Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2005.

Sender Reorx Date Sun Jan 16 23:52:37 2005 Subject A couple changes... OK, a couple changes went in. A quick summary: 1) The command "commands" has been updated to parse the commands into different categories. Should make things easier. 2) Brew and scribe have been changed and should be much MUCH more useful now. For integrated help on these commands, type "brew ?" or "scribe ?". We're looking to go to integrated help on ALL commands from now on. 3) Funny thing happened to brew, scribe, sharpen, pick lock, and deactivate trap commands.... The lag is BEFORE the action completes. Because of this, there's a new command. "stop" which goes along with them. Typing "stop ?" will explain to you how to use it. 4) And "stop ?" will show you a few new things as well, namely the new "listen" command and the changed "look" command. These aren't 100% completed, but I wanted to get them in now to let people get a feel for how things work. (Seems I didn't get the integrated help into "listen" and "look" commands, so I'll do that soon.) There were some other changes, but I can't remember them right now, so I'll note them later. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Mon Jan 17 20:45:25 2005 Subject More small changes A couple of small changes I put in and forgot to say in the last change note. 5) "recall" is no longer a skill, just a command that works only at low levels. 6) In your score, everyone now sees hitroll, damroll, AC, alignment (numerical), and saves. I guess a lot of you wanted to see saves. 7) Sensory code is in. The system actually takes into consideration whether or not you can see or hear, now. Enjoy. Reorx Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Jan 17 22:37:38 2005 Subject New spellgroup Clerics and Templars now have a new spellgroup "elemental" which consists of six new and 2 old spells. Two of the newer spells have also been added to the destructive battlemage group. The new spells are: aqua pillar - creates a pillar of water surrounding target charge water - when in water, causes electrocution to nearby creatures clay spire - Depending on the type of room, creates a spire to pierce an enemy crushing wave - Causes a wave on enemy, which does bash damage, then drowns everything in room earthen spire - advanced form of clay spire, does more damage icicle - causes a projectile icicle which can be shot a room away Sargonnas Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 19 17:21:00 2005 Subject Fixes and fun. Objects conditions have been changed, rather than things just breaking they take damage and can be repaired. This means shields as well. You can now repair them at the repairman (aka Bilkhorn in Palanthas). Examining an object will also let you know what kind of shape it is in. Sarg's new Sunder skill... well you might be fixing stuff. Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 19 17:28:48 2005 Subject Other alterations Some of the insanely long 'waiting' skills have been modified as well (deactivate, pick lock to name a couple). It used to be 50+ seconds irl to pick something, since our time is 1/4 real time... lockpicks can open a lock in seconds. So can you. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Jan 19 17:32:19 2005 Subject New skill, new 'RP' addition Warriors now have a new warrior-only skill at level 65 called sunder This skill gives them the ability to break equipment of their opponents during battle, the chance of landing it depends on a lot of things, but like most, level is one of the biggest. Broken equipment can be repaired, but you must pick it off the ground after it falls. Along with sunder, Morgion clerics/templars may notice some new things If a Morgion cleric/templar looks at another char, they may see a little extra bit at the end of the output, I won't disclose what that is. Along with this, Morgiong priests/clerics may notice a (Cyan Aura) around some players, in reguards to it, think of who Morgion despises most ;) Sargonnas Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Jan 19 23:23:10 2005 Subject New skill Minotaurs will notice when they log in, reguardless of if they're only creating for the first time, or logging into an existing character that they get an Announcement, which states they have gained the gore skill for free. That is much the case. The skill is minotaur only and will come into effect just like a normal skill, except it cost no CPs to the player. The level to use is still based on class, but all classes get it at some point. Sargonnas Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Jan 20 23:43:01 2005 Subject Free action spell Rangers, clerics, mages and battlemages will now notice a new spell if they previously had the correct group, free action, at the moment it will do nothing for you, but in days to come, you'll see why it was added. Rangers group: augmentation Battlemage's group: assistance clerics/mages group: protective Sargonnas Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jan 21 04:27:46 2005 Subject New changes A few things in, some small, one big. First, notes took a very small change... colors mostly. Second, items damage a little slower than before, may be reduced again later And finally, something several people have been waiting for for some time now. Ansalon now has a web spell, however it is to be considered under testing at current point. The duration, mana cost, chance of landing and time to cast, as well as level will probably change as time passes.. Webbing can be countered with the free action spell, whether its before you become webbed or if its while you're webbed. You can web objects to the floor. You can web doors closed, or you can web exits (effectively catching people who try to walk through (if they're dumb enough (int check)). You can also web a target There's a chance when you try to web a target, the webbing will expand and hit the floor, which can then cause anyone that walks into the room for the duration of the spell to get caught in the webbing. Currently fire works against web, but its the only thing other than free action. Webbing a target and then casting fire breath one them will burn the web off them (the burning web does damage as well). Sargonnas PS: If any bugs are encountered, any expansion ideas are thought up or anything of the sort, direct them to me, and we'll see what happens. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 21 13:28:16 2005 Subject Object damage, and dying Object damage should be less frequent now, and lower. We thank everyone for bearing with us while we destroyed your stuff :P. Dying no longer causes you to lose experience, we hope you don't mind, but dying is hard enough by itself, no sense in putting salt in the wounds. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jan 21 16:04:13 2005 Subject Small tweaks First off, poison and curse will no longer work on targets OOL, violent or otherwise. Secondly, I tweaked the web code quite a bit. Fixed a bug that crashed on one way webbed exits, and upped the chance the room will get the spell. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jan 21 18:18:48 2005 Subject Very small tweak Having big hours will no longer benefit your exp gains per kill. It is now set so You get what you'd get with 2.5 * level in hours with 0 hours. Hope this helps :) Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Jan 24 18:56:56 2005 Subject Removal Sorry for the inconvenience it causes but due to reasons I will not say the sunder skill has been completely removed from the mud, and gore has been cut off at the knees and elbows so to speak... it is now a command. If anyone actually used the qp to buy sunder, please note me, I'll check to see if you actually did, then reimburse in gains for it. Sargonnas PS: sorry to anyone who liked the additions. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Jan 25 00:03:17 2005 Subject New Area addition You will now notice a new area on the mud, hope you enjoy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 27 13:57:54 2005 Subject Experience and dying Ok folks, due to popular demand. You now will lose experience when you die again (though fleeing and recall will still have no effect on your experience). On a side note, there is a 5% chance when you die, that you might lose a point of constitution. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Sat Jan 29 20:29:29 2005 Subject New Addition :) A new clan has been added to the game, I won't disclose which, but if you're ambitious enough, it shouldn't take much for you to figure it out. Right now, the members that will be in the clan will be placed as soon as I see them, beyond that, a leader will not be present until appropriate RP is done for such a position. Sargonnas Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Jan 30 02:24:14 2005 Subject Minor tweaks, small addition Some small tweaks have been made: Mobs with horns will now from time to time gore their target Mobs that are thieves or have the appropriate skill may now use dirt kick Additions: Notched weapon flag: Weapon has a slightly higher chance to disarm opponent Acidic weapon flag: Acidic damage from a weapon Sargonnas Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Jan 30 03:28:29 2005 Subject Web adjustment The duration and chance of landing web in most instances has changed quite a bit. A minor bug was also found and fixed. On top of those two things, another function of web has been added. You can "cast web " given the idea that you are using that object... if it is a weapon, it will effectively work like no_remove flag until the web is burnt off or the duration runs out. Other equipment webbed that you are wearing will also not be removable. If you target something in your inventory, it will knock it from your hands and taper the object to the floor, like if it were in the room and not on you. Prime Beef Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Jan 31 02:59:32 2005 Subject Small addition, small tweak There is now an iceshield spell to contrast with flameshield, same basic principal as flameshield, except with ice as the precursor. The damage and level to use is lower than flameshield, but the same classes get them. You can not use both at the same time. Also, equipment will damage less (theoretically) from elemental effects. What I mean by this is, I lowered the chance of occurance. Sargonnas Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Feb 3 18:26:20 2005 Subject Bug fix There was a bug to do with containers rotting, the equipment inside would all goto hell... in some terms... or in MUD terms goto a place no mort can get to... and just be bug-worthy. Items will now fall to the ground once the container vapes. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Feb 4 04:44:35 2005 Subject Possibly only a temporary change Alright, here's the deal, this change may not stay, so it's to be under the idea that it might be temporary. Please bare with me on that one. Automatic corpse retrieval has been added. You can have this done at either a mortician, or a healer; both will do it. There are two ways to have it done. You can either A) give a qnote to a mortician/healer or type 'heal corpse' at a healer, and have it use 1500 steel instead of a qnote (in case you can't get one and don't have qp). The code itself is fairly versatile. It will pick up your floater, your corpse, any containers that were dropped at your corpse, and of course, any items a pker took from your corpse and dropped onto the ground. The only drawback is that you cannot have your corpse redeemed while slain or violent... and you also must have been logged in for at least 2-3 minutes. This is to ensure you can't simply get your corpse the second you get pk'd; giving the pker a few minutes to look through his newfound wealth. Sender Reorx Date Sat Feb 5 21:51:40 2005 Subject Some things may be disappearing. OK, there seems to be an issue here, and the best way to solve it is to back up a couple of code versions and slowly add things back. So, if you log in someday and things stopped working, we're trying to fix things. Please be understanding. I wouldn't be adding any new skills right now, either. The Administration Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Feb 18 04:24:08 2005 Subject Equipment damaging The chance of equipment being damaged should be about 20% less than it was Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 24 12:11:44 2005 Subject Coupons Home coupons have been altered to match the tastes great/less filling other coupons. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Feb 25 11:39:02 2005 Subject Brawling You shouldn't have to worry about brawling pets anymore. Consequently some mobs like the storm king may no longer be killable at all. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Mar 3 10:54:44 2005 Subject "Notched" weapons All "notched" weapons on the mud now actually have the notched flag, that is, if you have the skill, you have improved chances to disarm targets when wearing this weapon. Moo Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Mar 3 13:47:09 2005 Subject Earthquake Clerics and templars will notice heavy changes to the earthquake spell It is no longer a low level crap-ass no use spell, but is now a high level and high cost spell that works much like it did before, but with several differences. A) There's a chance of taking no damage reguardless of flying B) There's a chance (mostly based on sector) that you'll generate no earthquake C) There's a very low chance someone hit can lose their weapon C.1) Someone hit also has a very very low chance of taking additional daamge D) The damage taken varies, you can either be "crushed" or "pierced" Sargonnas Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Mar 8 13:41:17 2005 Subject Minor changes The negative movement bug on hunt has been fixed, as well as a reduction in the cost to repair items. You should never have to spend more than -500 steel to repair any item now. Rather than some items getting to be around 2000 steel when broken. PS: Moo Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Mar 8 23:58:12 2005 Subject Quest bugs fixed Those two annoying quest bugs that have been lingering for years should now be fixed. If you notice any problems, please note me, though I doubt there should really be any at all. The bugs were: A) Logging out during a quest causing messed up timer B) Told no quest mob, yet given time to complete a quest Sargonnas Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Mar 9 12:59:23 2005 Subject Small changes A small fix to quests, which gave the commands prompt when no quest is generated is fixed. On top of that, items will not shadow damage. Previously they would say they have taken damage, whether damage was done or not. Now they will not prompt a message unless the condition actually changes on the item. In response to the growing concerns of players in reguards to frequency of repairs and the like. Chances are you're equipment might be made of leather, which damages very easily, like cloth and other materials. Stronger materials will take less damage. Sender Nuitari Date Wed Mar 9 19:12:29 2005 Subject Monks and Website Monks have been added to the skills page with the rest of the classes. Nuit Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 10 16:17:51 2005 Subject Notes/ideas etc It is now possible to write notes to a few more select groups. Any race, any class, clan, subclan etc. Please see Help Notes for more information. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Mar 10 21:15:24 2005 Subject Clan equipment hang The getting of certain clan items should no longer hang the mud when picking up off the ground as a non-clanmember. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Mar 25 17:36:59 2005 Subject Clan stuff Wildrunner ranks have changed to reflect what the clan wants (when they can be found ;p) KoT now has a new subclan Auxiliary that non-elves, non-kender, non-aghar, non-gnomes can enter if they worship an evil god (Tak not required). Leaders/Recruiters, to induct, induct auxiliary. Mariners -- There is the code in place for the Mariners, and 1 ship so far, Stier. Please note me or email with room descriptions for the ship, layout etc. You've got the clan and subclan, but no place to call home yet! For others wishing to get a ship. 2k diamonds, 5-10 crew (extra diamonds for missing crew less than 10), it's a bargain :). Ships can add 1 berth for 500 diamonds (gets the dock and transfers). Mariners will recall depending on thier ship (not TO the ship, but to that subclan hall, aka Stier's warehouse etc) Thanks for waiting. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Mar 26 16:33:14 2005 Subject Notes, subclans etc. All subclans now have their own subclan channel (the new ones didn't, oversight fixed). You can now also do notes to Dwarf, and Elf to hit ALL of the dwarf/elf subraces (along with what you already could do with the 'note to silvanesti' etc). Have fun all, Stumpy McWood. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Mar 28 04:59:37 2005 Subject Small stuff Some bugs have been fixed that were crashing the mud, the only difference you'll notice is curse messages are slightly altered. Sargon-nas Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Mar 28 08:00:57 2005 Subject Areas There are two new areas for you to explore, check the arealist if you're curious. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Mar 28 16:04:09 2005 Subject Immortal Spellup Immortals just got a nice new spellup spell to use on you guys. Each imm grants their own blessing. All of which are nice. A helpfile will come in time detailing what each immortal's blessing is. Moo Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Mar 29 09:58:49 2005 Subject A huge chunk of ground A huge chunk of land has popped out of nowhere onto the MUD, much of inside of thorbardin is in. However there is still much to come. The added areas were: Valley of the Thanes, Valley of the Thanes Lake, Derkin's Tomb, the Western Warrens, and the Thorbardin Core Area. Have fun exploring :) Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Mar 30 15:06:10 2005 Subject Auto Corpse Retrieval It's back in and usable in the same ways as it was originally made Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Apr 11 20:33:40 2005 Subject Arena You'll no longer have to worry about dying in the arena or having items needlessly damaged constantly. That is to say, when you're reduced to nothing in the arena, it stops the fight and says who won. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Apr 12 10:35:38 2005 Subject Deactivate bug The deactivate bug that could give negative experience to level is fixed. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Apr 12 14:00:23 2005 Subject Small note change You should now be able to see when a note is posted. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 15 12:28:06 2005 Subject Notes and seeing them posted Notes have changed slightly with the 'A has been posted by ' etc. Now you only see the notes posted that pertain to you, wether that be racial notes, clan notes, personal etc, we won't bombard you with every note posted, only those you can read. (And only if you can see the person posting). Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Apr 15 16:17:12 2005 Subject Faerie Fog Faerie fog will now reveal invisible items in the room that aren't made that way (ie, temporarily invisible). This will come in handy for those things we can all now make invisible ;p. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Apr 17 16:49:17 2005 Subject Small tweak Due to popular demand, you can now cast slow or weaken on yourself to remove haste/gs without having to dispel or cancel them. Moo Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Apr 18 11:12:21 2005 Subject Petition, petition cancel Petition now gives you a little more information (see current ideas list). Now, petition by itself, shows you which clan you are petitioning (if you are). Petition also has a new option: cancel. Petition cancel, and you're no longer petitioning a clan. Great idea Phage, should have been done aeons ago. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Apr 25 18:50:04 2005 Subject A nice and dramatic? change Player run shops are now in! It's a nice little feature, but we'll have to come to terms with pricing as we go... at the moment it'll be 4000 diamonds for a player run shop. With beginning variables. Right now there is an imm run shop (mine) somewhere on the mud for someone to discover. There are some really rare and hard to get items in this shop however they are extremely costly. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun May 1 17:00:42 2005 Subject Some tweaks, a change First off, two bugs have been fixed (one of which I introduced) Secondly, the consider command is much different. The range is greater on it and the output is different. On top depending on intelligence/wisdom checks and the like, you may realise when someone is sizing you up. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed May 4 21:30:11 2005 Subject Ranged bug A bug with ranged code has been fixed, which assumed all mobs at all times were dumb and would never truly know where a ranged attack was coming from, only luck giving it the lucky random exit to find where it's being attacked from, now it will depend solely on the intelligence of the mob being hit. Moo Sender Sargonnas Date Fri May 13 14:34:22 2005 Subject Fixes, add-on Firstly, made a few minor fixes to the playershop code. Secondly, I added a chance based on your dex and int toward catching items before they fall off of you if they break PS, I'm not around too much anymore, if anyone's looking for me Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 20 17:27:25 2005 Subject Stealing Stealing has been modified yet again to be more accurate. Now, only thieves get experience from pstealing, this is almost 100% to stop pleveling kender non-thieves etc. Players also get less Exp if they are currently violent than if they aren't, again, pstealing levels. Non-thieves with steal still get exp for stealing from mobs as normal. Experience for items is now loosely based upon the object's worth. Amount of coins stolen is determined by your dex and the victims amount available. So, pstealing levels is toned down, but still a slow option. Coins are more based upon your dex, and non-thief characters won't be choosing Kender SOLEY to steal levels. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jul 8 12:55:03 2005 Subject The Arena The arena is now in and is operational. There is more to come later but at present you can challenge and fight duels in the arena, one the side of that immortals can set up games of tag, teamed tag and even free for alls. There will be more games playable than that in the future. To access the arena, the command is wage. Type wage by itself for a list of sub-commands you can use in it. An example: wage challenge dartain = ask dartain to duel Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jul 8 15:02:10 2005 Subject New command, new game There's a new game in the arena added. There is a new command (special) which will work like a channel and turn off all special announcements... those are Announcement (mob kills) and arena messages. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Jul 11 01:11:42 2005 Subject Capture the flag Capture the flag is now in, as another event in the arena. There has also been a lot of fixes on the few bugs that were discovered in the Arena. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Jul 12 22:24:04 2005 Subject Addition to the Arena There is now an automated prizing system for the arena, provided the coordinating imm wants to have prizes on the match. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Jul 19 20:55:36 2005 Subject Moo There is another game in the Arena to play :) Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Jul 24 18:58:20 2005 Subject More arena games We now have two more games to play in the arena: paintball and paintball:CTF The command to use in paintball is shoot, outside of the arena it is just a normal social. But in the arena you can use 'shoot ?' for an idea of how to use it. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 25 11:51:05 2005 Subject Armor and what it shows Armor has been modified (only how armored your score says you are) to reflect the range of armor we have slightly better :) Great idea Sneffy, Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Jul 25 22:12:03 2005 Subject Bug fixes Two bug fixes have been done. Firstly, a bug with newbietalk which could crash the game was fixed. Secondly, in the arena there should be no more item damage/loss as long as it is on a character. Shields and potions included. However, if you drop them, or sac them, they are capable of destruction. Oh and there'll be no more milk with your cookies, got it? *peer* Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Jul 28 04:43:56 2005 Subject Monk thing Monks now have poses... nothing drastic... but I thought it was worth-while. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Jul 29 23:35:21 2005 Subject Another mountain fell on Thorbardin Not a Cataclysm this time, but a HUGE chunk of land fell in the middle of Thorbardin With it there are 7 new areas... Klarbardin, Urkhan Sea, Daerforge, Eastern Warrens, Hybardin Lower, Hybardin Middle, Hybardin Upper. These areas alone encompass about 1000 vnums of space. Enjoy, there's lots of place to explore in them ;) If there's anything wrong in places let me know... some of the stuff is 3 years old. Oh and MOOOOOOOOOOOO Sender Sargonnas Date Sat Jul 30 04:55:52 2005 Subject Arena Addition Although at present you'll need an imm to trans you into the stand's room it is now possible to watch an arena contender during an event... you will see very little other than fighting and condition (purposely)... but it's the premise of being able to watch. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 1 16:55:50 2005 Subject Grumbling stomachs... You'll now notice that less emphasis is placed on eating and drinking, as they were felt to be quite mundane with the frequency we had to masticate... In plain English? You don't need to eat or drink as often ;p Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Aug 3 17:40:05 2005 Subject Clans reworked As I have completely re-did the way clans work, there might be some issues you come across that I didn't catch, please note me on anything weird and I'll look into it. But, what's new you ask? You now have the ability to be in more than one clan at a time. In other words if you're a WR or such, you have the option of NOT being a renegade from the conclave. No combination of clans has been hard-coded out, but our premise is you'll have to have strong RP to back any dual clanning. *Mutters something about clave hippies* Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Aug 3 19:12:08 2005 Subject Addition to clan change There is also a new command to go with that change, "clanfocus", its use is for when you have two clans, you can't send a message to both channels at the same time... so you essentially "pick" what clan you're talking on, and this is how you do it. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Aug 10 07:37:51 2005 Subject Fixes Fixed some messages that were wrong with clan focusing. Fixed earthquake spell as apparently it'd only work correctly if you were the newest char logged into the game :P Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 10 18:31:08 2005 Subject mstat Mstat now shows you wether or not a shop is a shop (mob), also if it's a player shop, hours, types, open close, profit, you name it. Love me ;p Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 11 17:55:09 2005 Subject Moons See also: Help Moonphase MOONPHASE "MOON PHASE" Moon phase is a skill that some classes can get which helps you to track the phases of the moons. Anyone can use the skill untrained, but some classes can actually train in the skill and become adept at knowing the cycles of the moons wherever they may be, inside, outside, day or night. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 11 18:29:16 2005 Subject whotexts for half-elfkins Half-Elves can now disguise themselves as their human heritage. They are still restricted past a certain amount of time, but can now pretend to be as per Marquesta... An Ergothian etc. To do so, use the 'WHOTEXT' command and follow it's prompts. If you've already passed 10 hours, and have a different whotext, you'll need to follow the regular route of qnote for the change (with RP). Stumpy. (Still on vacation, nod nod) Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 16 01:17:16 2005 Subject moving See also: Help walk walking movement move 'move' or 'walk' will move you in the direction you specify (or portal, ie move gate). It will do so from any non-beat-to-crap position ;p. This is an attempt to make things a little more easy, and obvious to new players. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Aug 16 03:35:36 2005 Subject New macro comand See also: help use USE USING Using items in the mud just got a whole lot simpler. USE: Can now be the command for quaff, drink, unlock, zap, brandish, wear, hold, recite, rest, eat... get the drift? IE: USE scroll dog USE key north, USE key chest, USE potion, USE sword, USE wand, USE wand goblin, USE staff dog USE pillow, USE apple... I do believe you've gotten what we're saying. This should be somewhat useful ;p Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 17 14:59:26 2005 Subject USE and doors/portals/exits USE command has gotten a little smarter.. If an exit is closed and locked, use key will unlock then open it. If the exit is closed but unlocked, it simply locks the door, (You are using a KEY afterall). If it's open, it knows you want to close and lock it. Same for containers that close and lock, just a little bit more intuative. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Aug 18 12:32:25 2005 Subject Lore Lore now shows more information at higher levels, it also will let the person know where an item is from, if they are skilled enough. Thanks to Samual for the inspiration. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 24 11:41:29 2005 Subject Quest tweaks As per ideas, quest master is a little smarter on his replies, and he rolls 10 4-sided dice for the reward, instead of a range from 10-40 (all in the math, your odds of getting 10 is very very very small, should increase the 'mean' of the rolls.) The custom quests are coming as well, do not fret :) Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Aug 27 15:12:43 2005 Subject Gain Gain list can now be used anywhere (also gain can be used from Resting or more awake positions, no more having to stand). Thanks to Jydien for the suggestion, we welcome these kinds of improvements. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Aug 27 23:32:45 2005 Subject Description Editor As per Thaeden's request, you may now use the string editor for your description. Simply type 'description editor' or 'desc edit' etc, and you will enter the editor. The standard commands apply: .h shows all the commands .c clears it all .s shows it all .f formats it .r does word or string replacements Etc etc. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Aug 29 15:20:40 2005 Subject New Clan Mercenary clan is now in. Enjoy. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 2 17:53:14 2005 Subject Dual clan recalls Fixed. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 6 15:42:13 2005 Subject multi-clan equipment and issues Title is longer than the note, secondary clan, no primary eq.. Second clan Solamnic, can't wear Sol eq. It's fixed, thanks for waiting ;) Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 7 15:38:36 2005 Subject Speech and mobs intelligence Mobs now are smarter a tad, no longer must you type caergoth in lower case, or Palanthas in lower case for the flinger or ships etc, mobs can now use their damned brains and figure it out ;) Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 8 18:12:23 2005 Subject Reading notes and such You can now read, list, catchup notes, anywhere. You still need to be at a message center to write/change/clear them, but you can read any kind of notes from anywhere. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 9 10:29:06 2005 Subject MudSex and all it's nastiness Please see the new helpfile for 'mudsex', we are no longer tolerating mudsex, cybersex etc. It has very little intrinsic (if any) role play value towards the DragonLance theme. If you feel the need to engage in such activities, use another form of communication. The penalties for doing such activities are listed in the help file. Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 15 14:03:28 2005 Subject Score A couple things: 1. All players know how long they are affected by things now. It seemed stupid to deprive lower level characters of knowing times on affects. 2. People with the 'Lay on Hands' skill, will now see how long they have to wait until they can use it again. This in addition to the usual Your hands tingle... statements. Check 'score' to see if you can use it. (Hint, non-paladins don't bother looking ;p) Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 15 23:17:20 2005 Subject Brew Brewing now takes half as long as it previously did, it was deemed to be an asinine amount of time, now it's half-asinine *ducks*. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 16 12:02:16 2005 Subject Dark Elf whotexts and whatnot... (From the ideas list, on Dark Elves and what that entails) Being labeled a Dark Elf in the books could happen for a number of reasons, the most obvious was if the elf was NOT good (ie not a follower of Eli in some fashion). Then there was also a social ostracization which didn't necessarily depend on the elf not being good, but doing some action which got them in 'bad favor'. In one of my favorite series (the Messenger Series, Doug Niles), the main character is a Silvanesti Elf in pre-Cataclysmic times. He has the tip of one ear cut off and was branded a 'Dark Elf' then outcast from Silvanesti society. It didn't have to do with him being evil, or any of the aforementioned reasons. It essentially has to do with him being 'outcast'. In our game there are a hell of a lot more 'Dark Elves' than in the books, true there. But there also are a ton more Heroes, more Villains... People don't usually join games to play the filler material, the reason we're here is generally to enact our own versions of the fantastic things that we've read in our beloved DragonLance books. We create our own destinies and fortunes. That being said, I agree that if an Elf wishes to be an 'outcast' they damned well can play that role. The 'whotext' command will now allow any elf to make themselves a 'Dark Elf', regardless of alignment. The hours restriction still comes into effect, as well as having a previous 'race' (you can always change it yourself if it hasn't been changed yet). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 16 18:45:13 2005~ Subject Stories The stories have been moved to the website, the story board has been cleared. We will do this periodically, and there is plans to organize them by author of course. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Sep 18 23:31:14 2005 Subject New RP Channel, GEMOTE There is now a new IC channel called GEMOTE. Gemote, or Global Emote, allows you to do actions for global role plays as you would with EMOTE's in the same room. GEMOTE 's foot slips as he walks into the room. Shows the world... * Zivilyn's foot slips as he walks into the room * Enjoy all, and thank Samual for the great idea! Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Sep 19 16:36:14 2005 Subject Mis-logins for Immortals I've added something to WIZNET_SECURE (for those of you with wiznet secure) that shows if someone attempts to log in to an immortal character with the wrong password. You'll see it on wiznet, and it's also logged. If it's deemed useful, we could also make it a 105 + wiznet for mortal log-ins as well. Though I don't think we've ever had a problem in that respect. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 20 03:37:39 2005 Subject Stories online It is now fully automated, all stories you post to 'all' will go online, under your name on the stories section. Please format them, as I haven't gotten to that part as of yet (crackin I hear it, cracking) It IS completely automated, but there are a couple of things left to tweak, such as color code replacement and that lovely word wrap. Bear with me, I felt the use of it outweighed the need for those two things. Stumpy. Ps. Please don't make me beat you by posting lemure stories ;) (You know what I mean ;p) Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 22 14:16:54 2005 Subject Wildrunners The Wildrunner ranks now reflect that WR is no longer the fairy pride parade... it's a friggin army. And bad ass. There is also a new subdivision of WR, the Windriders. Ps. Immortals will now notice that 'join' will actually work for subclans ;p Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Sep 24 18:05:43 2005 Subject Diamonds/item levels etc Please note, all player items, and all clan items have dropped extra stats. This is mudwide, everywhere, and with great deliberation and consideration for the gameplay and balance of the game itself. All clan/personal armor is JUST Ac, nothing else. All clan/personal weapons are just average damage, nothing else, this includes damage types and nouns. That note on 'stocking up' a while back, is in effect now. Please note that items CAN be vaped or changed if you no longer want them due to the change. 500 diamonds back per item done so (as this return gives back the amount for the levels). Any jewelry items can have special effects at the cost of 2000 diamonds (200,000 gold to purchase in the shops) Please note me with changes required (and/or your clan immortal) and we will make the required changes. Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Sep 26 01:54:57 2005 Subject Reinventing the wheel Took a closer look at Reorx's very hand Lopes to HTML color exchanger... Stories to all that post on the web, now show color :) Put a fork in it :) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Sep 29 10:05:20 2005 Subject Moved Hey all, we moved servers, this one should be slightly more simple, as we're keeping, should there be less problems connecting than with our previous move. The DNS redirection DOES take up to 48 hours though, so please bear with us and use the following IP address to connect to the MUD. or ansalon.wolfpaw.nett (Yes yes, we moved back, no mutiny ;p) Port is still 8679 Within a couple days the regular address should be working just fine, please tell your friends if they have problems. The 'connect' link on the website will also redirect them here. Ziv. Ps. This time the server move did not involve any mutiny or foul play, simply economics and moving back to a server who I've used for years. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 5 12:19:52 2005 Subject Brew/scribe/create pill They now are a little less lame as far as the names and descriptions now are created. So, it puts the spells into the names and descs, but doesn't just stack, so no more names like "vial empty frasco potion haste potion giant vial empty etc" And the background for 'create pill' is in, expect the skill shortly. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 10 12:59:26 2005 Subject Online story rooms If anyone wishes to have thier own private reading room in the online library, note me (with the proper fee of 100 diamonds) and we'll create your reading room. For example, go to the library (on our website, and click on Zivilyn. You'll see you are led to a personal room. Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 11 08:47:55 2005 Subject Gaining points Gaining points will no longer make you lose any gained experience. Simply an oversight of the original code, your experience until next level will remain the same now. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 11 15:54:47 2005 Subject Online story rooms Ok, after some deliberation.... Story rooms are free until Thanksgiving! :) What do you do? Note me with a room description for your reading room (keep in mind that these are rooms, and I WILL excercise artistic license on the descs ;p) note to zivilyn note subject online story room note + note post Let em rip, you can also include the 'transportation' TO the room, you'll note mine: An Aesthetic shows you to the private room of Zivilyn. As you step inside feel as though you were transported through time and across a great void... The room is made up with murals to appear as... Get creative, note me with your rooms :) Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 12 12:29:00 2005 Subject Races The ogres are here.... (Look for Merrow ogres and Koalinth VERY soon) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 12 15:21:44 2005 Subject Short hill guys Two new dwarves are in, the Daegar, and Klar (see their respective help files ;) Enjoy :) Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 12 22:12:16 2005 Subject Money, Regeneration, Qitem, think that's all The Economy will now self-right itself if it's broke, not extremly rapidly, but it now has the ability to improve without divine intervention. It's always gotten better via purchases, but now it will also slowly improve without player action. Regeneration also now takes place every 6 seconds (the affect, not normal healing). And, there is now a new item at the questmasters. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Oct 14 05:49:57 2005 Subject Gates You can now look into gates before actually entering them, if you please. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 14 12:29:44 2005 Subject Plist I organized plist so that it's much easier to read (columns). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 18 12:24:51 2005 Subject String handling The editors now are a little smarter with formatting. A double return in a note, will STAY. So you can hit note + in between paragraphs, type everything out... And then note edit, . F, @... You're back out, and your extra returns are still there. As well, color codes do not shorten the apparent line anymore. Please use the double return over the { color method. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 18 17:54:15 2005 Subject Cloning I rewrote clone, it was kind of nasty before, the new syntax is in the helpfile. Single items are the same, just 'clone name' for making multiple copies... clone obj . IE clone mob dipshit 15, makes 15 dipshit mobs I limited the amount to 25, if you need more, hit enter ;p Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 24 12:11:37 2005 Subject Timers and OLC I went in and fixed OLC and the world etc, to SAVE TIMERS; p Before, it let you set them in OLC, then happily wrote NOTHING to the area file, and didn't load them on object creation... Now, it writes them, and reads them, and gee, if it has a timer it starts going once the object creates. Helpful for some things, especially qitem 'immgift' handouts etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 24 14:21:47 2005 Subject Vingaard City... the Warden The Warden in Vingaard has hit the weights, and he got a new flail from Paladine! Don't think he'll be such a pushover... Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 24 14:34:52 2005 Subject out of balance mobs Hifken got steroids btw, he's akin to Ariakas now (commander could get that too?) . And the Tantallon Servants? Holy hell, let me beat jesse with a dumbfuck stick (man I miss Jesse *sniff*)... Anyway, they were set to 'auto', Servants were insanely easy, like munchkin cheater easy. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 25 16:53:52 2005 Subject human/half-elf whotexts (race showing) Tarsis guys too now, let me know if I've missed any . Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 27 16:24:37 2005 Subject OLC Much improved, more information, clean ;) Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Oct 30 18:51:52 2005 Subject Additions Firstly, there is a new item flag (indestructible), it is what it would assumably be. This is for those really rare items only, don't expect too many items to have it. Most importantly, the Playershop code has been upgraded. The underlying work necessary for future expansions (paid for) was put in And with those expansions, the buyable addition "stockier" has been added. This offers the shop owner a new command which makes stocking their items faster and easier. If you have a PShop and are interested, send me a note and I'll let ya know the details. The cow says... .... ..... ...... bluefin tuna Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Oct 30 20:14:48 2005 Subject Forgot to mention Forgot to mention also, pshop items should no longer influence rare repops. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Nov 1 21:44:56 2005 Subject Another shop upgrade is available Another shop upgrade is now available which gives access to the command 'shop combine' It is in par with what Diocletian was hoping for. It will take the list of items on the shopkeeper and sort them in their right numerations... it will also sort according to something else automatically, but I won't give light to what that is ;) Hide your cows Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Nov 2 09:24:12 2005 Subject Enchantment Coupons and Munchkinism. See 'Help Enchantment Coupon' We've had serious problems and there are some seriously messed up items out there. This might seem fun to those people wielding those items, but it's messed up for the rest and it will be changed. Ziv. Ps. Before anyone thinks of ripping off tree limbs, enchantments used to be ONLY ONE successful enchant... We can revert to that if we need (although coupon price would reflect the change). Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 3 11:14:04 2005 Subject Scrabble points New command in, 'scrabble' This should prove useful, note you will still have to double/triple for dl words etc. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Nov 3 12:16:46 2005 Subject Small fix the other day A small fix happened yesterday I forgot to note. Morticians/healers/pshops are a bit smarter with what items they can collect and their maximum capacities are up'd. For Pshops that just means weight, not free capacity. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Nov 3 14:59:26 2005 Subject Item damaging Item damaging is changed mildly. Burnproof flag will only handle damage that can cause burning to items, rather than the scope it used to have... indestructible is fully operational and has been added to most of the more rare equipment mud-wide You may notice some other items that aren't quite so rare with it, as well, but that's merely fluke ;) Also 'premise' word has been replaced in consider. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 8 03:28:58 2005 Subject Listing in shops (Normal and pshops) Shops of all kinds will now let you do more. Before, you could list pickaxe (for example) to list all items with pickaxe in the name. Or list arr for all with a name beginning with arr etc. Now, you can list by item types as well... The following item types are valid: armor, arrow, bait, bloodpool, blowgun, boat, bow, container, crossbow, dart, drinkcontainer, fish, fishingrod, fishline, food, fountain, furniture, gem, hook, jewelry, jukebox, key, light, map, money, notepaper, npccorpse, pill, portal, potion, protect, quarrel, roomkey, scroll, sinker, spellstaff, staff, telescope, trash, treasure, wand, warpstone, weapon, whetstone, window, Although you'll not see a few of those for a little while. So: list armor, list weapon, list jewelry, list wand... you get the idea. Stumpy McWood. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 9 05:24:22 2005 Subject Two more shop upgrades There are now two more playershop upgrades (250 diamonds each to add) advertiser -- Adds shop flier command discarder -- Adds shop unlist command The shop flier command essentially generates a quasi-random listing of some of your shops items (for a price) that you can disperse freely or drop all over the MUD... expect a possible expansion (maybe free) to this one later. The shop unlist command is an ease of use function... if you mistype a price and want to take the item and reprice it wihtout actually buying it back first, then this is where this command comes in handy. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 9 07:50:39 2005 Subject New imm command Immortals now have a new command to spellup everyone instantaneously. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 9 07:53:50 2005 Subject The spellup command It has a special logging feature, since it's low level, so make sure you don't abuse it. Or over-use it neither. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Nov 13 21:29:47 2005 Subject Helpfile After a long wait, the helpfile for divine blessings and what each immortal's blessing does, is in, enjoy. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Nov 14 09:00:27 2005 Subject Playershop files Due to another MUD's code (hosted by wolfpaw) crashing the entire server and wiping a shop file, we now have automatic pshop file backup generation before any change even happens to a saved pshop file. If at any time, this happens again, let us know and we can restore from the backup. The one big precaution in this, is if your file meets the expectedly VERY rare circumstance that another MUD crashes the server during mid-save, make sure to contact us FIRST before trying to add any stock to the old pshop... otherwise you'll have to start over fresh, having just wiped your backup file. Sender Sargonnas Date Mon Nov 14 12:53:07 2005 Subject Playershops The capacity of playershops has been up'd from 1000 max to 2000 max and there is now a helpfile 'help pshop' to explain the prices of each purchase you want to make. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 16 06:50:10 2005 Subject Imms and waging arena I dropped the level of imms being able to run the arena by a level, enjoy This will be effective as soon as the restring change goes in (after I get home from interview) Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 16 10:23:32 2005 Subject Restrings: Automated, hooray for boobies? After years of considering the idea of having restrings semi-automated for morts to do without much intervention from immortals, with little success in conceiving a system that wouldn't be heavily abused... We'd struck a way of doing it without much chance of abuse. And two days later, you now have it; P South and west of the Great Dome (ONLY) in Palanthas there is a new room, with a machine which will fabricate new items out of your old ones. Type 'restring ? ' for an overview and more information. This system does require immortals in the loop, but its almost no hastle for the immortal and the mort won't have to repeat themself if the immortal is spammed (chances are anyways). Hope this makes things quick for restrings/makeovers :) *CoughwaituntilyouseethenextbiggerchangeCough* Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 17 12:51:08 2005 Subject Prog editors The Program Editors have been modified to read out uniformly with our other editors. You will now see when you enter and leave one, as well as the m/r/oprog number, which mobs/rooms/objects were effected etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Nov 17 13:50:13 2005 Subject Hunt and Track Hunt and Track are now much faster, WHEN you are hunting or tracking NPCs. They are also faster vs PC's but not as fast. Comparable to 'scry' for speed. Ziv. Sender Sargonnas Date Thu Nov 17 23:56:49 2005 Subject Small shop tweak I changed sorting of shop items with the combine command slightly. It should be much easier to read, I hope. On top of that, I increased the speed and efficiency of the command... though since it was already instantanious.... that's a confetti change :P Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Nov 22 17:23:57 2005 Subject Shop change If you're doing potions/pills/etc in your shop. They will rot if you do not have the new 'preserver' upgrade for your shop. So you might wish to purchase this upgrade as soon as possible :) Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 23 12:05:26 2005 Subject Train point change You can now buy trains and practices from the questmaster again, however there is a big difference in how trains are used and acquired. First off, in place of the hp increases trains give for each one you receive from levelling... instead of using trains you now automatically get 10 hp added to each and every level up. Secondly, trains are no longer gained every level up, they are gained every 8th level, and one at 101. You start with 3 trains as normal, and in the end without questing for them you'll accumulate a total of 15 trains. Third, you can NO LONGER train hp with trains, they are for stat points ONLY So, if you have stored trains from before this change... send a note to IMP, and we'll see about converting your last trains. Lastly, characters that are known to have quested hp, will be reimbursed and re-rolled If you were a hp quester and did not get a note about your character then please send a note to implementor. If you do not and we become aware of it, there might be penalties. Hope no one's too irked. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 23 15:18:20 2005 Subject Gain change Gains are now given to characters every 5 levels Any character that levelled previous to this change will have them automatically added. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Nov 25 13:19:09 2005 Subject Time change IMPs can now set the game time on the fly. Also time is continuous, if the game copies over or crashes, our current time will be saved for the next time we're back up. Year is also in time now, though the year will not be truly "set" for a while, as its a debatable number. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Nov 25 18:36:50 2005 Subject Shop addition There is now a sorting scheme a character has a small amount of control over with their playershops, if they have the sorter addon paid for. A new command makes it possible. This command is available at any time, however you need the sorter upgrade (for combine command) to actually use the feature to what it's for. The command itself is "shop order". It's syntax is "shop order ". As, should be apparent, shops will sort in upto 4 predominant groups before it jams the rest of the items together. All items in a specified group are also sorted by level. The groups themselves can be checked by using "shop order list". Your current setting will be displayed with "shop order check". The groups themselves contain several item_types, these item_types themselves will all sort based on level, inside the group. So say, you have 'protect' item_types and 'armor' item_types, both are within the armor grouping. So if the protect is higher level than the armor, it will be above the armor, reguardless if there is another armor above the protect or not. And finally, your orders are somewhat reversed. If you want your "QItems" (note qitems have to be the first in your sorting scheme if it is to function with the grouping) on the bottom, you would list it first. If you wish to have a grouping at the top of the list, you would have the grouping nearer the last specified grouping. Also, keep in mind, if you have items outside of the four specified groupings you are given to sort by, these items will all list together based on level. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Nov 28 13:47:43 2005 Subject Lists Lists have been converted to now check your 'scroll list' This means that those insane shops with hundreds of item types, won't make you drop link, ie no more spam off. Hope this helps with the long lists at some places. Stumpy McZiv Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 29 18:06:56 2005 Subject Klar and Daegar The little dwarfkins can actually use those languages now (assuming they have them) Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 30 14:55:20 2005 Subject Wands Wands has been redone. You can now effectively use a wand from any wearslot that wand would be located on. But you must SPECIFY your wand in said case. "Zap ring self" for instance. Zap with no specification will check for held, like the old code. Also, items now have the ability to recharge on a daily basis, if it is set to be capable of doing so... which at present there is no items capable. Shake them udders Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Nov 30 23:39:46 2005 Subject Wands add-on On top of the last changes to wands. They are now much less restrictive. They can now accurately navigate beyond the single room the player is currently in. For instance, a wand with scrye could scrye someone like the normal scrye spell, which was absolutely not possible before. Same syntax, but you'll have to type out the right name for the victim in a distance case, as it might have influence of the entire mud. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 5 11:43:35 2005 Subject Timers in player shops Founda bug in player shops that allowed you to strip timers from any item, bug done get squished. Essentially, it didn't do a SET_BIT (obj->extra_flags, ITEM_HAD_TIMER);, so rot death items that had a timer going? Shop place 1 item, buy item, timer gone... Now it sets the bit, so only preservable items are preserved. (before the timer kept going on the ones without it, but the timer would be 0 the second someone bought it. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 5 17:44:00 2005 Subject School More to fight in the school, a few weapons, an earring, some rats, fun for all. Stumpy. Sender Sargonnas Date Tue Dec 6 02:09:38 2005 Subject Clan addition There is another clan out there for all you goblin/hobgoblin types to make use of. For now the clan ranks are simple. Once there's some order, let me know what the leaders want them to be. Sender Sargonnas Date Wed Dec 7 18:51:16 2005 Subject Ziv's suggestion On Ziv's suggestion I decided to code it so you could see wiznet even while inside a mob. Additionally (few will notice) I colored "Log" to show the same color as wiznet. And without it showing the color tags from said color change in the log files. Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Dec 9 03:09:33 2005 Subject Big Change It may not seem like much for what it is... But a big change has just been ported. I'll start by saying there's a new shop in Palanthas . (3S5E5N5W north to garnet square then 1E1N), this shop is to go with the change. Later shops similar my go into neraka/solace, but for the time being only palanthas. Now as for the change itself. The ability to fish has been added. The code itself should be in good working order, as I'd been testing it for a long time now with each addition put to it. Keep in mind however, there is probably bugs I had missed... If you find them, please report them as soon as at all possible. There is no helpfile on fishing yet, neither... But there will be... For the time being type 'fish' by itself for a list of the commands. The code itself is expected to be expanded overtime. Things like record keeping and larger tables. But, for the time being hopefully you all like what's in so far. Additionally... EVERY room on the MUD has been updated by a function wrote to do so. If the room was of water nature, it will automatically be able to be fished from. What type of fishing spot that room became is depended upon several things. For instance, for each room in pirate isles that has "Seas" in the name, it becomes a "sea" type of fishing hole. Places like undead, however are of a different nature... You won't catch anything in them, but they have been updated accordingly by the function. *grabs a fishing pole and prepares to catch a 50 pounder* Sender Sargonnas Date Fri Dec 9 15:19:49 2005 Subject Fishing Various fixing and upgrading has been done. And you'll now see if a dropped rod is fishing still or not. Sender Sargonnas Date Sun Dec 11 23:32:12 2005 Subject Additions and an upgrade Battlemages now have the flameshield spell. Bash has been changed... play around with it while wearing a shield ;) Additionally, two spells have been added: Earthshield, a spell to absorb a certain amount of delt damage until its limit is cleared... to which it stops functioning. And shockshield... identical to ice-/flame-shield, except it deals with lightning and shocking rather than the other elements. Moo Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 12 11:43:55 2005 Subject Hall stuff Per Tak: Changed KoT null-statted armor back into diamonds, added shield spells (and increased price) of protection pills, Questmaster added, say thanks to Takh;) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 12 13:38:30 2005 Subject Seen information Peek now will show you an approximation of money on the victim, it's vague, but you'll figure it out over time, just like a real thief looking at bags of coins would ;) Flavor, and some decent information. Fishing: rods now show the line in the water, and people are shown to be fishing, rather than the glowing (Fishing) flag. Simply aesthetics. Some fish weights have been tweaked a scoshe, no more 2 pound sturgeons (we can't keep baby fish ;p). Enjoy, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 12 14:13:59 2005 Subject War Rules online In the war section of our website, war rules are now posted. Area changes coming soon. (areas ownership changes) Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 15 18:17:19 2005 Subject Fishing modifications Fishing now has 20 more fish species (sunfish, bass, and crappie). Also, fishing now will get you a range of fish sizes (before the weight was always minimal, minor bug fix) Enjoy! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 15 23:40:36 2005 Subject Fishing More fish in, fish sizes fixed, bigger hooks and lines available... go catch a beast! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 15 23:44:23 2005 Subject Fishing Fixed fish weight issue (they were coming in at minimum weight, 100% of the time), also made it so the fish prices are based off the chart, vs weight, then condition (if they get beat up etc). Depth of the fish also has some play on fish size, but gives you a better chance of hurting it (longer fights if you aren't careful) All fish are in of the fresh water variety (other than icehole ones). The salt fish additions and 'non' fish additions such as bullfrogs etc, will be in the next version. Scott is a god. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Dec 16 02:23:23 2005 Subject Crystalmir Lake It's all adjusted to fit, fish on! Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Dec 19 11:43:00 2005 Subject Fishing About 15 more fish added, BIG groupers in the oceans. Also a new type of 'fishing pool' reef added. And for those of you tired of the light lines... There are some VERY heavy ones now available to try and battle the lunkers. Enjoy, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 22 18:29:40 2005 Subject Fishing and 'examine' You now can examine your fishing pole to see if it's moving this or taht way, or if it has a fish seemingly etc, the entire examine process of poles has been reworked. Look forward to all fishing items being done this way, so you can get all the information about them, some info will require lore or identify of course. Coming: Micro messages on fishing. ONLY to those holding the poles, but have it regularly show you the condition, (ie every 6 seconds or so) IF it's got somethign happening. This will let you know if it switches directions or stops, if it's violently jerking and mellows out (time to reel in etc). I hope it's helpful, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Dec 30 16:01:25 2005 Subject 'web who list' The web 'who.html, builder_who.html, and coder_who.html' have been fixed. The files were all writing to 'coder_who.html' as each src file of those is unique, looks like the coder one got copied over all the other ones (ie coder_who.html was our real wholist, but also bp/cp tried to make the same file) All fixed now. (Should stop that random crash) (also the NULL file handling fixed). Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sat Dec 31 20:54:42 2005 Subject Earthquake spell We had a bug in Earthquake spell (like the old anti-align one?), where a mob would cast earthquake and die before it could target the room. So it'd try to target ch->in_room when they were dead... poof. Fixed with a lil ROOM_INDEX_DATA *was_in_room; I'd seen it a couple times before, but finally sat down and tracked it down. Happy New years you two!! Ok, 3 if John drops in ;), or 4 if Jesse does :) ok ok ok, you 5 with Jason! Ziv.