Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2002.

Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 3 14:15:15 2002 Subject Building Change. After much deliberation and conference with the Jimps and imm builders... I'm yanking mort builder port. From now on, we will have ONE building port again. The idea is this: 1. No one likes to build in a vacuum except Demorque, Solinari and myself. (and we really do like to have company ;p) So builders tend to lose focus, get discouraged, and quit. 2. The mortal builders get 0 help (rarely that is), with building problems due to no immortals being on thier port. Myself very very much guilty. New builders, and old builders alike, need the resource of having other experienced builders available to ask questions and bounce ideas off of. 3. The port is costing us money that could be used for more monthly payments. 4. The builder/imm relationship is something that isn't to be looked lightly upon. That was the very reason I was found to be an immortal, and it builds better bonds with serious players who want to help. That's it, when it's all done, I'll inform everyone. Zivilyn aka Skol the wacko gully builder. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 7 18:08:05 2002 Subject Merchant Ships. The merchant ships now require that you agree to come on board, the sailor will tell you what to do (beyond simple). Also, the captain of each ship now knows which port he just left, and will respond if you want to go to the city you just left. (And no, he isn't turning the ship around for you.) Hope this helps with accidentally wandering onto a ship, and the "This damn ship is broken!" cries. The ships weren't broken, they just didn't have the brains to keep rifraff off them or to let you know that you were futily trying to turn a 80 ton ship around ;p Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Jan 8 01:22:56 2002 Subject Places Moria has joined the realms of non-existance. You will notice a road leading into the mountains near Ofcol... I hope you enjoy the new areas. Grats to Makaris for waiting so long for a gully to build a road. Zivilyn. Sender Solinari Date Thu Jan 10 03:27:57 2002 Subject Recall Points Yes that's right. Thanks to the hard code of our own Reorx, who spends his days in the Code Mines, you can now have your recall point changed! Here are the ground rules for having this done: 1: Cost is free for the first time. Any time after that, the cost is 2 times your level in diamonds. I.E. level 23 = 46 diamonds 2: Requesting mortal must have a valid RP reason for wanting recall point changed. 3: New recall point should be in a mortals house, tower, personal room in a clan hall or city, RP home city, something along these lines. Final decision is up to the imm. 4: Mortals cannot recall to/near popular Mob respawn places for the purpose of aiding in money running or equipment gathering. 5: Recall points can not be located to abuse major forms of transportation. I.E. No recalling next to the Flinger, Airship, or Ferries. 6: Recall points can only be altered by levels 109 and up (Imps and Zivi), so don't bug the rest of the staff asking for a change. Be sure to thank Reorx for his hard work. Solinari Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 11 01:38:04 2002 Subject MORE GORE II - The horny scaley clawed tusker tongues. Hey, ever wonder why you can't stab someone with the tooth you broke off of a nice dragon? Hehe, me too. Um, now you can find more fun stuff. Horns, tusks, claws, scales, and heh, tongues. Might try to wear some of them... Zivilyn. Sender Reorx Date Fri Jan 18 20:30:45 2002 Subject Some new commands (and a bug fix) OK, we've changed some things around. Those with the "peek" skill will not automatically peek unless they turn on the "autopeek". If they don't want to autopeek, they can now use the command "peek" to just peek at someone's inventory. Also, for those that don't care about eq listings, etc, there is the new "glance" command, which will just show description and condition. As for the bug, the "battle" spellgroup has been renamed to "destructive", so hopefully this will solve some of the problem the battlemages have been having during creation. Quite a few other bug fixes went in, but I doubt you'll notice. As always, play nice. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Jan 20 21:16:52 2002 Subject Home coupons fixed OK, it seems we (ok, I) got a bit mixed up as to when home coupons (now home cookies? Yum...) would work. They are, to sum up, "enhanced" recall potions. They WILL get you out of places you shouldn't be (think Water Column, etc.) They won't, however, get you out of places that you shouldn't get out of (imm jail, clan jails, etc.). So, it should work when it's supposed to, and not work when it's not supposed to. Got it? Reorx Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 25 10:56:41 2002 Subject Prices Someone forces you to 'help prices'. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 7 13:47:48 2002 Subject maps New area, maps.are. The mobs load and drop up to 3 of each map. The map mobs around the mud, at that room and grab one, if there is one. Basically, it allows us to have ONE map for each area, instead of 15 maps of Ansalon to be updated. It also allows for the possibility that the map seller could be out of a certain map, this does happen if the map makers haven't made more yet. That's it, oh and the mud school is updated. Removed a few old clan rooms, added a goblin, added a couple area rooms. Changed the get map mprogs, all good. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 7 19:24:38 2002 Subject Butchers You'll now be able to get a little more grub for your effort. Now in Gerighelm(by the baker), Gully(west of mound), Palanthas (by the baker), Neraka (by the temple), Solace (by Otik), Caergoth (Northern Stretch), Mud School (arena wall) and Goblin Stronghold (off Kitchen). There are butchers! You can take them body parts, bodies etc. And have them cook them up and make you some nice food that won't rot away as quickly. Hope you enjoy it. (This should help newb starving, just take arena mobs corpses and arms/legs etc to the butcher for food). Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 8 13:26:07 2002 Subject CONCLAVE MAGES and a forest. New conclave tower is now in. Old forest and Cracked Mug are still there. If anyone lost any potions or pills, sorry. Thanks to Lunitari, Morgion, and Nuitari, aka Morgitari ;p *twitch* Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 28 09:52:37 2002 Subject +'s and -'s The quest masters just got a bonus supply of whatever it is that they are smoking. You'll now notice that they give you a worthwhile sum of steel if you wish to buy it. And... they are nice enough to have porters carry it to the bank for you. (We wouldn't want you getting robbed on the way out hehe) R.P.A Coupons. This is more of a policy. RPA coupons will NOT remove object rot timers. Period. (The timers were put on objects of extreme power for a very very good reason) Deason's Cloak of Shadows has been reported to have some strange properties... Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Mar 29 00:01:25 2002 Subject Sneaking, hiding, backstabbing, and un-hiding ;p You'll notice that people stop hiding and sneaking when they fight now. Hard to hide or sneak while you're beating the hell out of something/one. On a fun note, when you go visable from hide, it makes a statement based on the kind of 'room' you are in. If you attack or backstab while hidden.. well, just have fun with it, hope it adds to the flavor of sneaking and hiding about. I know, I'm easily amused, but hey... I'm part gully ;p Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Mar 31 12:54:44 2002 Subject Pets. Pets are now uniform across the board. Clanpets are now level 0-50, though level 22-50 realistically since you must be 15th to enter a clan. The start city mount pets are next best. Then all the rest of the pets. Builders, I will have a note for you on builders port for the statistics to build them. Enjoy the new pets, some are worse, some are better, but all are equal by level now. There are also new level 40 pets available in the 3 start cities. Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 2 17:33:10 2002 Subject Thrown weapons with Secondary weapon wielded. changed the thrown weapon code *hides from Reorx*. Now it unequips the secondary weapon and equips it as the primary, just about identically as a 'disarm' does. This keeps people from being unable to be disarmed etc. And before anyone gives kudos, give them to Alex for stating it. My part was pretty damn simple due to Reorx doing the other code, can you say HACK? I can, and do ;p Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 10 12:56:26 2002 Subject Gnomes and slowspeak Gnomes can now talk a little slower if they concentrate. By using a double space between words, they can slowspeak. (Or subtitute a . for slightly faster speak). Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 16 16:05:11 2002 Subject Clan equipment prices. Clan equipment prices have been standardized mudwide. The costs reflect any 'to hit', damage, and stat bonuses. As well as hit point, mana, and save bonuses along with the level of the item. Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Apr 29 14:23:27 2002 Subject Broke Newbies Simple change, new characters now start with some money. Ziv Sender Zivilyn Date Thu May 2 23:52:17 2002 Subject Quests Quests have been slightly altered, um again. 1. The questmasters now *boggle* TELL you the quest. So no more of the entire world knowing it. 2. Quest times have been altered a tad. If you fail a quest? It's 15 minutes until you can quest again. If you complete a quest? It's 45 minutes until you can quest again. 3. Quest Decline. Yep, just type it and your quest goes bye bye. And it's 15 minutes until you can quest again. Hope it helps. Zivilyn Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 8 15:45:00 2002 Subject Quest stuff again ;p Added the Enchantment coupon to the quest masters, cost 700 quest points. Lowered the cost of gain points to 200 qp (was 350). Thas all folks, Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed May 15 10:08:53 2002 Subject Tracking Tracking is now more specific to the type of place you are in now (similar to hide). Also, rangers and thieves will no longer be penalized by the type of room they are in. Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jun 6 15:59:01 2002 Subject Conclave prison and some binders Conclave prison now has a VERY annoying occupant. This guy babbles endlessly and is sure to work as great torture to make renegades capitulate to damn near anything. The binders don't hurt either hehe. If you die, they go to you and you wear them, and go back to prison, so there is no escape of our convicted mages (See Luni's note about enforced role play). Anyway, they keep people in prison, and nice and mellow ;p Ziv. Sender Solinari Date Wed Jul 10 15:07:48 2002 Subject Crusades In my ongoing crusade to purge the mud of stock zones, I have killed Ofcol and New Ofcol. I'm sure they won't be missed. In their place I have put my newest creation, Kurmost. Kurmost is a Silvanesti coastal city on the edge of the Silvanesti Forest (not pictured). Enjoy. Solinari, Master Terraformer p.s. If you find any errors, note me and I will reward you. Because I'm perfect. So there. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Aug 21 17:15:24 2002 Subject rest and stuff No more getting trapped sleeping on your mounts. Now you fall off. Resting also will now make you um, well 'rest' hehe *boggle*. Sherriff Woody. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 6 08:55:34 2002 Subject Smaug A great hush fell over the shire as a massive shadow blotted out the sun, the land fell into total darkness... Then fire, like demons, began to rush in like a raging river, and then there was darkness again... The great dragon sat back upon his haunches and licked his lips. "Vengeance is mine burglar..." the Dragon chuckled as it wandered the smoking ruins. Holy Shire is no more, the beast came and disintegrated it. Welcome Xak Khalan, land of ogres and oh yes.... A massive green dragon, but don't call him Smaug for times have changed. The area is recommended by it's sadistic builder as level 5-75, and sports some great fun. Thanks to Demorque for the area. Sherriff Woody. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 13 15:20:05 2002 Subject Hunt Hunt has been looked at again, a slight modification. Hunt now uses movement instead of mana (to approximate the moving slow etc). Hunt also looks a bit different now. Before: a guy you want to hunt A big ugly cell Now: Dakamar was last seen by The Courtyard. It's mostly cosmetic, though the movement use instead of mana just makes sense. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Sep 24 17:44:20 2002 Subject A dripping sound from below... There have been rumors of a long forgotten sewer system beneath the great city of Palanthas. One might start looking 'down' when they are by alchemists. Levels 5-25 recommended, Enjoy. (Brought to you by a gully) Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Sep 25 16:13:39 2002 Subject Ranged weapons Solace finally has a ranged weapons area, next to the weapon shop. Thank a gully. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Oct 11 15:11:55 2002 Subject Pets I went through all pets, clan and regular area. All pets were set to no_brawl, as an act2. Aka, no more pet brawling. Other than that, a couple pets had flags they shouldn't, like train/practice, all are good now. My task to program our pets will come soon, I want them to be more than mindless tanks ;p I want them to be annoying mindless tanks, er wait, I mean interactive and imaginative. Anyway, they'll be gaining some personality in the near future, things like gnashing teeth, emote or echo'd actions etc. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Oct 16 13:04:24 2002 Subject A clarification Please note the changed 'looting' rules, this was a rule instated in a note some time back from Chislev. I have placed it into our 'help loot' to clarify for players what is acceptable. I hope it is clear, please ask an imm if you have any questions. Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 29 10:42:06 2002 Subject Scavengers and Janitors They can no longer take your furniture, didn't make sense, you're sitting on a couch, a sanitation worker gets a couch....? Anyway, spec_janitor and act_scavenger modified, no more funkies. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Oct 29 13:17:24 2002 Subject Rescue - Pets & Charmies You can now rescue your followers, this includes pets and charmed mobs. No more of that 'Doesn't need your help!', because sometimes our little mobbies do ;p Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 5 10:37:12 2002 Subject Echos of all flavors Um, I added a to all echos ;p, simple as hell I know, I just got tired of bleeding ;p. Ziv. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Nov 5 16:14:19 2002 Subject Greenbacks, and ease of deposit. New bank option is now available. Bank all This will deposit all your gold and steel into your account at once. Woodrow McStumpy. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Nov 17 21:24:29 2002 Subject Free race restrings!!! At this time we are offering some free restrings for whotexts, to the following: Here's the list (bear in mind we don't have some of these races, they're here for completeness): Dwarves - Aghar - Gully Dwarf, Mucker, Dumpman Daergar - Dark Dwarf (non-existant) Daewar - Mnt Dwarf (non-existant) Hylar - Mnt Dwarf, High Dwarf Klar - Hill Dwarf, Wild Dwarf (non-existant) Neidar - Hill Dwarf Theiwar - Deep Dwarf Zhakar - Cursed One (non-existant) Elves - Dark Elf (evil) Dargonesti - Sea Elf Dimernesti - Sea Elf, Shoal Elf Silvanesti - High Elf Qualinesti - Grey Elf Kagonesti - Wild Elf Half-Elf - None. (or Human Subraces if they wish) Draconian - Aurak, Baaz, Bozak, Kapak, Sivak (non-existant) Gnome - None. Goblin - None. Hobgoblin - Koalinth (Sea Hobgoblin) Human - Ergothian, Solamnic, Nerakese, Que-Shu (or Plainsman) Abanasinian, Arktos, Highlander, Ice Folk, Nordmaarian, Kender - None. Minotaur - None. Ogre - None. (non-existant) Irda - First-Born (non-existant) Merrow - Sea Ogre (non-existant) Thanoi - Tusker, Walrus-Man (non-existant) Non-existant races are allowed as whotexts, but COST the normal fee. Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 22 17:11:03 2002 Subject 'Some' spells, and a little flavor Try out some of the spells, mostly attack and self spells. A little added flavor, I know that people would string me up by my wallnuts if I made spell components required... This way we can have our cake and eat it too. Stumpy McWood. Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Dec 15 21:04:36 2002 Subject Auction channel. You can now auction, and hear auctions. The catch is you need to be inside an auction house. This will stop the world spam that Geriant used to do, but will allow you to still auction. So you give your item to the auctioneer, he announces it to everyone playing, then people get to an auction house (help auction), and bid away. Ok, there isn't a help auction, but it's coming, bear with me, i have the flu ;p Enjoy, look back through your changes for the auction house locations. Stumpy McSicktrunk