Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2003.

Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Feb 16 15:43:04 2003 Subject New help auction. Subject says it all. For help with auction channel or houses etc, type help auction. Sheriff Woody. Sender Gilean Date Thu Feb 20 22:52:21 2003 Subject couple of little changes (see, we do listen/read ideas :p) 1) Bank is now open 24/7 - you can send your paypal cash to me later 2) Can't clan while quiet (bug fix) 3) When an Invis Imm talks to you, you will now see: An Immortal tells you "blah". same with replies. -Gilean Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Feb 24 13:02:33 2003 Subject Prices! Ok, there have been some changes to prices. Help prices will reveal all. Things added, some clarified, I hope it helps. Major changes, healers, room flags (safe/law/private/solitary). Other than that, some prices changed, and it's now multiple helps. We're sorry for your spam intake caused by the old help. Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 5 10:15:14 2003 Subject Player Killing, Looting, etc. You'll notice that you saw a new announcement when you logged in. Please read the new help files for player killing and looting. As a side note, clan leadership need to contact their immortals regarding clan rules for player killing, looting, and role play. It is up to the clan leadership and their immortal to govern each clan in these regards. We are adopting self leadership here. The clan rules and penalties will be specific to each clan, and will be enforced by each clan. (Leaders may require immortal assistance to carry out the clan's rules if necessary. For non-clanned people, remember this, you get what you give... If you full loot people regularly, expect the same in return. For all, please refer to your personal and clan role play when entering a PK fight, and when looting. If you have questions, please feel free to ask them. Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 17 16:49:59 2003 Subject Poor bleedin newbies New characters now start off with 500 gold (buy a pet or food), a leather skin with milk (no more starving), and there is a new ring in the mudschool to help with a couple stats... Hope it helps our newer mudders, Woody McStump Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 19 14:29:34 2003 Subject Rangers and hunt. Rangers no longer suffer the inability to hunt, although thieves are still aclimated more to urban areas with this skill. Stumpy McKevlarvesthidingfromthievesandstuff. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Apr 14 14:08:12 2003 Subject Minor change. New 'look' part. Look all will now look in all directions, simple but helpful hopefully. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 1 01:56:49 2003 Subject Someone sings... "Ohh I gotta have faith, baaaaaaabaaay" True faith coupons now are tasty ;p It goes by the god you have set, so don't eat them to change gods, only to fix alignment based on your god at the moment. PS. They still don't take up any room, and you don't get full, I guarantee no weight gains ;p Stumpy McWalnutshurtmorethanchestnuts. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 7 00:08:18 2003 Subject Rename Imps now have 'rename' command, does what it sounds like, check the helpfile if you're high enough. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 6 11:28:24 2003 Subject Flying/Landing etc Thanks to Zangleros idea on landing, you can now 'land' from flying if you wish. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 6 16:43:59 2003 Subject Pets and their useless hands. Pets can now carry and hold things, assuming that they are humanoids and it makes sense. No your little pet lizard won't be packing around things for you, but your gully mercenary will. Love it, hate it, Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jun 6 16:50:15 2003 Subject Pets and eq... addendum. By the way, don't forget to have your pet remove anything it's carrying when you quit. Mobs aren't smart enough to remember what eq they had.. They'll lose it. ;p Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jun 10 00:28:11 2003 Subject Pretitles in 'look' You will now see pretitles on players when you 'look' and they're in the room. (Assuming they 1. Have it toggled or 2. Are in your clan). Stumpy McWood Ps. It just made sense to see 'Squire Bill is here.' if they have the pretitle. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 12 14:54:04 2003 Subject Out of character says. Out of character says are in. osay or " (" is the abbreviation for it.) Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 12 15:25:07 2003 Subject Wandering on home. On the next copyover, mobs without 'stay_area' act, will not wander on home, the rest still behave normally. So if you want mobs to not wander home? Don't make them stay area, just use a no_mob room flag at exits to keep them in. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Jun 15 00:57:39 2003 Subject Feeeeeeding time!!! Ok all, we do listen. You can now feed your pets food, pills and potions. But be nice, it's not kind to poison your pets ;p. Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 23 18:23:32 2003 Subject Stuck up healers... Healers are now less stuck up, you'll note they don't check your alignment before they take your hard earned steel. They just heal you, like good little puppets. Oh, and type 'heal' at a healer, I hope the new additions are helpful. Stumpy McHackwood. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 7 23:37:30 2003 Subject Nice stuff to lowbies. I've changed it so that players under level 14, can recall, not 10th. And if you're level 5 or under, you no longer lose movement when you recall. The mudschool also has a nice change for the lowbies, a doorman. He only understands 3 words, you'll figure them out. Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jul 14 16:54:15 2003 Subject PK NOTES!!! OK, well it _sounded_ spooky ;p Pk notes will now all be directed to the 'war board'. This will help the regular noteboard be a tad less cluttered with obituary notices. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Aug 11 23:14:48 2003 Subject A dark and SPOOOOKY place!!! Type 'area'. You can thank Demorque for scaring the poop out of you. Enjoy the new area, recommended for levels 70 and up. But not those with loose bowels. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 13 18:18:51 2003 Subject You see glowing red eyes watching YOU! Infravision actually now gives people with it, some information. Rather than being the totally useless spell/ability it was in the past (other than the spooky ooky red eyes people could see on you). Now you'll be able to notice body types, positions etc, and yes, if they have red eyes, they can see your body warmth too. Hope it's enjoyable, and not so boring as the spooky red eyes were. Stumpy McWood. Ps. You non-infravision types won't notice a difference, sorry. Sender Reorx Date Mon Sep 22 21:58:09 2003 Subject We've moved! Well, you know, if you're reading this, you're probably here. In which case you already know we've moved. Well, in case you have short term memory loss, we've moved to: telnet:// 8679 Enjoy! Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Sep 28 23:31:32 2003 Subject Paging Dr. Baldy.... I've added paging to some of the larger text screens. For example, "change list" (or any note board's list) will now page it to you, since the list is so long. Also, "practice" if you have a long list (spellcasters), as well as "areas" that lists the areas. Now hopefully this will get Tin Can 1400 off my back. Reorx Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Oct 2 00:30:01 2003 Subject Censorship It's gone, don't be punks though, being assholes on globals will still get you into trouble ;p. Stumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Oct 13 17:46:59 2003 Subject Neraka stinks There's a dump out the Red Quarter, near the ferrymaster, I hope you don't mind the smell. Thank Adon for the stinky description ;p StumpyMcWouldn'tyoulikeaPepper? Sender Reorx Date Tue Oct 14 15:50:41 2003 Subject Sleep code has been removed. (Seems Gilean forgot to say this, so I will.) Sleep code has been removed. No more silly sleeping unless you want to heal faster. I mean, come on, sleeping is SOOOO unrealistic.... Gilean (written by Reorx) Sender Reorx Date Mon Oct 20 22:17:55 2003 Subject Questing gives more... I thought it odd that questing only gave QP and some steel. So, now, you also get some experience points to boot. You might want to put on leveling eq next time you type "quest complete" or you might level unprepared. Also, I changed something to help imms give out RP bonuses. Reorx Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 22 02:17:21 2003 Subject osay Ok, it's magenta now. *golf clap* *hides* Stumpy. Sender Reorx Date Sun Nov 16 16:33:48 2003 Subject A new class Well, I thought we'd have fun. So, I'd like to introduce the monk class. Right now, it's mostly done, however, there is sure to be some minor tweaks that will need to happen, most likely with equipment already in the game. But, it's in. And it's comparable to other classes. Do a "help class" and "help monk" to read a little bit about it. And, of course, if you want to make one, feel free. Reorx P.S. Some other things were tweaked as well, including osay's color, the new "money pouch" code when buying things, and the haste/slow spell relationship. Sender Reorx Date Sat Dec 6 02:22:41 2003 Subject Some fixes OK, a couple of fixes went in: Fixed the message when you dropped an item that dissolved into smoke. You now dismount prior to any attempt to flee. You can no longer hide while actively fighting. You can no longer order your pet to kill another pet. Gnomes can now be created as neutral. You can now drag your own pet. Corrected the missing awareness skill for monks. Monks that did not customize got the awareness skill (as expected), but customized monks could not add it. If you are a monk, let me know if you see me on. Changed parry a bit, mainly fixing a major mistake (in stock) and modifying its effectiveness against an unarmed attack. Oh, and if your charmie/pet scores a kill, you should autoloot/autogold/autosac now, too. Thanks to Rhikson for pointing that out. Two more bigger changes/fixes coming hopefully this weekend: Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Dec 14 02:25:41 2003 Subject Stupid Pet Tricks (and Charmies, too!) OK, here's a couple of changes with pets. First, pets (and charmies) will now STAY if you order them to sit, sleep, rest (anything but stand) and you go into another room. Second, pets will now be properly saved if you are in a different room than your pet. (It used to remove the pet if you quit/saved without it in the room.) Lastly (and I'm sure, the one you'll like the best): Equiped pets now properly SAVE with their equipment. A couple of words on the side: It (the saving eq) seems to work with the testing I've done so far, but the testing isn't as extensive as I wished I could do. There might be ramifications (read crashes) due to it. I don't think so, but it could happen if someone did something I didn't try (weird containers, wearslots, etc). Also, how pets wear eq might change as well, but that would happen later, so don't be surprised if it does. Reorx