vnum. Enjoy, help deathlist is in if it's not obvious. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Jun 22 19:58:33 2006 Subject Arena Prizing Three new arena prize types have been added to the Arena. There's the option of experience gains, (a chance at) skill percent gains and (a chance at) spell percent gains. With the two latter, you may gain, but it isn't a sure bet, as somethings can restrict it (not having any skills left to improve, randoms, being too low for your skills, etc). Chance at skill improves will not help spells if your skills are maxed. Hide your dairy farm Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 23 11:24:16 2006 Subject Turns, Rounds, and Corpses... Turns and Rounds are now separate toggles that can be accessed via the toggle command. This allows those who only want turns to see just those, vs the every 6 second Round that pops up. Also, immortals can now dump out corpses, just fun. And dumping out an empty container, well it lets you know it was empty, just sillyness ;p. Stumpy McWood Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jun 23 17:43:36 2006 Subject Arena Addition Another game enters the Arena. Paintball: ongoing has been added. This is much like FFA, but in paintball fashion :) Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 26 17:32:47 2006 Subject Mages/Bmages spear/polearm stuff, and public displays of drunkeness. The mage/bmage polearm/spear deal should be fixed. Speech is now affected by drunkeness. A couple of levels, tipsy and fubar... Have fun. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Jun 27 22:33:54 2006 Subject New Channel Thank Lothoemas for this one. His idea on private channels are in, as we liked it, and it was a sinch to code. There are 30000 channels to choose from, so if you're looking for a group privacy, you have a LOT of choice. To monitor/start talking on a certain channel, just type 'private #(number)', the pound sign tells the function that a channel change is about to happen... the (number) is the number of the channel you're going into. To turn off a private channel, just type private, like a normal channel. I would expect things like trivia would be run on a certain channel, giving players the best of both worlds, enrollees all the updates, and ppl not interested free from the spam of OOC :P As for forder Lothoemas... never ever possibly even a consideration of that happening, sorry to say. Think of it like this 'forder all remove all' 'forder all drop all' 'get all' 'quit'. It would be especially hard on newbies who wouldn't be expecting the group leader to really be able to screw them over. Oh and... go cut the grass Maraxus Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jun 28 03:47:18 2006 Subject Private channel (and 'channels command') Private channels now show people entering/leaving them (unless a higher level imm etc). Also, due to concensus, the colors were changed and format slightly, due to mud poll. Great idea, now modified some to allow for a little better use. (You know, I was just jealous because Sargy got to it first, we both agree it rocked as an idea, I said 'I'll do that' but he beat me to it hehe) On that note, sleep beckons. Enjoy the channels (all 30,0000 of them). Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Sat Jul 1 16:35:16 2006 Subject Small bug fix Mobs will no longer steal your returner weapons off the ground. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Jul 3 15:23:41 2006 Subject Wholist bug The wholist bug that was making people not be able to see their clanmates has been fixed. It should work now how it was originally meant to work. If there are any problems found at all that anyone can notice, note me on it. Through testing in any circumstances I could think of, everything seems to work fine, but there could always be minute instances that need tweaking yet. Moo Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Jul 4 00:02:15 2006 Subject Mprogs Some mprog/oprog/rprog stuff has been added. There is now a tick trigger, whichtriggers everytime a tick happens with a percentage trigger. Alongwith this is also some if checks for mob programs (minute, day, hour, month)They all work pretty explanatory (if month > 5), except minute. With the minute oneits in 4s from 0 upto 95. 4 for instance is 1:00 AM, 0 is midnight, and the like.Its an idea behind hours more than anything. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jul 7 18:40:59 2006 Subject Those bleepin (HELP!) things that pop up. If you see those HELP! Things pop up, it means that the player has typed help on a subject that there isn't a helpfile for. If you see this, feel free to note a helpfile to immortal, or simply notify an imp who can post one (unless it's obvious idiocy, or misspelt) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Jul 8 19:39:26 2006 Subject Activelist Activelist is now for all immortals to use, please do not abuse it (if there's a way ;p). Activelist also has been expanded so you can simply type active chi etc, meaning, the entire name, or first part of a name, first letter, etc. Active all shows ALL characters. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Jul 9 18:47:51 2006 Subject bug You'll see the s and s of your clan on who again Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Jul 10 21:32:20 2006 Subject Shop addition Plenty of new helpfiles are in (dual clan, free action, web, etc)But moreso than that, shops have been given an extra layer of opportunity. Ifyou have the advertiser option in your pshop, you can now write a descriptionthat will be printed on the opening part of all consequent fliers. You cantell directions to your shop, extra information about it, stats on items,or what have you in the description. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Jul 10 22:10:35 2006 Subject Toggle Ever wonder what that Clan1 Channel and Clan2 Channel toggle were for?Previous, they were options with no functionality... now on the other handit is in operation. Their function is simple. If you do not want someoneto see messengers coming to your side for clantalks (for the room to see) youtoggle them off. clan1 channel represents your main clan and clan2 yoursecondary, if you have one. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Jul 11 01:14:39 2006 Subject Arena Opened! Finally I got around to making the Arena be walkable, so you don't haveto make a new challenge to gather your equipment and the like from the floor.Of course, that's provided there's not an event going on again. You can alsoaccess the stands now to actually watch opponents in the Arena, whenever.The wager room is in, but the code isn't yet. If you're in the floorsof an Arena before an event happens, it will kick you to the entrance.And finally, to get there, temporarily its located 3s4w1n from pal pit Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 11 18:05:20 2006 Subject STATS on mobs Mobs now roll stats when they create. (This means no more 25/25/25/25/25 mobs,except the friggin buff ones ;p). There are bonuses for level some, as well assize etc, but you'll find things better we hope. Racial stats will be coming soon as well. Also, expect base animals to stop talking ;p, as well as casting (int below 6, good luck ;p). Just an effort to remove some of the cookie cutters from the mobs and the game. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 11 18:26:18 2006 Subject notes They should be fixed now, with regards to formatting and line returns etc. Also, stories to all, don't use color, well you can, but it's fugly on the web as it no longer tries to translate the colors (icky lame colors ;p). Oh, and 'note format' is now in, no need to enter an editor and type .f. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 12 00:29:16 2006 Subject Stabilize (First Aid) Any player can stabilize the condition of a character who is mortally wounded. This is applying first aid to the downed character. This takes movement points to accomplish, and some time, but can save your party member's life should they get mortally wounded. This will only heal them back to 0. Syntax: stabilize Thanks much all, now go save a life. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 12 08:32:32 2006 Subject Money! As per a recent idea (and one that'd always been floating in my head too ;p) You can now put money into containers if you wish. Just the same as dropping money, or putting things into containers. Syntax: PUT 123 gold in grey, PUT 34 steel jair, etc. Hope you like. Stumpy McWorkstoodamnedmuchalotandstuffum..wood. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jul 12 13:46:49 2006 Subject Building and Mprog documents. The building and mprog documents have been updated, feel free to use them at will. Builders awaiting approval, please re-note, we've been under the weather. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jul 14 03:50:27 2006 Subject Edition One: Resistance Ground Work Alright, you have a new spell (low mages, high clerics), it's 'protection element' and it will bonus you resistance in one of three elements (only one), like stone skin it's self cast, so yeah, enjoy. The BIG change, however is in resistances. They have been completely reworked to function in percentile form. However, they are not 100% implemented yet, I just had to port what is done of them, in order to update some of the areafiles before I do the last bits, and finish the area-files. Can't get around having to do this. The percentile resistances will function on this port already, but some of the objects with resistances (as well as racial resistances on PCs) will not function. Mobiles should load with their proper resistances, however. By proper, I mean, also in test format. Some will more than likely be altered with knowledge of what's seemingly broken (total revamp of the race tables). If your curiosity is peaked on why it isn't completely done... let's just say I have yet to strip the old formats out of areafiles, then I can strip them from the code. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jul 14 05:45:29 2006 Subject Item reformat Items have been successfully reformatted. However, there's a problem with that. Some characters will be WEARing some of the items that were changed by the updater function. Those who are, when taking off a changed item will see their resistance change beyond what it should be normal. So, chances are, you might need your resists reset. Send me a note if you do, if I'm not on when you log off, take all of the equipment off that you're wearing and I'll set the resists in the pfile. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jul 14 18:13:38 2006 Subject Resistances: Second Edition Alright, by all accounts, the resistance code SHOULD be completed. There may be a few things yet, but we'll have to wait and see. The previous note about some characters might need to contact me about off-centre resistances is no longer valid. A program automatically fixes you on log-in now. If there's any quirks (or quarks) in the code, let me know. MOOOOOOO Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jul 14 18:23:52 2006 Subject Addendum Forgot to mention, if you're interesting in JUST your resists Type resists Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 25 10:44:12 2006 Subject Tweaks ;p Deathlist (an immortal function showing who died where, by who etc) Color stripped, pk's shown in red for ease. Kingdoms - New clanhall additions are in, thank Sirrion. KILLER flags - The spotting mobs now must be sentient (ie, a dog should NOT turn you in ;p). Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 25 17:17:51 2006 Subject Gnome's and their speedy little mouths... Due to several requests, gnome talk has been toned way down. There is always a chance you'll go gnome-funk on someone, but it's low. If you're fighting, chances increase, also if you're hasted the chance increases. But even so it should be a pretty low occurance (like 1/4 time if hasted, and fighting and talking ;p). Hope it helps. Also, all out of character channels will NOT have any gnomespeak. (Clan channels are considered in char and will have the same restraints). Love me, Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Jul 25 17:19:01 2006 Subject Charming elves, and spells There was a small bug in confusion/fear and trying to charm elves. Said bugs are now gone. Thanks to those who alerted us of the bugs. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 25 18:15:59 2006 Subject PKSTATUS command. Type 'help pkstatus' you can now change it before level 15. Ziv. Ps. Due to this change, under level 15's can not fight or be fought, even with killer or thief flags. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jul 25 18:35:27 2006 Subject A wandering caravan... Thank Khakarot, there's a wandering caravan that might drop into your town... (Type area) stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 31 10:53:54 2006 Subject Weights, and funk Shops, now can hold a substantial weight again. When mobs were changed to actually 'roll' stats, that meant a shop could hold the same as a regular mob (not enough for a shop; p). Now, if they are a shop, they have a much larger capacity for weight, as it should be. Kyris, the captain of the Dekarian, in the Blood Sea... well he was broke. He's fixed. Stumpy. Ps. He's meaner now too, but has a nicer rapier. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Aug 1 16:35:20 2006 Subject Res and stuff A few bugs have been flattened to do with resistance code. Some new NPC races have been added (builder stuff). Ruby Golem has been modified to fit the new resistance style. Many damage verbs have been added, but no one will likely encounter many of them. Kender are now extinct. Really? No, not really. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 3 11:50:58 2006 Subject Potty mouths & Deathlist One minor thing, cussing will no longer kill you (although you might be stunned that you said such vulgar things ;p). And the imm command 'deathlist' now only shows the deaths in RED if they are actual PK's (Suicides no longer show red). Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Aug 3 16:04:48 2006 Subject Area change Vingaard Mountains have been "upped", don't go there if you're low level. Read the sign outside of it, if you're curious. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Aug 17 01:28:32 2006 Subject Baddies The groundwork for mobiles acting depending on their race is in. With that one race type has been defined a little bit (you'll have to find out which), but, if we wish to add more to that style, it'll be easier now. With that, a 101 mage spell/95 bmage spell is in, fire storm. Dl3.5 it's cleric-oriented, but clerics are powerful enough at present, so it's mage and bmage for now. The damage will probably have to be tweaked, of course, as I could only play around with it so much based on mobiles. At present it's longer to cast and more mana than fire breath, for less damage (it would seem), but I'll have to wait and see better numbers through usage by you guys :P It should already be added to you guys who had combat group. Mooo Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Aug 17 23:21:24 2006 Subject Tail attacks and mobile behviour Tail attack ability has been added for things with tails large enough to use. In other words, mobiles :P Another mobile has been pre-programmed for its behaviour. The only hint I'm giving is that it's one of those evil creatures you want to avoid in dungeon crawls. They will, in this realm now be something to take note of, and they will make first moves, if they sense you anywhere in their vicinity. Have fun with em >;D A few fixes will happen on this one, however, as some of the things might not be quite 100% operational. Testing is only so good on mobiles, as I've said in the past, afterall. Oh, and Aurius is perm-confused, pass it on Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Aug 20 02:11:28 2006 Subject AI With the last CO, rust monster's got a lot smarter (bugs fixed). With this one, another race has been given AI, you're not likely to encounter too many of this one, neither, but if you do, it's a little harder than before (new spells is pretty much all). New Thalos still won't be entirely safe :) Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Aug 20 03:21:41 2006 Subject Battlemage spell Battlemages have a new level 72 spell (bmage only, no mages). Help wind assault for more information. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Aug 20 21:38:14 2006 Subject AI Again Another race has been given AI. This one was a well-hit mobile that over the years slowly got easier and easier to kill. The race type and AI makes him more of a challenge again. Some can probably guess what the mob is, the rest will have to wait and find out :) Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Aug 21 00:55:23 2006 Subject New Spell Rangers have a new spell called static field (help static field for info) this is within a new ranger group (nature wrath), which at present only has the one spell in it. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 22 13:48:26 2006 Subject Tweaks etc. Ok, a few things, namely resistances modifications are now saved (IE deck quests etc). We brought back 'some' of the eating/drinking requirements, as in 'fighting' makes you thirsty and hunger (at the same OLD rate just 'being' did), also haste increases how much you need to eat and drink, these are minumal amounts. BUT, there also has been a change to how much you heal mana and hitpoints, based on hunger/thirst. I'll let you figure this one out. It's a good thing. A few other issues, but background stuff. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 22 13:49:56 2006 Subject Last change The ResMod wasn't on a new line so was not being looked at, fixed. The other issue is still being worked on (ick, it's commented out on coder/bp, look if you want, but it's not there yet) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 28 13:52:53 2006 Subject Clanranks KOT Clanrank names have been changed per the request. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Aug 31 14:55:11 2006 Subject Spell group Whether anyone noticed or not, paladins have a new spell group. It sounds weird, but they were meant to have cure disease/blind/poison from the start, but the spells were never put into a group, so they never could gain them... they've been added to a new 'extrication' group for that reason. As well, there's a new 'slow poison' spell. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 7 11:20:42 2006 Subject Adjustments res/vuln and... A cold place The resistances/vulnerabilities of the mob races were adjusted some (some were just way out of wack, trial by testing! hehe). Also, some races had predetermined 'actions' a little too much, so those were fixed (still setable by the builders of course). You'll also notice a very very cold place has appeared... try the southern exit of Tarsis and give a huge thanks to Khakarot! (Type 'area' and look at the last one, more coming!). We now return you to your regularly scheduled viewing. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Sep 9 14:04:05 2006 Subject MONEY THIS IS NOT IN YET, but people were asking about it. Please note: NO ONE WILL LOSE MONEY. It all converts. Money change! (Nearly complete but I'm chomping at the bit). Platinum = pp = The rarest metal coin on Ansalon Steel = st Silver = sp Gold = gp Copper = cp 1 pp = 100 st = 10,000 sp = 1,000,000 gp = 100,000,000 cp 1 st = 100 sp = 10,000 gp = 1,000,000 cp 1 sp = 100 gp = 10,000 cp 1 gp = 100 cp IE. A diamond that was worth 11,000 gp (110 st), is now 11,000 cp (110 gp) A star diamond was worth 1,100,000 gp (11,000 st), now worth 1 st, 10 sp (1.1 st) It's not a change of worth or cost, simply the denomination of the coins. The old 'gold and steel' is now 'copper and gold' but we have 3 more coins of incremental values of 100. IE 1 Copper of the new money is worth 1 of todays gold. 1 Gold of the new money is worth 1 of todays steel. 1 Silver of the new money, is worth 100 of todays steel. 1 Steel of the new money, is worth 10,000 of todays steel. 1 Platinum of the new money, is worth 1 MILLION of todays steel. Again, this is nearly complete and should be in by tonight. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Sep 11 03:14:01 2006 Subject 5 coins The new money system is in, please bear with us as I'm SURE I missed something somewhere. If you find something, please note it to immortal. This was massive as money is used everygoddamnplaceinthemud(tm). The only thing left with this is 'exchange' of cash. You can still exchange copper and gold as per previously, but I'm changing it to an 'exchange' command to 'exchange 100 (coin) (new coin)' etc. This will be ASAP. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Sep 11 23:05:05 2006 Subject Idea board: prompt Per idea board: The money prompts are different. As we're limited to 26 (letters), the old %g prompt is shorthand of your entire coins, %s is long. Looks like this: %g gives: 2 34 345 34245 3434 (and omg yeah that's a lot of money). %s gives: pp:2 st:34 sp:345 gp:34245 cp:3434 (yeah, still tons). Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 15 14:44:05 2006 Subject Money, shops, exchanging cash, and caravans. Caravan has been updated some, Icewall has more goods. Money has been fixed, it appears there was a negative amount possible through shops, this is no more. Exchanging money has been altered. No longer will you give money to an exchanger, but you can simply use the 'bank' command to exchange the money at the bank. See also 'Help Bank' for more information. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Sep 24 00:56:04 2006 Subject Noarena NoArena command is in, not much of use, but as it would state, removes the person's ability to use the arena in any way (even in someone trying to challenge them). possible ways of getting the flag: continuous use of arena to drop maladicts. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Sep 24 00:58:32 2006 Subject Trapping The groundwork code for trapping (thief and ranger abilities) is in. Rangers currently don't have operational code, but the first bit of thieves is complete. That is the ability to trap containers. Other options for thieves (and of course rangers) will surface, but I got to get around to them, first. Trap ? for more information. And as the helpfile says, trapping is monitored, and abuse will get you in trouble. Any bugs, you know how to reach me (note). Oh, and trapkits will be for sale at Amoriviar, until I place them in areas in the MUD. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Sep 24 05:42:47 2006 Subject New traps There are two new trap types which are capable of being done on doors by thieves. I won't detail what they are yet, but as with anything, all of this code is to be considered still in beta, bugs may be found and fixed. Damage and effects may change or be tweaked etc. Check Amoriviar (3s5w2n2w from pal pit i think) if you need some starter traps. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Sep 28 00:27:11 2006 Subject count The new count command is in. As always 'count ?', heh heh Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 28 15:07:47 2006 Subject Economy and... a postscript The economy code has been altered somewhat, to allow for variations on wealth on the mud. Essentially it used to only come into play in extreme cases of poverty or way overabundance, now it comes into play in smaller increments. Also, when a mobile died with cash on it's body before... it used to not go back into the mud wealth, now it does. As well as all shop purchases etc. Also, a bank exchange error was found and reported by a player, now fixed. Reward was 1 star diamond. Thanks all! Ps. Pets and charmies can now purchase things at the stores, as well as heal (if they have the cash). Ok, so I guess that part is kind of important ;p. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 28 17:57:26 2006 Subject Mobs etc Mobs with spec_thief can now pick locks again, I'll look at the other delayed actions to see if there are some that need inclusion. Also mobiles can now speak their languages (all elves can speak all elvish languages, dwarves dwarvish etc). To do this it's required to use mprogs (oprogs etc), just 'language dimernesti' etc. One place I know I'll use this myself is for the dwarf mines (in the reconstruction), to have them actually shout in Hylar etc, dwarves then will understand but non-dwarves will see the same old gibberish (as originally intended). Another language change that is coming (not in), is an 'if language $n (string)', which will allow our mobs to become dumber, in a sense smarter.. And only understand certain languages. Used like: if language $n klar // Do neat mprog etc, else // look confused etc', which we'd trigger off the keywords as usual... Fun fun. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 28 18:46:23 2006 Subject language if check for mprogs It's in, if language $n klar, etc (check mpedit page on web etc). That combined with language command that mobs can now use... Have fun with it. I will myself :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 3 16:44:01 2006 Subject Translate and Understand Tongues Translate and Understand Tongues have been fixed, it seems they were partially fubar before. Meaning? Translate lets you understand/write written languages you might otherwise not. Tongues lets you understand/speak spoken languages you otherwise wouldn't. Really simple, I know, before it was off a tad. And mobs now, can recognize if you're affected by more spells (builders, if affected now checks affect and affect2). Not much, but it's a fix :). Ps. New languages coming, sign, thieves cant, other goodies. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Oct 7 21:19:54 2006 Subject Delayed actions Delayed actions now should allow for all (ok most) informational and communication type actions to happen while you're in a delayed action (Brew,scribe,deactive,pick etc) Also, mudschool eq has changed a little bit, there's a staff and a spear, but the items with +2's are now +1's. Ps. That ISNT a 'hey they screwed us!!!' it's a 'hey, now things like spectacles, brittas, glistening ball (old rainbow staff), etc, are worth finding. The leveling eq is out there, some of the school stuff still has bonuses (torch etc), but most is simply... newbie eq. Stumpy McDontchopmedownitsallinthebestinterestofthegameiswearWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 10 17:05:39 2006 Subject GMP command GMP now allows for +/- and an ammount (and gives more info) GMP + 100000 adds that much, etc. Also, it verifies the argument is a number now ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 10 18:44:05 2006 Subject Saving Exits (olc/fread/fwrite etc) It now saves the flags and reads the flags etc, rather than the lame assed 'locks' way it did before. I finally got around to it hehe. All ports fixed, if we need to import old areas, let me know and I"ll write a command to do so. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 11 16:18:35 2006 Subject Creation skills listing and 'gain list' During creation your scroll will now be 80 lines, to allow for those spell lists to all show up with 'learned'. Also, list will now show you what level you get each skill at (spells are groups, add the group and type spell all to see). Gain list: Gain list now shows you what level you get the skill at for your class, as well as the creation point (cp) cost of the skill. If it's green, it's at or below your level to use (so you don't buy a level 80 skill at level 4 and not get to use it for ages). Hope it helps, Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 12 15:34:15 2006 Subject Minor modifications Sacrificing things now gives cash to all ages, rollback on that silly change. Also, a level 64 CHICKEN (omwtf?) .. Is now level 4 or 5, let's make some semblance of sense; p. Ziv. There's most likey a couple other small tweaks, but they're secret and If I told you, I'd have to kill you, or make you listen to Opera while knitting a dickie for Jerry's Kids... Or something. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 12 23:43:06 2006 Subject Trader Joe At the entrance to the mud school, he has a few quests, gets you some good eq. Have fun, learn the mud, enjoy. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Oct 21 20:56:31 2006 Subject can_see and can_see_obj code Before it was checking ch->in_room_vnum, but the code leading to it didn't make sure that there WAS anything there first. (in the ROOM_ARENA check). Wrapped it in a (ch->in_room != NULL) check for both booleans, so no more pop goes the mud :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Oct 21 21:46:09 2006 Subject Subclans in a couple Auxiliary is now Crescent for KOT per requests. Stier is sunk, the Orlouge is the subclan we meant *waves Jedi hand... there is no Stier... these aren't the Lungs you're looking for* Stumpy. Ps. Mariners, pit, healer and fountain tonight (might be hella late, we'll see) Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 26 15:11:26 2006 Subject Look, locks, CP, Hooomans. Ok, a few things have changed. First off, when you go to look at something, you'll attempt to look at the one in the room first (not IN, just 'look sign' etc, shows the sign in the room before your signet ring). Second, trying to pick a lock is no longer thwarted by another higher level mob simply being in the room. Guards will stop you, but only if they can see you. Third, Creation points for races have altered somewhat. Some were too high, others too low. See help RACE HELP for more information on that. Fourth, Humans are supposed to be the most prosperous and abundant race, such is rarely the case in our game. Humans start with 2 additional train points now (as in D&D they get a free train). But they also do not get any racial abilities nor bonuses. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 26 15:32:05 2006 Subject Hobgoblins Whoever originally put in Hobgoblins *coughreocough*... Put them in as LARGE creatures. Hobgoblins are actually 'medium' sized, ie human sized, which is still quite large for a goblin, but not minotaur or ogre sized. This means that 1, their creation point cost dropped in half. 2. Their size is now medium, not large. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 27 03:10:40 2006 Subject Rangers, ranged weapons etc. Rangers now do more damage with bows than other classes. Not tons, just some. Also, ranged weapon firing speed has been humanized, apparently there was NO lag on them at all (hence the gatling effect). Now, the delay is directly in proportion to the weapon's speed, as well as your dexterity, and a large part due to your proficiency in that weapon. Also, rangers fire a bit faster than the rest of the classes, as the bow is an integral part of them. Rangers also now get 'find familiar' at a much lower level, although the familiar is still based upon thier own statistics, it will lend to more role play AS a ranger at lower levels. Enjoy, ZIv. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Oct 29 15:15:17 2006 Subject Traps The trap crash should be fixed. What was happening was in fire traps, the object was getting destroyed, however, it was still being considered valid, and in an expression which evaluated its existance, it was always passing even when inexistant, and in operation on it, it was pointing to null memory. To make a long story short... Boom. Traps are re-enabled, have fun with them. Any further bugs, please report them. Moogonnas. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 6 16:14:12 2006 Subject More Gore, Part 4, subsection b. Ok, the body parts code has changed slightly. Now, tusks, fangs, claws, tails etc, do more/less damage based off size. This means.... little mice fangs, heh, scratchy, big giant dragon fangs? OOOOUCH! Experiment around, have fun finding good ones, they can be enchanted as well. Also, the body part 'weapon's (part 3 of the More Gore change I put in aeons ago just post-split) will now have the name of the beasty in the weapon name. Meaning? sapphyre's fangs would be named 'fangs sapphyre blue dragon'. This is based off the mob's name and the item, so you can grab the RIGHT horn/fang etc. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 9 15:07:06 2006 Subject Restring machine, string command, colors et all. Ok, the restring machine has been changed slightly. Let me preface that with; I've created a new int check for color changes, this way we can quickly see how many color changes in a string (get_color_changes(*string)), it returns a number back to you etc. One thing I'll do with this is hopefully fix all of our listings so we don't have the weird color offset crap. But, back to the restring machine etc. Colors are coded in so they aren't allowed in the keywords (duh I know). Colors in long and short are each limited to 8 changes. The same goes for the immortal 'string' command. But, on a fun happy note, the 'string' command now lets you know exactly what you're stringing into what, so you see a response (think... like local echo in telnet, only less lame). This also happens for those using the restring machine, so they see what they requested as long, short, names etc. All in all, it's fixed up nicely. OLC will be fixed soon as well so that it doesn't allow over 8 colors in the long/short etc. I hope this doesn't tweak anyone's panties, there's a very real reason for doing this OTHER than the fact that too many colors looks lamer than Chitler at a gay rights parade btw... Each color change actually inserts 4-8 characters worth in a string, and slows down reading of the string, and can crash the mud if it exceeds buffer limits etc. Notice how many lines it takes to spam someone off with uncolored items into a uncolored bag, then add like 8 changes to the bag, you'll hit a ton less before you drop connect. It's all about total characters, not just the ones we read. And, well now it at least tells us the info when we string, and them when they request. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 14 21:20:57 2006 Subject Bank/steel oops On bank withdraw code, there as a kind of massive oops. It seems it checked the steel ON YOU, rather than in the bank... This means, someone could have created a new character, had a buddy give them 1 steel, bank with 1 steel, bank with 2 steel, bank with 4 steel... In about 10 seconds they would have been the richest character in the world (dropping off the cash with a buddy, since their bank steel would be negative..) Essentially it would have ruined the game for most, and thrown a giant monkey wrench into things, and gotten people banned. Nasturn clued me in to the issue, and got a star diamond for his effort. Thanks much amigo. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Nov 19 21:01:44 2006 Subject Alts, and Alt revealing Please read help #6. This does NOT mean we frag people for telling someone Ukiah is Silver man... only, Ukiah is Silver is Chislev... I hope that makes sense. Basically, those of us that were around agreed, people know alts, tell alts, but the only time it's of consequence is when they say So-in-so is X immortal. So, we will smite for open revealing on public channels of is , but other than that we leave it be. In room is NOT global. Basically, if we want characters secret, keep them secret. The imm is X mort is still the same, ass whoopin. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 22 13:14:49 2006 Subject A few.. Hunger/Thirst prompt, note listing Ok, there's a new variable for prompts, shows your relative hunger and thirst. This is showing H/T for hunger thirst, and is using the %f (think.. food) variable. For more information: Help Prompt From the idea board, and one I've wanted to do for aeons.... You can now put an argument in 'note/idea/change/story/etc list'!!!!! This is quite simple... note list zivilyn, shows any notes I've written... OR, are to me! Note list mercenary, shows any TO mercenary etc. The note numbering however, stays the same, so you can read them :) Excellent idea, not forgotten, just finally implemented. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 24 18:25:59 2006 Subject Mobs... exp. Ok, I added in a new component to our leveling. See, mobiles acrue hours as do players, so... now if mobs are OLDER, they give more experience. This should have you all looking around for untouched areas, exploring, having fun. Old mob, more exp, up to 2x!!! Love me, Ziv. Ps. Note list rocks ;p Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 27 10:26:31 2006 Subject Recalls, biting, dropping corpses There was a certain clan that had recall issues, it appears the recall code was a tad 'off'. Fixed finally. That bites! Size now matters in biting, your size vs their size. Dropping. I always wondered why corpses of hawkmen would simply float there.... Now things fall as they should if they're in the air. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 5 23:09:51 2006 Subject It's a bar Jax's shop, east, north, east. Go drink. Ps. That's North east diamond. Just a place to kick back and have some fun, rp etc, it's law, not safe. Btw, Galaphale stinks. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 11 16:47:51 2006 Subject Questboard There is another note board, called 'questboard'. This is a board for immortals to post results/quests etc. This should help sorting, looking (and us seeing which immortals are doing what fun quests) Love me, hate me, I'm just me... Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 19 12:49:01 2006 Subject Website (stories page, story rooms, player rooms on web) Hey all, The stories page on the website has changed some, hopefully in a better way. For one, I created a PHP parser for Lopes color code (in english, I made it so that the PHP code can read and decifer { r into a certain red etc). What this does is primarily file size saving economy, but it also allows more accurate formatting with the new... Wordwrap you can do on the page. Sometimes people forget to format their stories, now you can at least keep them on thet page if you want. Ever had OMFG MY EYES!!!! Syndrome from reading someones stories? Me too! Or that white text that is impossible to read on the webpage... Now you can turn color OFF on the pages if you wish! Another thing this allows us to do is globally change things like the spear or arrow separators, or alter a color for all stories etc. Nothing game changing or earth shattering, but I thought I'd share it. I do believe there is no other MUD out there with an online library such as ours, GO ARPEEE!! STORY ROOMS!!! Ok, old news, but those of you who like to write stories, you can get a FREE (that's right, no cost, zilch nada) story room on the website. So that people when they read YOUR stories, can be in the environment you chose. (See stories by Zivilyn, Eleena, Galadir, Grumblock, Hilcaia, Laucian, Parlak, Samual, Skol (boggle heh), for examples of what a 'room' can look like). Also Player Rooms! (on the web page) These are more like a descriptive page about your character, with art, postings etc. Basically just something if you want to share it with the world. I posted ONE for Alyphis after doing the artwork (no I'm not making pictures of your characters for you, that one took crazy time). But there has been no additional interest, perhaps because no one knew (crazy how that works). Plans: I'd like to have it so that the wholist links off of each thing, your name? Linking to your story page, your clan linking to the info about that clan, race etc. I say I'd like, because it will take some pre-thought to make sure I don't forget things heh. Lots of info to be had. Zivy McStump. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 19 16:26:19 2006 Subject rlist/olist/mlist I went through a few things in olc_act.c. First off, redit rlist/mlist/olist have been changed. Any of the three will now work without arguments. That will show you all of the built rooms/mobs/objects in the area. rlist all/mlist all/olist all These will now show you ALL vnums in the area. Built ones look normal, the unused ones show up as --- unused ---. This is mainly to have an easier time sorting and finding vnums. Also, Rlist is now majorly changed as far as listing. Rlist no argument and it shows all built. Rlist all shows all vnums, unused listed. Rlist will show any rooms with that name in them. (Note: rooms with colored names will start with b or whichever so you must rlist b etc.) Mlist is the same, Olist the same. Olist you can also list by 'type'. IE. Olist container, olist weapon, olist sword (looks for sword name). I hope it helps, I know I'm digging it :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Dec 20 00:57:39 2006 Subject REDIT/OEDIT COPY Keywords: COPY "REDIT COPY" Redit copy works from the redit mode only. copy 1233 name: copies the room name. copy 1233 sector: copies the room sector copy 1233 flags: copies the room flags copy 1233 heal: copies the room heal rate copy 1233 mana: copies the room mana rate copy 1233 clan: copies the room clan copy 1233 owner: copies the room owner copy 1233 desc: copies the room desc. copy 1233 extra: copies all room extra descs copy 1233: copies all of the stats (not exits or resets). copy 1233 all, does the same as no argument. Exits and resets will never be copied. Future versions will copy fpools stats. Keywords: COPY "OEDIT COPY" Oedit copy works in the oedit mode. Edit object #. copy 32003 level: copies the item level. copy 32003 name: copies the item name. copy 32003 long: copies the item long description. copy 32003 short: copies the item short description. copy 32003 ed: copies the item extended descs (extended works too) copy 32003 type: copies the item item type. copy 32003 wear: copies the item wear flags. copy 32003 material: copies the item materials. copy 32003 extra: copies the item extra flags. copy 32003 affects: copies the item affects. copy 32003 values: copies the item values. (v fields) copy 32003 condition: copies the item condition. copy 32003 weight: copies the item weight. copy 32003 cost: copies the item cost. copy 32003 timer: copies the item timer. copy 32003: copies the entire object, all stats, descs, values etc. copy 32003 all, does the same. This should make it insanely simple to match good equipment, or items, fountains etc. Then, simply modify things to your taste. Or, have a great axe, want it to be about as tough as the assassins dagger? oedit the axe, copy 32003 affects, copy 32003 values, then switch it to an axe, change damage types. Done. MEDIT copy is coming next. These are all VERY versatile commands, so you can clone bits or all of rooms/objects now. Love me, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Dec 26 15:50:45 2006 Subject MEDIT COPY Keywords: COPY "MEDIT COPY" Medit copy works in the medit mode. Edit mob #. copy 32094 name: copies the mob name copy 32094 act: copies the mob act flags copy 32094 act2: copies the mob act2 flags copy 32094 sex: copies the mob sex copy 32094 group: copies the mob group number copy 32094 race: copies the mob race copy 32094 level: copies the mob level copy 32094 alignment: copies the mob alignment copy 32094 hitroll: copies the mob hitroll copy 32094 dam_type: copies the mob damage type copy 32094 hit dice: copies the mob hit dice copy 32094 damage dice:copies the mob damage dice copy 32094 mana: copies the mob mana copy 32094 aff: copies the mob affected by copy 32094 aff2: copies the mob affected by 2 copy 32094 armor/ac: copies the mob armor classes copy 32094 form: copies the mob form copy 32094 parts: copies the mob body parts copy 32094 imm: copies the mob immunities copy 32094 off: copies the mob offensive actions copy 32094 shop: copies the mob shop (or removes if NA) copy 32094 size: copies the mob size copy 32094 start: copies the mob starting position copy 32094 default: copies the mob default position copy 32094 wealth: copies the mob wealth (copper) copy 32094 special: copies the mob special fun (spec_fun) copy 32094 short: copies the mob short description copy 32094 long: copies the mob long description copy 32094 desc: copies the mob full description copy 32094: CLONE all aspects of the mob This should make it insanely simple to match good mobs. Then, simply modify things to your taste. Or copy just 'part' of the mob, it's shop, it's descs, you name it. In at next copyover (ie time, if it's todays date it's in). Dave.